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What’s Brewing at Harvest?

Harvest is committed to building and supporting the world’s best time tracking app, but that’s not the only thing we take seriously at work. Over the last year, we’ve started paying a lot of attention to the coffee we drink. For many Harvesters, the workday doesn’t truly start until the first cup of coffee has been poured and, as “coffee czar,” I work hard to make sure that cup is delicious.

We’ve recently subscribed to Intelligentsia’s “Roaster’s Choice Subscription” which brings 3 pounds of fresh roasted coffee to our door each month. As a former Chicagoan who also loves coffee, I’m proud to call Intelligentisa Coffee my favorite roaster. Their rotating selection of in-season single origin offerings is all but guaranteed to deliver something for everyone in the office.

We often order beans from one of the many roasteries available on GoCoffeeGo. GoCoffeeGo will let you choose a few different roasters, set up a coffee queue and arrange for shipments to be spaced out of the time period of your choice. The coffees are delivered directly from the roasters, so there’s no doubt about their freshness.

Though we’ve tried coffee from many roasters, several stick out as our favorites. If you’re looking for some great beans to try, any of these will do:

Do you have any suggestions of coffee we shouldn’t miss?

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  • As an avid Chemex fan I’m glad to see your brew isn’t coming from pods. Having moved back to Chicago from the east coast, I finally found Intelligentsia could hold a candle to my favorite roasters Barrington Coffee Roasting Company ( Give ’em a try!

  • I’m currently a Chicagoan and love me some Intelligentsia, but I also really miss Blue Bottle Coffee (, a favorite when I lived in the Bay Area.

  • After seeing this post, Cynthia pointed out a new Chicago up-and-comer:

    They have a blend called “Unicorn’s Blood.” We need to get some Unicorn’s Blood at Harvest HQ, stat.

  • You need to try Alterra ( out of Milwaukee, WI. Some of the best coffee I’ve ever had for sure.

  • Geoff–so true. Alterra is A-MAY-ZING. Plus that location on the lakefront? Brilliant place for sitting in the gravelly side garden, sipping and daydreaming.

  • Haven’t tried this personally, but I love the concept and the company’s ethos: (Flash). If quality and freshness matter to you, you should check these guys out. They’re in NY, so it’s also more sustainable than getting beans from Chicago ;-)

  • For an espresso with a perfect crema and smooth taste, my choice is La Colombe’s Nizza.

  • Patrick, thanks for the roaster suggestions. Really like that Harvest has expanded the blog to this kind of fun info. We’ll have to give some of these a try. Here’s one that keeps our shop running…

  • Thanks for the roaster suggestions, everyone. I’ve updated my “to try” list with quite a few names — perhaps our next post will feature one of these Harvest newcomers.

  • Mark Kennedy on March 23, 2011

    Give a try. They are in Wheaton, IL and have a very cool pasion for helping out ex-cons.

  • Good to see my favorite tracking solution is run by fellow coffee fanatics.

    Check out Clive Coffee, another PDX joint – They source a lot of excellent micro lots, and roast in small batches on a vintage Probat. The Yirgacheffe is

    Also, although we’re huge fans of pour over brewing (have you tried the KONE from Coava?), sometimes it’s nice to have a full carafe to kick off the morning, and to offer to clients. The Technivorm coffee maker makes the best consistent cup, hands down.

  • I’ll have to throw in my two cents on some PA roasters – Commonplace Coffee and La Prima I’m a Chemex man myself, along with having a french press, stovetop espresso, percolator, and a Nespresso machine. Chemex definitely makes the best cup.

  • Melanie Archer on March 23, 2011

    Home roasters will enjoy the specialty green beans and lively newsletter of Sweet Maria’s Coffee in Oakland, CA:

  • I have to recommend St. Basil Coffee, roasted in Houston. Not only is it delicious, it makes the world a better place. St. Basil uses fair-trade Colombian coffee and all the profits go to support schools and other projects in Colombia. AND it ships the day it is roasted. I live in Houston and when my last package arrived the grounds were still warm! Check out

  • Don’t miss Zingerman’s Coffee in Ann Arbor

  • Wow – another great batch of suggestions added to the list. It’s nice to know that the Harvest community is so serious about their coffee. Thanks, again!

    Emilie, I stopped at Zingerman’s last time I was in Michigan and it made me want to pick up and move to Ann Arbor. Their deli is incredible! (

  • Also worth a try is 49th Parallel in Vancouver, BC. They had a Kenyan variety a couple of years ago that blew my mind.

  • coffee and americans? rofl

  • Derek Stagner on March 23, 2011

    I love Coava, Intelligentsia and Metropolis. I’ll be on the lookout for the others.

    Check out Chauvin Coffee from St. Louis, MO. They’ve been around since 1930 (I think) and are a premium roaster. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  • Blue Bottle is in Williamsburg now too. They roast beans in their space on Berry St and serve coffee up front. My daily fix.

  • Like you, we’ve got a coffee culture in the office – including an accredited barista judge in our staff meant the quality in the office had to improve – both espresso and brewed!

    We get subscriptions from in the UK (surprisingly cheap postage) and (some of the best offerings from Mercanta). We also struggle to look past 49th Parallel, Ritual and Intelli, but postage costs mean we use staff travel to grab bags!

  • I was going to suggest COAVA if you didn’t have it but you already got it. That place is so gooooood! Nice people at Coava adds more flavor to the coffee for sure.

  • You are certainly swimming in suggestions! Just a thought: are any of your current brews Fairtrade certified?

  • We are hooked on a small roaster from Encinitas, CA, Pannikin Coffee. Tried many others (even more local) and nothing compares.

  • Brian German on March 24, 2011

    We love Batdorf & Bronson Coffee out of Olympia, Washington, although they also roast out of Atlanta, as well. Their coffees are always consistent, and always delicious. Their signature blend is great “Dancing Goats”, but their single origins are also great. They have a naturally processed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Worka right now that will knock your socks off with rich, blueberry taste.

  • Hooray for coffee! The SF Bay Area is home to several excellent artisan roasters. Living there for the last 5 years exposed me to coffee culture for the first time and I am now firmly and deeply hooked. Order coffee from any of these roasters and I guarantee you’ll find a great cup of joe.

    Barefoot Coffee Roasters (Santa Clara, CA)

    Four Barrel (San Francisco, CA)

    Verve (Santa Cruz, CA)

    Blue Bottle (San Francisco, CA)

    Stumptown Coffee Roasters (Portland, OR)

    Counter Culture (Durham, NC)

    (I had links but your site thought it was spam, so I removed them.)

  • Oooh, I’m afraid I won’t have your coffee beans here in sunny Sydney!
    But I personally love Toby’s Estate .. if you’re ever in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia) do try it!
    Other great beans come from Segafredo. Mmmm!

  • If we order from all of these roasters, we’re going to need some help drinking it. I hope you are all available to fly out for tastings.

  • The coffee shop Black Gold in Gowanus / Carroll Gardens brews beans by Rook Coffee Roasters from New Jersey. It is wonderful.

  • Scott Harris on March 28, 2011

    I’ve had Portland’s Stumptown here in Tacoma, WA and did not think it lived up to it’s billing. It may be that the local shop serves it french pressed and I find it acidic and oily. In your picture you show a chemex brewer. I have had some of the best coffee ever from a chemex brewer. The other was from one of the Starbucks shop Clover machines which reside at the other end of the spectrum…

  • Is there a Harvest consensus on brewing method? We have a strong French press contingency here at Freelancers Union’s HQ. It’s nice because each brewer usually has to get a brewing buddy to help finish the pot! Then the only question is which of you is responsible for getting the grounds out of the press.

  • Carolyn, we’re going to be writing about our brew method in an upcoming post. Keep your eye on the blog!

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