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Harvest4Clients – Keep your clients informed

I’m really excited to be writing this blog post! In support, one of the common feature requests we get is for a Harvest client log in: a place where you can direct your clients to go to view their invoices and any uninvoiced time on their projects.

One our our customers, Jeroen Kenters of Jeroen Kenters Web Development has taken the time to build just that using PHP (no database required!) and the Harvest API, and he’s made it open source – so you’re free to install it and tweak it however you like.  Harvest4Clients is dead simple to configure and use. Instead of having me go on and on about it though, why not check out a demo?

Go ahead and grab yourself a copy, get set up, and feel free to contribute back to the project any additions or enhancements if you’re so inclined.  That link again: Harvest4Clients, or if you’d prefer to just download a .zip file, you can do that too!

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  • I thought Christmas was over and then this lands! Thank god! I thought Harvest team would have handled this when they touched “permissions” last year but whatever, Jeroen to the rescue.

  • This looks fantastic! Can’t wait to give it a go and swish up the login area for our clients!

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