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Track Finances Better with inDinero and Harvest

Great news! Harvest now integrates with inDinero, an online accounting solution for small businesses. inDinero makes it easy for businesses to track their finances and understand their money. By downloading data across financial accounts, inDinero produces the vital information of any business – where money is going, where money is coming from, and how much money is on hand.

With inDinero, business owners have a real time financial dashboard without the daily manual entry. No more shoeboxes; no more spreadsheets.

Cash Balance View

When you link your Harvest account to inDinero, inDinero will pull all invoices you have entered as well as all expenses in any projects. Every time you login to inDinero, your Harvest information will be updated automatically. You can link Harvest with your inDinero account by choosing Harvest from the “Web Apps” section. If your business isn’t on inDinero yet, you can signup for an inDinero account, and get started on tracking your finances easily today.

Developers: Want to build your own integrations to Harvest? Check out the Harvest API!

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  • looks like a cool application .. this is also a accounting software like thing .. isn’t it?

  • Yup, inDinero bills themselves as an online accounting solution for small businesses. You can go through their tour to learn more about the accounting features they offer:

  • I’m trying to get this to work and it just hangs at the sync screen. Is this a Harvest or Indinero issue?


  • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, Russ. Since inDinero built the integration, there’s not much we can do. I’d send them a note about the issue. You can reach inDinero at: support[at]indinero[dot]com.

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