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Unifying Buttons in Harvest

In December, we released Harvest HD, an update to Harvest which included a new, image-free button style. By eliminating the need for background images in our buttons, we’re able to deliver an improved button style with a faster load time for our users.

We’ve been including the new button style whenever we update a section of Harvest. This morning, we pushed out a release that removed all remaining instances of the old buttons, unifying button styles throughout Harvest.

While this change makes Harvest look nicer, we’ve also taken this opportunity to add some new functionality. For most forms in Harvest, you’ll now notice that when you click save or submit, the buttons will be disabled and a loading graphic will appear. This instant feedback lets you know that your form is processing and helps to ensure that there are no accidental double submits of your data.

This update reinforces consistent UI elements and behaviors throughout our app and helps us provide a seamless time tracking experience for all of our users.

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  • I have a button fetish and I’m a happy Harvest customer, so I applaud this update. The buttons look great!

  • You guys sure know how to push my buttons…

  • Double-submits were one of the scores of reasons I switched from Yendo Accounts to Harvest, so this extra failsafe makes me SO happy I migrated!

    Now if only Yendo had a reasonable export feature…

  • Did you do anything specific for cross browser render of your buttons? How do they look in IE 6/7/8 ? Just curious how you addressed users on different platforms and ensure the buttons are usable!

    They look great by the way…

  • Dan,

    In IE 7 and 8, our buttons do not have the rounded corners, but otherwise they look pretty good. More importantly, they work just the same as you would expect in a modern browser like Chrome. We aren’t actively supporting IE6, but the buttons are functional there as well (although, they are not super pretty).

    Our approach these days is to make things work in IE7/8, but not to make them pixel for pixel matches of more modern browsers. We want everything to look as nice as it can be, but we don’t want to bog down our app with a bunch of CSS hacks or javascript plugins aimed specifically at legacy browsers.

    We’re quite fortunate that a high percentage of our user base is relying on Firefox, Chrome or Safari and that our IE user percentage continues to shrink every month. IE users seem to be skipping the upgrade to IE9 and instead are installing Chrome or Firefox — this is welcome news.

    Thanks for the feedback,

  • Dear Harvest,

    Please do not concern yourself with IE bugs on my behalf.

    IE: The number one browser for downloading a better browser.

  • Patrick. Great. I was only asking to gain understanding into your methodology. Not promoting IE 6/7/8 render. Thanks for the insight into your decision making! Best – Dan.

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