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Introducing Android Time Tracker for Harvest

Mobile devices have come a long way since their heyday as a voice communication device. Beyond helping us connect with friends and family, the smartphone has become a powerful business tool in the palm of our hands.

After we released Harvest for iPhone last year, it came as no surprise that one of the most frequent requests from customers has been for us to create a mobile app for Android. We’ve been paying close attention to the adoption of Android amongst our users and late last year decided that having a great mobile companion for Android was simply too important to not address. We needed to provide the best and most convenient way for our users to access Harvest on the emerging smartphone platform.


With the release of the official Harvest Android time tracker app, Android users can now enjoy the same powerful features available to iPhone users: start and stop timers on the go, enter expenses, and snap photos of receipts to securely send them to your Harvest account.

Now whether the members on your team have iPhones or Android devices, everyone will have access to the important mobile-centric things they might need to do while on the go.

Mobile phones will continue to rapidly evolve in form and function even over the next few months. We are committed to bringing you the best experience with Harvest, especially as the times are a changin’.

Visit Android time tracker to learn more and download this companion app for free.

BONUS: Have a Windows Phone 7? Check out the soon-to-be-released 3rd party app, TimeTractor: Windows Phone 7 Time Tracker


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  • Could you guys put up a QR code for the app download/install? Would make it a lot easier/faster to get it!

  • Karen Schoellkopf on March 9, 2011

    @George No problem, QR code now included above!

  • Droid is saying link not found for that QR code!

  • If you remove the second ‘https://’ it will work.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on March 9, 2011

    @Benjamin Just fixed that up, should be good to go now — let us know if you have any more problems!

  • Thank you very much!! This is great to have.

  • YES !!!
    Thank you soooo much for this gift, for us Android users !!!

    First sign-in fields look too small to read in my Motorola Droid.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work !!!

  • By the way… I see that all text look too small in my Motorola Droid.

    Besides characters like áéíóúüñ do not show up in the app.

    (I use Harvest in spanish)

  • This is fantastic! There was a third party app but unfortunately it didn’t work very well. Thanks for releasing an official client!

  • Wont install on my Galaxy S, keep getting message that install failed due to incorrectly signed package.

  • Mikey Leung on March 13, 2011

    Hey guys, would love an android widget to make it even easier to get the clock ticking… but great work on this app though, been waiting for a long time for it!

  • YES! This is great news. Thank you.

  • Great news! finally. :D

    and +1 for the Android widget, which can show current running timer on the home screen.

    Thanks and regards.

  • love it, +1 for the widget.

  • Awesome. ‘ Have been waiting for this for some time now. Glad to see it has finally arrived!

    +1 for the Widget.

  • now we just need blackberry….

  • Great App!

    1) Would love to see an option that gets me more entries per screen. Currently it maxes out with 4 entries on my Galaxy S. On a busy day, I would need around 6-8 entries, preferrably all visible at the same time. Now it is three lines and a lot of space (which looks beautiful). Making that more dense should not be a big issue.

    2) App currently doesn’t switch to the current day on it’s own, I have to do that manually. Is this a bug or a feature ? I was instictively swiping the whol epage to the left to go the next day – maybe that is a possible solution if you won’t / can’t implement the current day switching.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Blackberry next please! OS 5/6 only :)

  • Love it. Thank you

    + 1 for widget!

  • All the expenses are displayed in USD. Is there a way to display them in GBP?

  • I like the ease of use as far as time and information entry. However, is there a way to review or edit previous entries? If there is, I can’t find it. Other than logging into my account online there’s no way to review or edit. I’d like that ability through the app. If you could see a week at a time, that would be even better!

  • will definitely be checking this out !

  • finally ;) been waiting a long time for this ;)

  • Jörgen Nilsson on March 18, 2011

    It is great that there now is a Android app for Harvest. The bad thing is that it doesn’t work very well, at least on my HTC Legend. It crashes and when it doesn’t it is mostly unresponsive. Fantastic initiative, bad implementation. Keep up the great work and release a new better working Android app!

  • Gerhard Rimpler on March 19, 2011

    Can you please add the start and end time stamps when you start and stop tasks from the Android app. Currently this just works with the homepage.

  • David Marsh on March 21, 2011

    Downloaded to Orange San Francisco (aka ZTE Blade) and can’t sign in. “There appears to be a network error, please try again later”. As well as email and password sign in prompts for “Your unique address”. Any ideas what that is meant to be?

    Please redirect if this is wrong place for support questions.

  • Does this app support Google Apps logins? I’ve downloaded the app and try to login but it fails with “User login failed, please try again”.

    I have tried 3 times with no success

  • @David – Please email us at support at so we can investigate.

    @Andrew – if you use Google Apps login, you need to first set a Harvest password by clicking on “My Profile” after you login. Once you have a password set, you’ll be able to log into your Harvest account from Android.

  • Please release a working Android app – this one was promising but just constantly says “Network Not Available”. HTC Thunderbolt on Verizon, Android 2.2.

  • Love Harvest. Will love it even more when you launch a Blackberry app! Any word on if/when that will happen? Thanks!

  • +1 for the widget, too :-)

    I’m down to Harvest, and FreshBooks, and I’m heavily leaning Harvest now because of the Android App! :-) Great job!

  • interesting app, i will try to use it on my android phone

  • Please make it moveable to SD card, I have to uninstall because too many android apps aren’t making that feature an option, and my phone needs space. Back to using mobile browser for now.

  • Another Scott on June 19, 2011

    Not working on Google Nexus S. Installs, and launches, I can even login and see expenses entered earlier in the day online. But I can not see time entered or add any new time or expenses. When selecting a project a white box that says “Select Project…” pops up and that is it. Can’t select or add a project.

    This app plays a critical role in my decision to select a service, I must be able to track time on my Android. The photo expenses were icing on the cake, but nothing works.

  • Johan de Waardt on July 16, 2011

    Have the same problem as Scott on a Samsung Galaxy S on Android 2.3.3. Select Project does not do anything. Any solutions?

  • Do you have any plans to implement a GPS tracking in the system and eventually offer the possibility to see on a map where a certain action / recipe was done? Not something very fancy, but at least a basic thing like that offered by TrackWhen? I think it wouldn’t be too hard to implement and it will represent quite a nice addition to your software.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on August 10, 2011

    @Bogdan We have no plans to implement GPS tracking, but consider the feedback noted.

    @Luke @Johan @Another Scott Please write to support at so our team can look into what’s happening for your specific case – thanks!

    @Dan We have no plans for a Blackberry app in the near future, sorry.

  • Been using this application for a while now. By and large it works… in regards to recording time. Recording expenses does not work as well. I get an error “There was an error syncing this r…” rest of the error message missing on the bottom on the expense. This happens with or w/o expense attachments. Funny thing is it shows up on the server just fine… This is on a Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate. Might I suggest a log file either on the server or the phone to assist in debugging such issues in future versions?

  • Karen Schoellkopf on September 29, 2011

    @Scott Please write to support at so our team can look see exactly what’s happening for your account – thanks!

  • With my Samsung Galaxy S3, I have been unable to sign in. I get “There appears to be a network error. Please try again later.”

  • Karen Schoellkopf on July 3, 2012

    @Dave Please contact us at support at so that our team can investigate the issue you’re having and email followup questions to you directly – thanks!

  • Got it working. Key is to fill in all three fields – not just two – and correctly. :-p

  • +1 for an android widget as well.

    I know you guys are more into IOS than Android so maybe your not aware of how powerful and useful a widget can be?

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