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The New Harvest Time Report – Completely Redesigned and More Powerful

It’s arrived! Welcome to the brand new Harvest Time Report:

A redesign of the Time Report has been a long time coming. Reports need to effectively present the overwhelming amount of data your company enters every day, in a format that’s easy to analyze and understand. At its core, the Time Report is a decision-making tool. We want Harvest to help you make better decisions and the new version of Reports was designed with this in mind.

Here are a few of the enhancements in the new Time Report:

Easy to Scan

The new interface is designed to make it easy to understand the overall health of your business. We’ve added a summary panel at the top of the page that quickly shows you the big picture: total hours, billable percentage, billable amount, and uninvoiced amount. Details of this summary are displayed in a table organized by Clients, Projects, Tasks, and Staff. This layout will help you find what you need fast.


Staff Report New!

How staff spend their time is one of the most important pieces of information for any company, so we’ve added a Staff Report as a way to access this data easily. Decision makers can view staff members’ total billable and unbillable hours, or click on a specific staff member and find information on all of the Projects and Tasks they worked on. You can also upload their photo, making it even faster to relate hours to a person on the report.

staff-report-of-time-trackedClick image to view full.

5x Faster

Underneath the new Time Report interface, the entire reporting codebase was rewritten from the ground up. Our development team took advantage of the recent Rails3 upgrade, and the rewritten code is 63% smaller than the original. With the updated interface and navigation structure, there’s less data to render for each page load, and together with the more efficient code, the new Time Report is five times faster than the original reports on initial load.

Other Goodies

We’ve also incorporated a number of special additions and frequently requested features to make Reports more useful:

  • You can now filter Reports by a “semimonthly”  timeframe, so if you bill from the 1st to mid-month and from mid-month to the last day, this filter is for you.
  • We’ve added more graphs, including a color-coded bar graph to help you quickly compare the time spent on your top tasks.
  • Tabs are loaded via AJAX for more responsive navigation (as well as faster initial rendering).
  • We took full advantage of our recent Harvest HD upgrade, minimizing images and utilizing all new CSS3 techniques. This means pages load extremely fast.

What’s Next

This feature took us 451.10 billable hours.We’re extremely excited about the new Time Report, and we hope you find it useful for your own business. We’re happy to announce that this is only the first in a series of updates coming to Reports in the future. Stay tuned for major improvements to the Detailed Time Report, Exporting, the Project Status Report and more.

Enjoy the new Harvest Time Report, and let us know what you think!

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  • Nice job with the new harvest design and function!!

  • Wow! Great work folks! This looks like it’s going to be extremely useful for keeping on top of billing.

  • Awsome!!! Thanks guys!
    – Next big thing should be nicely paged estimates and invoices on two or more pages.

  • Great job guys! Keep the new reports coming.

  • Congratulations! Wow! I am the project director at Yu Centrik, I remember sending you an email regarding a feature that didnt exist before, I just noticed today that it’s currently online: The status allows you for broader possibilities/results. Graphically, its much clearer! Super!

  • That’s very awesome!!! Thank you guys! Earning money becomes real fun :-)

  • Justin Rascoe on March 8, 2011

    Excellent job everyone! Keep me coming back for more…

  • Is it missing a function? How do I now see what my billable amount breakdown? For me there are expenses and quotes that I have entered in, before I could just click on that number and it would show me these do I find this information now?

  • Christian Malcolm on March 8, 2011

    Thanks for the refresh, it does look lovely. However, 2 key parts of functionality appear to have disappeared.

    As mentioned above, it was extremely useful to be able to click on an expenses link and jump straight to an expenses report for the given client and timeframe. Any chance we can have that back?

    Also, unless I’m missing something obvious – where’s the create invoice button? Scanning through the reports was always the preferred way for me to generate my invoices as I could see exactly what had happened for a client within a certain timeframe and then create the invoice straight from there. Am I missing something here?

    I appreciate that you’re cleaning things up, but those two functions were pretty core to what I was using reports for and I would be sad to see them go.


  • also on a side note : would be good if the feature announcement opened in a new tab / window.

  • First, let me say I love the change. It’s fantastic.

    Now for the problem.

    The report lists a “billable amount.” From what I can tell, this number is NOT rounded (unlike invoices). So, if I run an invoice for a client and look at the report for the same client/time period, I get two different numbers.

    Am I missing something?


  • I just discovered the new COLOR BARS in the Reports section showing the percentage of time spent on EACH TASK.

    (And this is in addition to the “Billable” vs “Non-Billable” circle graph.)

    I’m touched. I’m overwhelmed! Color bars are the best thing that ever happened to time management software. My prayers have been answered.

    Thank You, O great masters of time management software. Once again, you fulfilled a need I didn’t even know I had.

  • 100 votes for SaaS – Thanks.

  • Like the new report.

    I need a facility to give partial admin rights so employees can control and add projects and tasks for their clients but not have admin rights over other client or projects. This is critical and may mean I have to use another tool unless you can add this feature. It should be a very easy change for your developers.

  • LOVE IT!!! THANKS SO MUCH! This is awesome! Love the colour coding and easy navigation!

  • Bob Richardson on March 9, 2011

    Looking good. 2 things would be nice to add (unless I missed it):
    – I agree with JK that there needs to be a mid-level admin assignment. Right now it is too absolute, either admin or not admin.
    – second thing that would be great is a way to look at one employee’s time, over a month, totaled by week as an overview. For example to be able to pull up an employee and see their total for March week 1, week 2, week 3 etc, so it gives you the week totals without having to DL a csv and filter and total.

  • Nicely done guys , congrats.

  • Jon Cunningham on March 9, 2011

    Looks amazing, but I really miss the last week function

  • Last week functionality is missed here too, but overall – love it!!

  • Matt Lettini on March 9, 2011

    Thanks for the kind words everyone! And the feedback is greatly appreciated.

    @Susan – Expenses have been removed for the time being but will be coming back.

    @Shawn – Currently there is no rounding in the new Reports. If you do not use Incremental billing there might be a slight difference in amount on an Invoice.

    @Jon @Cristen – if you change your timeframe to Week, you can then click the arrows next to the dates to go to the previous or next week.

    We have quite a list of features for the next update, as well as bringing back functionality for a few currently disabled features, including the ability to print reports, expenses, and 1:1 detailed time.

  • FYI first-midmonth plus midmonth-last is “semi-monthly which is different from “bi-weekly.” Great job love your product…definitely a revenue facilitator for me. Thank you.

  • Well done. This addresses what was, in my opinion, the biggest weakness of an otherwise very functional and easy-to-use service.

    One thing still missing though: a default setting (or admin setting) to change the default sort in reports. As a manager, I want/need to see where efforts/dollars are going. It seems (to me, at least) that items should always be presented in decreasing order of hours rather than in alphabetical order of description, so in every report view, I’m always changing the sort order.

    Perhaps better to make it a setting, or a “remember last setting”?

    Thanks for listening!

  • Great concept, but a few errors IMO.

    Bi-Weekly implies every two weeks…

    The bi-weekly you are using is 1st to 14th… and 15th to 31st….That is commonly known as semi-monthly, not bi-weekly.

    Also… semi monthly is 1st to 15th … and 16th to 31st (or 30th, depending on the month)

    Our company operates on a 1st to 15th, 16th to 31st schedule… so we’d REALLY appreciate this feature IF you adjust it as mentioned above.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Also….

    The ‘more actions’ menu has been replaced by the ‘export’ menu…. and no longer contains a ‘print’ button…

    Small changes like that don’t really seem to serve any purpose, but DO require me to re-do my instruction manual we give to staff on how to print their timesheets… (yes we do print them, and yes some people need that level of detailed instructions, unfortunately).

  • Picky picky picky… you’re going to start ignoring me probably…

    But.. the label on the ‘change timeframe’ button no longer says ‘change timeframe’ but instead says ‘week’… again just a minor detail change that serves no purpose but requires a person in my position to have to re-train staff on insignificant details that are really wasting my time.

    I can’t wait ’til my phone starts ringing off the hook next Wednesday morning when everyone tries to print their 1st to 15th timesheets…LOL.

  • Yeah…

    Sorry guys, but I think you’re really off the mark with these report changes. It appears you don’t know what features your users really like and use.

    On the previous “Reports” page, I could filter to a client and a date range, and then view the reports by my staff and click the “Arrow Box” next to their name to export a time sheet. Made my billing nice and easy – could quickly jot down the list and then invoice with their timesheets.

    Now, since you all removed those two key features, I have to do all my timesheet extraction via the “Detailed Time Report” tab at the top, which means I have to click through the 6 or 7 dropdowns and filters and be VERY careful not to miss any billable time or get a date wrong (especially since the dropdown for person does not remember it’s value between postbacks).

    As I said, I think by focusing on the pretty graphics and “Dashboardy” features, but leaving out these important things, you’ve made this tool twice as hard to use and a lot slower for me. I would strongly suggest adding some of that functionality back in, because otherwise as soon as I add a few more developers to my team, I’ll have to close my account more likely.

  • Kerry O'Brien on March 9, 2011

    Nice one!!
    – Next big thing should be custom reports :P

  • I like the new reports!

    SUGGESTION: I’d like to have an option for “Day” in the drop down list of date ranges.

    Thank you!

  • Matt Lettini on March 9, 2011

    Thank you for all your feedback and suggestions! We are currently changing biweekly to semimonthly and we apologize for the initial mistake.

    @Yannick – that is a feature on our list to improve on this version of Reports.

    @Steve – all browsers contain a File > Print. We have optimized the print stylesheet for the page to only show you reports (and none of the headers or footer).

    @Sam – Detailed Time pop-ups have been disabled for this release but will be coming back soon.

  • Matt Lettini on March 9, 2011

    @Steve – you can also include a link for your employees to our Time Report Help article, which will be updated as features are added or improved.

  • @ Matt

    Please address my first post, which was touched on by others also, regarding the difference between bi-weekly and semi-monthly… both would be helpful depending on the company… and I believe it is the standard that semi-monthly is 1st to 15th and 16th to 31st (or 30th)… not 1st to 14th, 15th to 31st… that’s just not how it works.

    A- effort, but the kind of people who rely on software like this need the details to be perfected or I should just go back to using excel for everything.

  • Firstly, great update. Very sexy, fast, and will be a platform for lots of future upgrades.

    A fair amount of companies including mine bill largely on a project basis. When the subject has come up in the FAQ, etc, you’ve said that there would eventually be a solution to allow us to see things like “billable amount” for a fixed-price project instead of $0. It’s definitely something I can live without, but the big “Billable amount” metric at the top of the reports makes the issue more pronounced.

    Thank you,

  • charlie arehart on March 9, 2011

    As one who rarely used that “Time Report” (and instead lived in the “Detailed Time Report”), this does look more compelling than before.

    That said, as you contemplate mods to the “detailed time report”, I hope you’ll please be adding a way to link from the report to the timesheet for a given time entry. That’s been a challenging annoyance for a long time. If we ever find a mistake for an entry (whether the task, the time, or the notes), having to manually go find it has been just seems needlessly painful. Hoping it’s the kind of improvement being targeted. Thanks.

  • charlie arehart on March 9, 2011

    Missed that option to be notified by email, so this comment is to get that.

  • Matt Cullin on March 10, 2011

    This is excellent! I love how it shows multiple currencies – tell me how long till we see multiple currencies supported on the Dashboard?

  • @Yannick & @Harvest

    I am not able to list tasks in alphabetical order. I have the exact opposite issue that Yannick has. It only lists task with regards to hours spent. For example this is the order my tasks are listed in one of my reports:

    Name Hrs Name Hrs
    Phase 3: Admin II v Phase 4: Admin II ^
    Phase 2: Admin II v Phase 4: Draft I ^
    Phase 1: Admin II v Phase 1: Admin II ^
    Phase 4: Draft I v Phase 2: Admin II ^
    Phase 4: Admin II v Phase 3: Admin II ^

    Regardless of what field I click to sort by (Name, Hours, Billable Hours…) it only lists the task in ascending or descending order of hours spent. Previously reports were always alphabetically listed, we need that functionality back. Am I missing something? Please help.

  • The formatting didn’t carry through when I posted my comment. Imagine that the “v’s” all line up. This was intended to show descending and ascending order of hours taking precedent over the task name…

  • I really like the new report, but I think it falls short in some areas. I love that I can finally print a report (without the excel muck around) that shows time utilisation, but I really, really, REALLY wish you guys would go that one step further and let me cross reference task and staff, and then to project. That way I can sort their non-billable hours into relevant information, such as writing proposals to win work, Business Development, staff training and so on. At the moment all non-billable hours are lumped as one thing, and the real world doesn’t actually work that simply, does it?
    When I introduced the staff to the new report today, this was the first thing they all noticed. By not differentiating between non-billable client work, and non-billable office stuff/leave/training, they all look a bit slack!!
    So, even though the new report is useful, I will still have to resort to the many hours of excel pfaffing about to get the info I need. Disappointing.
    Please, please, please add this feature. It will, without a lie, change my life!!
    Also, I love the graph, but why doesn’t it print? Or am I missing something?

  • I like it; provides a great billable-hour revenue-to-be snapshot.

  • I very much appreciate the new report format. I’m new to Harvest so not familiar really with the ‘old’ format, but I like being able to easily drill down into projects, and switch between client/project/task/staff.

    I am especially happy with the prominence of the “Uninvoiced Amount” figure. This is a really important figure for us for cashflow and seeing what we are likely to be billing for soon.

    To be honest I would really like to see:

    1) Uninvoiced Amount added as a column on the main body of the report. This would make it really easy to see which clients/projects have uninvoiced hours and expenses, and so are due a bill.

    2) Total uninvoiced hours + expenses included in the main Harvest dashboard. Nice as it is to have the at-a-glance figures on what we’ve already invoiced, knowing what we’ve got coming up to invoice is just as important.

    Even better would be the ability to customise what columns we want on the reports, and what boxes we see on the dashboard, but I can appreciate that that is easier said than done!

  • There are many consulting firms that track billable hours (utilization) as percentages of a 40 hour work week. It would be great to see a report of billable time in percentages.

    For example, if I worked 60 hours this week, and I billed 50 hours of that time, my billable utilization would be 125% based on the fact that 40 billable hours would be 100% utilization.

  • Note: There is a billable percentage in the reports, but that percentage is based on total time worked. It would be nice, for consultants, to be able to make that percentage (as an option) based on 40 hours, not total hours logged.

  • I love the new look and functionality of the report function, tabs etc. Improved it a ton – except how to I get the detail by company? In the past I would click on the company’s time total and get a report that showing every entry included for that timeframe along with showing any NOTES. It is the NOTES that is crucial to my invoicing process. Depending on what is being done, I may or may not choose to invoice it. Also, how do you get the specific detail by person that was also available in the same way? I’m concerned if these features are no longer available. If they’re there – could the way to access them be more user friendly? THANKS!

  • Nice job on the new reports.
    The hours by person showing billable hours is exactly what I was looking for.
    Well done!

  • Well done! I love it!

  • Great job, guys! Keep it up! Now it’s time to start adding more features to the mobile apps. ;)

  • Also… semi monthly is 1st to 15th … and 16th to 31st (or 30th, depending on the month)
    Our company operates on a 1st to 15th, 16th to 31st schedule… so we’d REALLY appreciate this feature IF you adjust it as mentioned above.

    — Just chiming in to say yes, my company also uses this for our billing and time keeping, and yeah, semi-monthly means 1-15 and 16-end, not 1-14 and 15-end.

  • Hi Sarah, that is what we have. If you choose Semimonthly, you should see March 1-15, and if you click the previous arrow, you’ll see Feb 16-28.

    Are you seeing something else? If so, let us know where and we’ll fix it. Thanks.

  • Brilliant… this was the missing piece that I was waiting for, on an already incredible tool. Harvest rocks!

  • When will we be able to view the expenses within projects? I used to be able to view a project status and see the amount of expenses spent against each project. This is CRUCIAL for my business.

  • Larry Henderson on March 22, 2011

    I see no way to track comp time in Harvest … comp time earned and comp time used? Am I missing something?

  • Matt Lettini on March 23, 2011

    @Kim – Expenses will be coming back into the new Time Report very soon.

    @Larry – Comp time is currently not a feature supported in Harvest, but I have added it to our feature request list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • One of the core uses of the Reports for me was to be able to see an Employees tasks by Project and Task.

    I no longer have that aggregated view of the Tasks.

    For example, I was able to see

    Employee A
    Project A: total project management hours
    Project A: total web design hours

    I don’t need to see this rolled up view across all employees as much as I need to see what each employee is spending time on in a given period by project. And those periods are weeks or months, typically.

    Not all project management for that employee across all projects.

    At the moment, I have to export the report to Excel and run reports against it, whereas before I could in an instant in Harvest see the info I needed.


  • 1) I recommend Harvest to people– would you give me a break on my bill if I put a little Harvest logo on my website as an advertisement?
    2) Hard to believe, but I get a lot of people who say, “I never got your email.” I don’t believe them, and I use read.notify for my email to people like that so I can say,”Oh, look, it was opened by you at 0958 on Tuesday and forwarded to …” and that tends to shut them up. I can’t use a read.notify address to send invoices out of Harvest, though. Any good ideas on integrating them?

  • @Wendie

    1) You can sign up for our affiliate program at Shoot me an e-mail sri[at] and I’ll get you hooked up with a Harvest logo!

    2) Confirmation that an e-mail was opened is something we have on our radar. E-mail me if you’d like to be added to the notification list!

  • Gorgeous, well thought out UI. Fantastic work, guys.

  • Christian Malcolm on April 1, 2011

    Just wanted to come back and bookend my comment from up above.

    You guys did a fantastic job with this, all of my concerns have been addressed and so now we get all these speedy and gorgeous features without losing previous functionality.

    Plus, you have a great attitude – which also really helps.

    Thanks Harvest

  • Hey there. Love the changes as everyone else has mentioned.

    Any chance you guys would add “Project Lifespan” to the drop down menus in the detailed reports? That would be soooo nice.

    All the best!

  • Matt Lettini on May 2, 2011

    @Carl – On a Project report, you should see a blue link below Hours Tracked that says “See Project Lifespan”. This should be what you are looking for. (This can only be seen by Admins and Project Managers)

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