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OAuth 2.0 for the Harvest API, Plus a New SDK

At Harvest, we have a ton of pride in our smart and creative users. The ideas you bring to life on top of our Harvest API are always surprising and inspiring. OAuth 2.0 and our new JavaScript SDK are two great tools coming into beta today, and we can’t wait to see what you do with them!

OAuth 2.0 is an industry standard for API authorization, used by Facebook, Google and others. With OAuth 2.0 you won’t need to store the passwords of Harvest users to build an integration. That means more security for Harvest users, and less liability for integration authors. You can learn more about the specifics of OAuth 2.0 and our implementation in the updated API authentication docs.

Our new JavaScript SDK is inspired by the ease of using Facebook Connect. Build integrations in pure client-side JavaScript, without thinking about Cross-domain requests and the details of OAuth 2.0. We’re already using it to add timers to our bug tracking and support tools. It’s a great way to bring Harvest to your other web apps.

  • Add timers to your bug tracking software in only HTML and JavaScript.
  • Import open invoice amounts from Harvest without using server-side programming.
  • Pull reporting into JavaScript to generate custom visualizations and charts.

Again, the best place to learn more is our new JavaScript SDK documentation.

Getting Started

If you’re a user or partner interested in working with our new API authentication and SDK options, make a request for OAuth credentials on this form, or drop us a line at for more information. While in beta, we’re going to issue credentials manually, and that form is the quickest way to get set up. you can sign up for OAuth credentials right from within your account. Go to Manage > Account Settings and click the OAuth2 Tokens button to get started. If you’re not a code-slingin’ type of person, just know that we’re giving developers the best tools available for the next generation of Harvest integrations.

Your comments and feedback about these API additions are important – please do get in touch!

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  • How long will you support the old style of authentication?

    Very excited about this, I’ve been wanting API keys/OAuth for a bit now!

  • Matt Beale on October 26, 2011

    @wes If we decide to drop HTTP-auth from the API, we would probably announce a schedule when we moved OAuth 2.0 out of beta. It hasn’t been decided yet.

    We’re excited too! It’s been a long time coming.

  • Eino Mäkitalo on March 20, 2013

    Where is your javascript SDK nowadays. Need working example of Oauth in your site. Can’t get my python code to work with your API :-(

  • @Eino Write us at support AT – our team can help you out better via email. Thanks!

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