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New Reports Arriving Soon

In the next few weeks, we will be launching a couple of big updates in the Reports section of your Harvest account.

We’re carrying over the new look and feel of the recently updated Time Report to the rest of the Reports section, and along the way, overhauling a few bits and pieces. We are also presenting a brand new Uninvoiced Report, one of the most highly requested features from the Harvest community.


The new Uninvoiced Report will be the place for your business to check for all of the time and expenses that have not been invoiced. The numbers are grouped by clients, broken down by projects – with a convenient button to invoice for the total unbilled amount.

The other significant update that will affect your workflow is an overhauled Detailed Time Report. We’re updating the report form with an all-new, super fast, auto-complete input filter. The new filters allow for selecting multiple items for the same category – so you can, for example, generate a report for multiple projects and tasks all at once.


We’re now in the final phase of testing and tweaking these new features, and we will launch the new features in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience and continuing support, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor soon!

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  • Can’t wait for this…

  • Nice. been waiting for this

  • Awesome! This will make our lives so much easier.

  • I love companies who listen to their customers. :-)

    The Uninvoiced Report will be a great feature!

  • Yes, the Uninvoiced Report will be sooooo useful! thanks!

  • This will be perfect! Thank you!

  • charlie arehart on April 29, 2011

    This is indeed great to hear, but I am really REALLY hoping you will be modifying things so that we can click a link on the report to jump to each listed timesheet entry. Right now, if we see something amiss in the reports, we have to manually locate the timesheet entry, which is just so dismaying (even annoying, when it’s clear you have all the info you’d need to let us jump to the link immediately).

    Can you tell us if you (please pretty please) will be addressing this in this update?

  • Randal Jorgensen on April 29, 2011

    I agree with Charlie… my biggest complaint is the jumping around you have to do to fix an error you see in the detailed time report, sometimes several times to correct typos, etc. as I always send the detailed time reports to my clients

  • The ability to just select certain rows for invoicing would also be great. Keep up the good work.

  • please how about a pay report

  • Jim Kring on May 3, 2011

    Is the Uninvoiced Report for a time period (like “Last Month”)? And, when you click the “Invoice” button does it only include the time entries for that specific time period? It’s not totally obvious from the screenshot/description (above), but I hope the answer is “yes” in both cases. We *really* need the ability to create invoices for time worked during *billing periods* — we rarely invoice for “all uninvoiced hours worked to date”, since projects are ongoing and we generally have uninvoiced time entries that have not yet been approved. Keeping my fingers crossed. I’d love more a sneak preview, before features hit “final testing/tweaking phase” :)

  • This is my first month on Harvest and I want to echo what Charlie says – it would be really cool to be able to drill-down on individual items rather than having to find the right entry point to amend. I like Harvest and I’m finding my way around but small improvements like this would make quite a big difference (I appreciate that a small change on the front end may not be so small on the dev side!).

  • …and a big thanks for this. I’m constantly combining timesheet line items in my invoices, leaving orphaned timesheet entries that appear to be uninvoiced, but actually have been. So this report will really speed up the ability to find those and mark them as invoiced.

    But now that I think of it… This might be a feature to consider for the invoice for itself– “combine” checkboxes next to all items that allow you to total up the quantity and units of selected items, combine them into one, and then mark all of the combined line items as invoiced when the invoice is saved, even though the items were effectively hidden.

    Now that I’m all full of myself over this, I’m going to post in the forums. :)



  • Brandon on May 6, 2011

    Charlie is 100% correct. PLEASE PICTURE THIS REAL LIFE SCENARIO: You are reviewing a weekly time report and see some slight errors / entry detail in need of modification. THE INSTINCTIVE NEXT STEP is to click on that item and be able to open in another window (or tab) the root data of that entry for quick adjustment. Simply viewing data in any given report is SELDOM EVER THE END RESULT. For our company, almost every time and expense report needs refinement. The only option is to “get cerebral”- shift your mental focus away from the reviewing/editing of the report and start thinking about how to go find the specific entry that needs modification. This is A TIME CONSUMING STEP and also one that breaks the rhythm of the report review / edit process.

    ALSO – While on the subject of reports, PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING fundamental features:
    1.) ONE SINGLE REPORT DISPLAYING TIME AND EXPENSES together – grouped by task.
    2.) SEARCHABLE FIELDS (the ability to search for key words in ALL FIELDS – including notes.)

  • Second interface vodoo update in a row, the updated reports are a minor benefit … #/

    Would you guys mind to spend time on some actually demanded features like sub-tasks and -projects?


  • Is there a way to generate a custom report choosing specific fields? Right now when I download to Excel it provides a lot of columns for data we are not tracking. It is time consuming to customize each report.

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