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Giving Back: It’s a Wrap!

To commemorate our 5th birthday last month, we chose to give back by donating money to several charities on behalf of the Harvest community. As part of our 10-day effort, customers who opted-in selected one of three charities and started tracking time towards a cause. Participants contributed an astounding 61,678 hours. Every hour tracked translated into vaccines, books, and clean water for thousands of people around the world.

Thanks to your tracked time, Harvest is providing:

    • 1,678 books for children’s literacy programs via Room to Read
  • 159 people with access to clean water through water wells constructed by charity: water

If you missed the program, or if you’re feeling generous, you can follow the links to donate directly.

Thank you for participating in this effort, and for being a part of the Harvest community. We’d be nowhere without the support of our amazing customers, and we’re looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you!

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  • great way to celebrate 5 years. congrats guys!

  • That’s pretty sweet. Great job you guys. For people who think like you, there’s Its basically a resource for volunteers and anyone who just wants to give back like you guys are. Great job again.

  • Fantastic work guys. Good to know companies care and communities or all shapes and digital sizes can give back. We sure did pick the right and like minded time management and invoicing system for our studio!


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