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The New Detailed Time Report – Faster and More Precise

Last month, we revealed the new Harvest Time Report, and since then, we’ve continued working on updates to the other sections of Harvest Reports. Today, we’re launching the new Detailed Time Report. It’s faster and more precise, enabling you to easily create the exact reports you need. Take a look:

Find What You Need

We’ve added new input filters that make it so you can quickly choose what to include in your report. Simply start typing what you’re searching for and results will appear instantaneously. You can also select multiple items for the same category. Want to see a report for your two most tracked Tasks? This is now possible with the new filters.


Better Organization

The Detailed Time Report previously grouped all results by Date. Now you can group results by any category that you use to filter your report. Each group displays the hour total with a clear breakdown of time entries below. Grouping results keeps Detailed Time Reports clear and organized for you and your clients.


Other Improvements

We’ve made some other notable improvements, including:

This feature took us 182.13 hours.

  • Refreshed visual design with better spacing.
  • Improved interaction for marking hours as invoiced or uninvoiced.
  • We’ve also brought over all of these changes to the Expense Report.

All of the changes we’ve made make the new Detailed Time Report easier to generate, scan, and use in and out of Harvest. Additionally, we’ve got more new features coming to Harvest Reports next week. While you’re looking forward to these, enjoy the new Detailed Time and Expense Reports, and let us know what you think!

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  • This is so awesome! you guys rule.

    Would still love to see a “Timeframe: All time”as an option though.

  • Great job, thanks for this nice improvement!

  • Jim Kring on May 5, 2011

    Very nice!

    (+1) Me, too, for Eric’s request of a “Timeframe: All time” option.

  • Fabulous – this is extremely helpful. Along with “all time” I’d also like to see “today.” Keep up the great work!

  • This is great Team Harvest – thank you!

    And +1 for Genevieve’s request for “Today” (“Yesterday” would be fab too).

    Thanks again.

  • Yes! Very nice… Love the fact that I no longer have to go back and adjust the parameters and generate a whole new report to see billable/unbillable hours, etc.

    And another +1 for the “all time” timeframe. Would save me lots of time.



  • Great work, guys. Having this feature gives me extra incentive to have time recorded against more specific tasks and be better able to quickly see where time has gone. Thanks!

  • Looks great!

    Only the print button is gone?

  • Brandon on May 6, 2011

    PLEASE PICTURE THIS REAL LIFE SCENARIO: You are reviewing a weekly time report and see some slight errors / entry detail in need of modification. THE INSTINCTIVE NEXT STEP is to click on that item and be able to open in another window (or tab) the root data of that entry for quick adjustment. Simply viewing data in any given report is SELDOM EVER THE END RESULT. For our company, almost every time and expense report needs refinement. The only option is to “get cerebral”- shift your mental focus away from the reviewing/editing of the report and start thinking about how to go find the specific entry that needs modification. This is A TIME CONSUMING STEP and also one that breaks the rhythm of the report review / edit process.

    ALSO – While on the subject of reports, PLEASE CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING fundamental features:
    1.) ONE SINGLE REPORT DISPLAYING TIME AND EXPENSES together – grouped by task.
    2.) SEARCHABLE FIELDS (the ability to search for key words in ALL FIELDS – including notes.)

  • Matt Lettini on May 6, 2011

    Eric, Jim, Genevieve, Jayne, Bob – Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve added it to our feature request list and will let you know.

    Wilco – You can still print the report using your browser’s print. We’ve optimized the page to print only your detailed report.

    Brandon – We hear you, and have this request on our list. We are still interested in the best way to implement this feature, and will let you know if and when we have anything to announce about it.

  • New report is awesome!
    Made me more efficient the first time I used it.

    +1 for All Time.

  • What happened to the export as PDF option?

  • The new report is great. I especially like the new grouping options, and being able to
    switch between billable/unbillable/invoiced/uninvoiced without re-running reports. I’m also excited to hear you’ve got an “uninvoiced” report coming.

    An all time option would be great – I’m sure I’m not the only one who has the odd long-running project where it’s hard to remember exactly when it started – but I can live without for now.

    I tend to agree with Brandon that it is frustrating not to be able to edit straight from the report. I keep instinctively clicking on entries expecting it to pop-up an edit-in-place to change notes/tasks etc… Obviously an ajax-ed edit-in-place would be ideal (e.g. in the style of the day timesheet editor), but even a link that took you to the relevant day/week view in the Timesheet tab (perhaps triggered by a link on the date?) would be better than nothing.

    My only other terribly minor gripe is that I personally find the font size too small, but then I have a “thing” about text size at the moment :)

    Don’t let this detract from the great job you are doing improving the reporting interface at the moment. I’m sure we all really appreciate all the hard work that’s going into it, and that you are really listening to the feedback you’re getting.

  • The disappearance of the print button is not really much of an improvement.

  • Matt Lettini on May 9, 2011

    @Brett – Export to PDF still exists for Expense Reports. It is not available for Detailed Time Report.

    @Sophie – Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add you to the Feature Request for in-line editing of time entries from the detailed report .

    @Jakob – You can still print the report using your browser’s print. We’ve optimized the page to print only your detailed report.

  • Douglas Phillips on May 9, 2011

    I use the export to CSV function every month to push line items to one of my clients

  • Douglas Phillips on May 9, 2011

    oops … accidentally posted before finishing.

    I use the export to CSV function every month to push line items to one of my clients’ internal invoicing system.

    It would be nice if I could specify something like pipe-delimited rather than straight CSV, so that I could dump it straight into my parsing script rather than running it through excel first.

    Just a thought :)


  • Is the PDF export option coming back? This is pretty useful. We attach this report to our invoices.

  • Hi Team Harvest,
    This report is looking great.
    There is only one addition that would help me and I am sure others greatly and this is the ability to run the report for All Clients, for a specified period of time (ie Last Month) and then print (or PDF) each clients report separately.

    As we have over 100 clients who each want individual detailed reports on a monthly basis this would save us having to do it manually.

    Thanks for considering this.


    Over 7600 harvested hours to date…

  • cameron on May 10, 2011

    The auto complete is great. Can’t wait for that to make it’s way to the project drop-down when doing time entry…

  • Great update. One issue and 2 Suggestions/Requests:

    When I run a report with 2 projects, the entries don’t sort correctly by date. 12/23/10 comes at the end of the report, after 5/9/2011. It should come in date order when I group by date.


    1. The timeframe needs an “All Time” option on the dropdown menu

    2. I should be able to edit the entries right from the report. This is hugely important as any edits require me to keep going back and forth between a report and the entry screen which is not that easy to get to for a bunch of varied entries.

  • One other comment (just noticed after reading the other comments) – The export to PDF feature should come back.

  • Nate Roman on May 10, 2011

    Looks Great. However, it pulls every project and every task for a particular client, even the jobs or tasks I archived already…

  • Hi,

    Great improvements!

    I’d like to +1 Brandons and Sophies request above for inline editing of reports. Our employees are not perfect and sometimes pick the wrong project to write on. I’d like to be able to adjust with a few clicks when I review the report. Right now finding the specific entry for that user is very tedious and time consuming.



  • We internally track time by person by project per month – I would LOVE to have a report that totals these numbers all in one place – i.e. list each employee alphabetically, and in column B break out their total time for the month-to-date for each project they are working on (and/or: List all active projects, and in column B the total number of hours spent on each one by each employee during the month).
    Currently I have to access this information by running a report for project time per month and then clicking through to the Staff tab within each project (or Staff time by month, and clicking through to projects). A report that compiled all of those numbers on one screen would be awesome!
    That’s my one and only complaint with Harvest — Keep up the great work!

  • Can you PLEASE put the “Export as PDF” option back into the detailed report? Like other posters, we generate detailed reports for our clients and removing this option adds another couple of steps to my reporting process.

  • Hi!

    Love Harvest but echo that I need the “Export to PDF” for detailed time reports. My clients request this often and for me, exporting to PDF is the easiest way to do so. Please give us the button!

    Thanks Harvest!

  • For those looking for the “Export as PDF” option from the new Detailed Time Report, I just realized that the feature exists, it is just hidden a bit.

    1. Run a Detailed Time Report

    2. Select “Print” from your web browser and print the report

    3. Report is generated in the formatted, pdf style, as before (as least it did in Chrome)

  • Love love love “group by”. I have several projects per client, and (ahem) am always a little behind when it comes time to invoice; group by project gives me a quick snapshot of where the missing hours need to be added in. Thanks!

  • Sorry to say, but tracking my employee’s time is much more of a hassle now. If I click on Reports, then Detailed Time, I want to be able to just check that my employees have entered their time for the previous week. Now it shows me ALL of my employees, including archived ones, which makes a huge unnecessary list to go through to find my active employees. I also don’t need to see the Tasks list and Projects List when I’m under Detailed Time, so is there a way to hide that? This was so much simpler before. Sorry, but I liked it better before.

  • Matt Lettini on May 19, 2011

    @Kim – The filters were implemented so you can type to find the employee you’re looking for, and don’t actually have to use the dropdown list. Also archived Employees should not show up in the filters until you check the box at the bottom of the form “Include archived items in filters”.

  • The export to PDF function really needs to be on these reports. I use this report for some of my client invoicing – in it’s onscreen form it’s nearly exactly what I need (days as well as just dates – eg thurs 31/3/2011 – would make it perfect) but in excel or csv i need to spend time formatting it before i send it out.

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