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Will Broccoli and George W. Bush Play Key Roles in the 2011 World Series?

It’s late October, so that means that baseball’s World Series has begun. I, like many Harvesters, am an avid baseball fan, and I’m looking forward to watching the culmination of a long season. When the playoffs began, the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies were the odds-on favorites to make it to the Fall Classic, but both teams lost in the first round. After some exciting league championship series there are only two teams remaining, and I want to give you a quick World Series preview (Harvest-style).

National League Champion: St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals aren’t supposed to be here. Just to make the playoffs, they had to benefit from one of the worst collapses in baseball history. They beat the Phillies and the Brewers, even though they were supposed to lose. They’re supposed to lose in the World Series too, but these games rarely go the way they’re “supposed to.”

One thing to look for: People in St. Louis put provel on their pizza instead of the traditional mozzarella. What other odd substitutions do they make in the “Gateway to the West?” If they win it all, will they forgo the traditional champagne shower for a broccoli bath?

American League Champion: Texas Rangers

The Rangers lost last year’s World Series to the San Francisco Giants, but they are back for a second go around. Have you ever seen one of those movies where a lone warrior goes on an epic quest for revenge? How do you think a whole team of bat-wielding Texans will fare against a flock of birds?

One thing to look for: Former Rangers owner George W. Bush (our 43rd president) is a frequent attendee of Rangers’ home games. He once thought about joining in an all-out brawl against my beloved White Sox (though he ultimately exercised better judgement). If things don’t go his Rangers’ way, will he storm the field with his dukes up?

The winner?

The teams have already met for games 1 & 2 with each claiming a victory. Heading down to Texas, they’re tied 1-1 and it’s anyone’s guess as to who will pull this off. Anything can happen, but you can bet Harvesters will be keeping a close eye on the results.

Drawings in this post were done by Harvest’s own Kim Ku.

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