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Sync Harvest Timesheets and Invoices with Quickbooks Online

Good news for Quickbooks Online and Harvest users! You can now sync Quickbooks Online with Harvest using Syncr. The connector will sync your timesheets, invoices, clients, people, and projects data between Harvest and your Quickbooks Online account.

Sync Harvest Timesheets Invoices with Quickbooks Online

If there are duplicate entries between Quickbooks and Harvest, you’ll be notified. You can even set the sync to occur at a given frequency (i.e daily, monthly).  The connector is built by a third-party company called Mutually Human and costs $99/month. Learn more at Syncr HQ.

Using Quickbooks for Windows? You can easily export timesheets from Harvest into Quickbooks for Windows from within your Harvest account. For more information visit our Help Center.

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  • This is so convenient!

    I also recently found out about an application that allows you to create and send invoices from your phone. I personally liked it, if anyone wants to check out the article I found it here:

  • Charles on June 2, 2011

    So excited for a moment…. I need invoices and payments received from Harvest to QB on windows. Then my life would be complete….

  • Yvan, are you still using Syncr? It came up in Google as a top result for Harvest/Quickbooks syncing, but says it’s $99/mo. Crazy for me to even consider for the volume I do as a one person design business.

    Harvest, Any plans to get QB and Harvest talking without Syncr?

  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 16, 2012

    @Janine We do have Harvest integration with Quickbooks for Windows, but if you use QB Online, you’d have to use the 3rd party Syncr integration. We have no plans on deck for any further Quickbooks integration at this time, sorry.

  • thx, karen. i use a mac and am looking around to see if i can simplify everything. i love harvest but find reentering invoices on quickbooks/accepting them on quickbooks (on top of harvest) just so my accounts reconcile when i get paid is a pain. i’d ditch quickbooks, but not mac. and i’ve looked at outright online accounting b/c it syncs with harvest — just not sure my accountant will dig. i know they dig quickbooks. anyway, thanks for replying :-)

  • I’m really disappointed to see this post touted as good news. I pay $26/month for Quickbooks and $12/month for Harvest. How on earth could it be justified to pay $99/month just to be able to transfer data between the two????

    Please come up with a better more cost effective solution Harvest. I really want to keep your service.

  • With the release of the new IPP Intuit Anywhere platform for QuickBooks all data (Desktop and Online) is syncing to the same cloud so integration shouldn’t be that difficult.

    I’d even consider writing a piece myself although I’d prefer Harvest do it for me.

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