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Harvest Ending Support for Internet Explorer 7

We’re announcing a change to our browser support policy. Starting January 2, Harvest will no longer support Internet Explorer 7. If you are still using IE7, please install a modern web browser to use with Harvest (such as Chrome or Firefox). You have a month and a half to upgrade, but we hope you’ll do it today (it’s free! it’s easy!).

We believe this change will benefit all of our customers. IE7 was released five years ago and is two major releases behind the latest version of Internet Explorer. IE7 offers limited (at best) support for many of the modern web browser features that applications like Harvest rely on. Right now, we’re employing hacks and crutches to make IE7 usable for only a small percentage of our customers, and removing these will improve the speed and performance of Harvest for everyone.

IE7 is a terrible browser for the modern web and it’s holding all of us back. Every hour spent hacking a fix is an hour that could have been spent building something awesome.

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  • Does this apply to invoice payment screens? Many clients are using and will probably continue to use IE7 when making payments or reviewing estimates. Often, this is their only interaction.

    I’m all about axe-canning IE7, too, but I’d like to be sure that clients running IE7 will still have no trouble viewing invoices/estimates and making payments.

  • I am also concerned about client payments. I hate IE7 with a passion but need to know if I should be telling my clients to use a different browser.

  • Why don’t you suggest IE9 in your list of “modern” browsers to upgrade to? It may be an easier migration path for those that are stuck on IE7.

  • Steve & Alex, the web invoice currently looks great in IE7. We don’t anticipate adding any functionality in the near term which would break that compatibility for your clients. If we do decide to make changes to the client area of Harvest, the latest client traffic patterns will definitely inform our choice.

    Richard, though Harvest does support IE9, we didn’t mention it in this post for two reasons:

    1) Many IE7 users are also likely Windows XP users — and IE9 does not run on XP. Chrome and Firefox both do.

    2) Though IE9 is a significant improvement over all previous IE versions, it is still far behind the other browsers in many areas. We want to help nudge people towards the best browsing experience, not simply an acceptable browsing experience.

  • Excellent, thanks.

  • Amen. Another reason to love me some Harvest.

  • Amen to that :)

  • I very much agree with you in not mentioning IE9, though it is much browser it is not cross-platform compatible. Your suggestion of chrome or firefox is a much better idea since you don’t have to explain dozens of well if your operating system is X,Y,Z, version …. you can’t run it.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Great news! Another step in killing off the long list of rubbish browsers by Microsoft! We’ll done Harvest for taking a step in the right direction, hopefully others will follow and people will upgrade.

  • I agree, admin users of GetHarvest are modern people who should be using modern browsers. As long as anywhere the client would interact, such as paying invoices will still support IE7. Potential stats aside, nearly all my clients tend to come to me using IE7 as their default browser. Through the relationship I attempt to convey the importance of upgrading but IE7 support for client areas must be guaranteed.

    So in regards to, “If we do decide to make changes to the client area of Harvest, the latest client traffic patterns will definitely inform our choice.” comment from Harvest… I do hope Harvest let’s us know if at any time changes are made to client areas and IE7 support is not guaranteed, as I’d rather hear it from Harvest than from my client who would incur a bad experience that I do not have control over.

    All in all though, I’m glad GetHarvest is being progressive and focusing their efforts are better things. Thank you guys and gals!

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