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Keep Calm and Track Time

Recently Mike Hartwell of {e} house studio wrote into Harvest Support with an interesting dilemma:

It seems to be a constant struggle for me to remember to enter our hours into Harvest. Now, I’m sure that I could go into my google calendar and set a reminder for myself, but I’m sure I would just x it out. As more of a visual style learning person, I would love to be able to throw a nice size poster of your “time is money. track it wisely” graphic on the wall staring me in the face reminding me to enter my time into Harvest. So, I’m writing to find out if a poster like this exists, if so can I buy it, if not, can you suggest an alternative solution?

As a designer myself, I loved the idea, and so began a quick side project. What started as a simple printable design has now become a full blown Harvest poster available for purchase!

(Yep, this is a parody on the Keep Calm and Carry On poster)

If you think you a need a giant orange poster reminding you to track time, you can purchase one here. There is no markup on this poster – we are not profiting from it, just providing it at-cost to our community. We recommend not going any larger than the Large size (22.6″ x 32.0″). If you get one, be sure to share a pic in the comments!

If you would like to print the poster yourself, download a hi-res version here.

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  • Awesome! You guys rock.

  • Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks for listening Harvest!

  • Harvest guys – you rock and we are excited to start sporting the posters.

    Hartwell, Thanks for reaching out on this.

  • Now we have no excuses at the office M. Hartwell & Harvest..

  • Tom Marsh on April 7, 2011

    Oh man, this grabbed me right off facebook. Love it.

  • Love it.
    Are you willing to publish a high-res image so I can print them off myself?

  • Matt Lettini on April 7, 2011

    @Wes – updated the post with a hi-res image for download. Cheers.

  • I *love* the idea. However, as a copywriter, it is my duty to noodle with any and all words that I see. I would suggest that Poster 2.0 be worded as such:

    Keep Calm
    and Track Your Time

    Why? I think you need to match the syllable count and meter of the original for it to have the same impact. So, it’s a One-One. and One-Two One thing in the original. Adding “your” allows you to match that sound in your poster.


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