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#workbetter Roundup: Getting Paid and Raising Your Rates

As a part of our daily ongoing #workbetter series, we’ve been suggesting articles that are relevant to running a small business and productivity. This month we’ve pulled together a few recent articles that help your business raise its rates, and give pointers on how to get paid when the client’s check is late:

13 Serious Mistakes You Should Never Make – Business pitfalls you should avoid, like: do you have a kill-fee for the project? Do you always require a down payment BEFORE you start work on a project? You should!

Lessons in Setting Prices – The delicate art of setting your fee: how to raise prices without sending customers running.

Get Paid: What to Do When The Check is Late – Useful, actionable ways to get that check moving towards your mailbox.

Screw you. Pay Me. (video) – A dynamic video of Mike Monteiro (of Mule Design) about cutting though client excuses, with his own lawyer weighing in as well – a must see.

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