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Help Center: Is It Helpful?

Two weeks ago, we launched the new Harvest Help Center. The goal for the redesign was to provide comprehensive and well-organized content, so you could get what you need and move on with your day. We thought the design was effective, but how do we really measure and continuously improve the Help Center? Stats from Google Analytics tell us part of the story, but nothing beats actual customer feedback. So today, we’re launching a small feature so you can tell us directly how we’re doing:

At the bottom of each help article, you’ll find a “Was this article helpful?” question. If something was helpful, great! If not, leave some suggestions on how we can improve. Your feedback will help us update current articles and guide us in writing future ones.

As always, get in touch, and let us know how it’s working for you!

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  • As a brand-new and very happy customer I definitely think the help center is helpful. I also like the ability to give you guys feedback through the “helpful or not” buttons at the bottom of the articles. Hopefully that will mean you guys have a better sense of what’s working and what might need some more attention.

  • This is great. So many times help documents “almost” explain something but one or two phrases are confusing. Now your customers can help you refine the message. I know from experience how easy it is to think I am communicating well but the person doesn’t understand, usually because of jargon. Lots of words can mean more than one thing in the tech world: ‘class’, ‘option’ and ‘table’ for instance. Just the other day I instructed someone to “Select the content” and she had no idea what I meant. Finally she said, “You mean highlight the words?” We live and learn…

  • Hi @Alex and @Shere – Thanks so much for your feedback! I think you both captured our intention perfectly – we do the best we can to make things crystal clear, but it always helps to have our customers let us know what we’ve gotten right and where we can improve. If you’re in the Help Center, absolutely send along any comments you have about what we can improve. Thanks again!

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