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The New Uninvoiced Report

We’re excited to announce the release of one of the most requested features in Harvest: the Uninvoiced Report! This new report will help you catch any missed invoicing opportunities, and will significantly speed up the invoicing process. Here’s a quick video to explain how it all works:

Invoice Faster

The goal of this report is simple and straightforward. It allows you to quickly scan and find all the outstanding, unbilled amounts for each client and project. You can view the amount by month, quarter or year; and each client has an “Invoice” button – click it to create an invoice for the selected timeframe. If your account has rounding turned on, this report will automatically round the hours according to how you configure it.

Here are some other features we’ve added to enhance the Uninvoiced Report:

  • Check the Active Projects Only box to hide any archived projects
  • Uninvoiced Hour and Expense amounts generate detailed reports
  • You can Export this report to Excel or CSV

We hope the Uninvoiced Report helps your business stay on top of its numbers and get paid faster for all of your hard work. Thank you for your continued support and helpful feedback, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • This is just what we needed. Invoicing was a pain and far more involved then it needed to be. I always wanted just one more column for “Uninvoiced Amount” next to “Billable Amount” in the time report.

    That said, adding a new uninvoiced report does the trick. Thanks for simplifying the invoicing process!

  • Brandon on May 12, 2011

    Very nice – BUT PLEASE BRING US SEARCHABLE FIELDS. (All fields including notes). This is fundamental to data / archive retrievable process. (Still – Thanks for the current feature!)

  • You guys are legends! I have wanted this feature since I was a small child.

  • I’ve got hours which are billable but will not show on this new report tool. How come, what does I do wrong?

  • Sorry, my mistake. Need to use the projectsettings and add the task rate. Not it works! This is really a great improvement! Well done, happy to use Harvest :D

  • This is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Thanks guys. Any thoughts on putting in automatic invoice sending? Maybe we get an e-mail reminder with a link to verify accuracy of billable time, hit approve, and automatically, at a specific time the invoices go out?

  • You just made my day! This is one of my few gripes about your wonderful product, and now it is fixed. Thank you for constantly improving your product, I dig it with a shovel!

  • You just made how I always use Harvest easier. Thanks so much for this feature, and for listening to your users :)

  • I had an API script for just this very thing, so it was definitely something important for me.

  • Genius! That makes things much easier to do our invoicing thanks.

    If there was one thing I’d request is that as well as the options for Month/Quarter/Year it would be great to add an extra button for ‘All Time’.
    As some projects go on for ages and overlap a single year (but we might only bill the whole project once it is finished, so I could accidently invoice the project but miss the time from the previous year).

  • YES! …nicely done.

  • HALLELUJAH! I’ve been waiting for this forever, and I’m sure it will be a core feature for me now. No more making a fake invoice just to check on unbilled totals. Thank you!

  • Just one more reason that harvest is my favorite app on the internet… keep up the good work!

  • Dittos on Mikie’s comment. We could REALLY use an all time or custom time field like on other screens.

  • Love the new report. This is definitely something useful!
    Two comments though:
    Why no totaling of the columns? Seems to be a large purpose of this report is to see how much outstanding unbilled work is “lying around” and that would require a total $ figure.

    Also: Can we have semi-monthly like in the fabulous new time reporting?

    Thanks for the great work!

  • Lucinda Moore on May 13, 2011

    YAY! I’ve been wanting this feature! ;o)

  • Lucinda Moore on May 13, 2011

    Karl, I agree with needing and automatic invoice feature. I have clients that want to be billed weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly. Hard to keep track and remember which ones want which. Aside from that, this site rocks my world! Thanks.

  • Thank you very much… this is exactly what I needed!

  • +1 for both of Jessica’s suggestions

  • MacSERV on May 16, 2011

    +1 for Jessica’s comment as well. I’d also like to have an “All” time frame instead of just month, quarter, and year. Great work otherwise!

  • Getting there, but double-ditto on Mikie & Jessica’s comments – it’s not really useful for us as it doesn’t include any unbilled time beyond the current year. Also, it doesn’t invoice by Project, only by client. Please add an ALL button … please?!

  • How about you just put the old reports back on there? I can’t find half the things I need with the new reports. The amount of time that this has added to my project tracking deserves its own Project in harvest.

  • Matt Lettini on May 16, 2011

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! We’re glad you’re finding it useful.

    @Mikie @Jesica @Jessica @Eric @MacSERV @SueC – We are looking into the best way to make the timeframe selector. Your requests are noted.

    @Jessica @Eric – The total number can be seen on Reports > Time, but your request has been noted as well.

  • I’d like to +1 for both of Jessica’s ideas also.
    I know you have already said you were looking into them Matt…thx.

    Since we are hovering around the invoiced vs. uninvoiced topic I would like to add a request that allows me to extract hours and expenses in a detailed report that also has a column with the invoice number that they were invoiced on. I know the status can also be manually updated so the field may be blank for some invoiced items, but having the ability to relate the details to the invoice would be awesome.

    Right now, we have customers that have requested their invoices using the summarize by category or by task and we lose the details of who did what and when. Makes it difficult to pay those contractors that contributed to that invoice.

    Awesome work on this feature though.
    Love it!

  • Marshall on May 16, 2011

    Can you expand the invoices formats types the program accept? The internete mails and documents most of the time are NOT in jpg format but other types (like MDI) and TIFF

  • Thank you for looking into the custom time frame Matt!

    What would REALLY help us speed up invoicing would be if we could see not only the unbilled hours but also the estimate amount and the amount invoiced thus far to judge the balance and see if now IS a good time to invoice:

    Report Columns:
    ESTIMATE (if one exists-would be a bonus if estimates could be project specific) – TOTAL INVOICED FOR PROJECT – UNBILLED HOURS FOR PROJECT

    Currently I’m exporting multiple reports and comparing in Excel…not the most efficient.

  • Shouldn’t uninvoiced time show up – even if a rate hasn’t been entered for the task? Since Harvest allows the rate assignment at invoicing time, it should still be an option to see all unrated, uninvoiced time.



  • I am having problems with duplicate invoicing for expenses already invoiced and in some cases paid! I think my clients would freak if i sent them double expense invoicing. Right now i have to verify everything with my printouts of the past few months and delete the entries that keep showing up as un-invoiced.

    Yikes! Mark

  • Dee Zsombor on May 18, 2011

    @Mike you can assign a per account default rate at Manage > Account Settings > Edit Preferences, this will be the fallback whenever there is no rate defined at project/task/user level.

  • Dee Zsombor on May 18, 2011

    @Mark that sounds odd, please write a message to support via .

  • Ditto to the comparing uninvoiced (and invoiced) amounts to the estimate… would LOVE that feature! (Also ditto to what Jessica said…)

  • charlie arehart on May 20, 2011

    This is indeed nice, and thanks for it, though there seem at least 3 missing elements:

    First, as someone above asked, please do add a total column. It is especially valuable in conjunction with this report’s ability to be switched easily among time intervals.

    Indeed, along those lines, a “weekly” option would seem to go just as well with the monthly, quarterly, yearly options. (And thanks indeed for the “all time”. Nice to see show up. It did not, and still does not, show up as an option in the detailed time report.)

    Finally, speaking of that, it’s still lamentable that while we can drill from this to the detailed time report (to see the timesheet entries underlying each item), we still can not drill from that detailed time report of each timesheet entry to the actual timesheet itself to be able to edit the entry.

    The need for editing timesheet entries often becomes apparent from these sort of reports, such as when they show us more clearly that an entry is allocated to the wrong project or client, or has a mistake in its text, or has the wrong number of hours, and so on. As it stands, we have to drill around tediously into the timesheet part of the system, which is just so lamentable.

    Sorry to have to always “rain on the parade” of new feature announcements. It’s just that this problem has lingered for so long, and has been identified by others as well. Seems fairly trivial, but it must not be, right? :-) Thanks again for the great service.

  • Big +1 for charlie’s request

  • I might be going mad, but has the setup for this page changed since the launch?

    As I’m sure when I first started using this new feature, the Uninvoiced page was listing only my clients where I had Uninvoiced time due. But now it seems to list every single project/client – most of which are displaying zero under all ‘Uninvoiced’ columns.

    It was a lot easier to use this page when it didn’t display projects that have nothing to invoice.
    As it meant I could simply look at the list each week, invoice the relevant projects, and then they would disappear from the list leaving only Uninvoiced clients remaining (as the page name would insinuate).

  • Matt Lettini on June 15, 2011

    @Charlie, @Eugene – Drilling down into a timesheet entry from the Detailed Time Report is a feature request we have on our list. We are looking into the best way to implement this feature, and you’ve both been added to the notification list. Thanks for your feedback.

    @Mikie – Indeed, we have now included all active projects and clients in the Uninvoiced Report, so your time is never lost. We’ve just implemented a feature that grays out any invoiced projects in order to circumvent projects that used to disappear.

  • @Matt Lettini –
    Thanks for that! This is definitely a lot more helpful.
    I still preferred it when the list simply displayed Uninvoiced items as it was a lot easier to view, but I’m sure you have your reasons (not sure why you’d want to ensure ‘your time is never lost’ though, as isn’t that what the other Detailed Time Report pages are for?).
    But this is good for me. Many thanks!

  • charlie arehart on June 15, 2011

    Hmm, well, despite that change (in response to @mikie), it still doesn’t make sense to me that the uninvoiced report bothers to show projects (and clients) with 0 hours. I have hundreds of projects, so this behavior makes the report really long, and mostly showing useless info, which is therefore annoying rather than helpful.

    Is there some logic we’re not getting in why you’re not listing ONLY active projects with non-zero uninvoiced hours? Even if you have so motivation to keep it as is, how about offering a checkbox, like you do now for “active projects”, to show only non-zero amounts?

  • @charlie,
    Ho ho – glad you agree. I thought it was just me!

    I can understand that a checkbox, might start making the page look busy (but would be helpful).

    I just don’t understand why Zero projects are being displayed anyway – as they are not ‘Uninvoiced’, and hence shouldn’t be displayed.

    When this page was first setup it was a godsend – so it feels like a step backwards to have introduced previously invoiced jobs to the list.

  • You guys aren’t the only ones that finds this odd. The ONE benefit I do see is if someone has accidentally set the project up to have no rates as you then see a little graphic in the left column stating NO RATES.

    To get around the umpteen projects we have that have nothing to invoice, I use Firefox, then Edit > Find $0.00, then select Highlight All. That way, I can Page Down the page and quickly see non highlighted projects that have something to be invoiced.

  • charlie arehart on June 16, 2011

    Fair enough, @Jesica, but then rather than clutter this report with that info, for that need for those users, there should be a new report focused on that. The problem you describe seems like one that would affect only some users, some times. But by listing ALL active projects (even with 0 hours), it clutters this report for the rest of us. And while your workaround with Firefox is indeed a solution, it just seems odd that we should have to do that, when we’re trying to use the report for what seems to be its real intended use. :-)

  • Big +1 for the request to only show projects with non-zero uninvoiced hours. Thanks!

  • I agree it’s cluttered at this point and the problem entries (NO RATES) would probably still show on the report screen. I was just offering the Find and Highlight all workaround for the mean time.

  • @charlie, couldn’t have said it better myself. Spot on input on all your posts. Especially being able to drill down to the specific entry in order to edit it.

  • Love that you are upgrading all the time. We quite often invoice on by percent complete of a project instead of straight time and on some projects some phases might be time only and some phases are billed on a ‘percent complete’ basis
    . For example: Phase 1 budgeted amount $10,000.00 we want to bill 10% of that. Is it possible to do that at this time? If not that would be a great addition to the invoicing.

  • Very nice addition — Thanks!

    Would love to see a Custom time frame, too, though, as I most often use an uninvoiced report to find specific timesheets that need to be marked as invoiced, after they were combined / deleted on an invoice. I can do this now in a Detailed Time report, though, so it’s definitely no biggie.

    Thanks again…

  • I love this report. However, I have lots of active projects, and most of them have a zero balance at any given point in time. Is it possible to add a choice to exclude any projects with nothing to invoice?

  • MacSERV on July 7, 2011

    +1 to Mary B’s comment. That list is unnecessarily long with all of the zero balances shown.

  • charlie arehart on August 8, 2011

    Can we please get some response to all the feedback here from those of us who find the new uninvoiced report to be practically useless, with it listing ALL ACTIVE PROJECTS regardless of their having uninvoiced billable time?

    Like MacServ, Mary, Jessica, Mikie, and so on, I have several pages of “0 uninvoiced hours” entries. Please, please, please let us filter those out. Even then, shouldn’t it be those people who need to be able to see such “0 hour” entries who should be needing to choose to do so?

  • Matt Lettini on August 11, 2011

    @Mikie @Charlie @Jesica @Jessica @Mary @MacServ – We do have your request on our feature request list. We are working on the best solution to the issue. You are all on our notification list and will hear from us when a solution is implemented.

  • Just to give another perspective, I like seeing ALL uninvoiced active projects as I’m constantly wanting to check to make sure there is no uninvoiced time before archiving a project. Perhaps the best solution would be what MaryB says above — to have a button or link to “hide projects without billable time” or some such, with the default being to show all.

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