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Harvest Android Update: Improved Syncing


Today we’re announcing a significant update for our Free official Harvest Android app, version 1.3. This update brings improved reliability with your Android phone syncing to your online Harvest account.

We launched our Android app in March of this year. This summer we overhauled the entire syncing engine in our iPhone app with brand new API calls, and now we’ve brought these new API calls to our Android app. They are a much more efficient and reliable way to sync time and expenses on your phone, even on-the-go!

Along with the reliability updates, this version also includes some new features and other improvements, including:

  • Sync button added to Pending tab
  • Project Codes are now displayed
  • ‘Report Issues’ directly from the options menu
  • Various bug fixes
  • New icon

Enjoy, and let us know how the Harvest Android app is working for you. If you’re running into any phone-specific issues, let us know by writing into support.

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  • Laurens Van Acker on December 13, 2011


    It would be nice if you work with start and end times in this app like you can do online.

    Kind regards

  • Hi Laurens,

    If you run a timer in either of our mobile apps (iOS or Android), the start and end times will be recorded properly in Harvest. We hear you on being able to enter start and end times for entries though — that’s on our feature request list!

  • Laurens Van Acker on December 21, 2011

    Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for you reply!
    Yes indeed, I like to do that because I’m used to work with quart hours instead of minutes (in every view, the round function doesn’t work in all views).
    I spend my day in slices to clients.. that’s the easiest with hours or otherwise I have to do the calculations by head.


  • Darrin Perry on December 27, 2011

    Thanks Guys!

    This has fixed the main issues that we were having with the application.

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