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Harvest Everywhere: Introducing Harvest for Mac

Since launching Harvest in 2006, we have been on a mission to create the best time tracking solution for businesses. We started by launching Harvest as a web-based application, allowing access to your data from anywhere you have an internet connection and a web browser. Once your data is stored in the proverbial cloud, the possibilities become endless. We published the first version of the Harvest API just six months after Harvest launched. While people primarily used web browsers to access Harvest, we strongly believed in creating ways for additional devices and platforms work with your Harvest data.

Over the years, we’ve consistently built on top of Harvest to take advantage of the ever-changing technology available to our customers. We started with lightweight desktop widgets for Mac and Windows users. Later, we built mobile versions of Harvest for iPhone and Android as more customers needed to access Harvest on-the-go.

While Harvest began by providing a great web experience, we will continue to evolve as the technology around us evolves. Underpinning our evolution is the belief that you should be able to access Harvest from anywhere and everywhere. In short, we call this Harvest Everywhere.

Introducing Harvest for Mac

Today, we are pleased to announce the newest component to our Harvest Everywhere vision: Introducing Harvest for Mac, a lightweight, desktop companion for your Harvest account. We built Harvest for Mac with three goals in mind:

  • Lightning Fast Time Tracking – Time tracking is a pain only when it’s inconvenient. We know our users just want to focus on their work and not on time tracking, so we’ve made things super fast. With global hot-keys, Harvest for Mac users will be able to quickly start timers or enter notes and get back to work in seconds.
  • High Visibility – Harvest for Mac sits on your menu bar, keeping you updated on exactly how many minutes you’ve been spending on your current task and helping you focus. Additionally, stopping a timer is as easy as clicking on the “stop” icon in the menubar.
  • Idle Time Detection – Ever rush off to a meeting only to forget to stop your timer? Now when you return to your computer, Harvest for Mac will ask you if you want to keep the time tracked while your computer was idle, or if you want to correct it.

Since our entire team tracks time internally, we can say with confidence that Harvest for Mac is a tremendous time saver for those who track time as they work. We hope our Mac users will find tracking hours to be easier than ever with Harvest for Mac.

Download Harvest for Mac (for free)

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  • Hi!
    We’re super-excited about this feature, but the idle timer doesn’t seem to work that properly. We left the timers on during a break, and when we got back we discovered that they were all running. Fail :(

  • Beautiful work, guys. Well done.

  • I would have preferred to see the Windows Phone app version of Harvest released instead of a Mac desktop client, but I’ll admit, this is some pretty sweet software you’ve made :)

  • This is fantastic, thank you.

  • We’ve been waiting for this for years. Awesome. Would be great if you could add a preference that allowed for decimal time tracking instead of just HH:MM.

  • Matt Lettini on February 28, 2012

    @Jimmy – Please write into and we’ll look into the issue for you.

    @Zach – Although the output on the timesheet always shows HH:MM, you can input decimal time tracking into the duration box of New Timer and it will convert.

    Thanks for the kind words all!

  • Works great for me… thanks. Though will you continue to support the widget? I have my own account and also work for several companies that use Harvest and I need a way to bill through multiple companies during the day without logging back in and out each time. Is this a feature scheduled for a future release?

  • Fan-bloomin-tastic.. !

  • Thank you guys! Perfect!

  • Exactly what I wanted.

    Only last week, after several years of dragging my feet, I finally installed the widget. It was my only widget on a very lonely Dashboard. I should’ve held out a few more days.

  • @Paul We won’t be officially supporting the mac dashboard widget going forward as we believe the native app provides a much better experience. However, the current version of the dashboard widget should continue to work as is indefinitely.

    Helping you link your Harvest account with other Harvest accounts is certainly an idea we’re exploring, but we don’t have a feature scheduled around this right now.

  • Any chance this will be made available via the AppStore?

  • Will you add the option to show time in a decimal format? I’m used to that and writing 0.25 and seeing 0:15 really bugs me. :)

    Also, you should be allowed to write decimals with both comma (0,5) and period (0.5) like on the website. Currently comma doesn’t work.

  • This is great, nice work.

    Not sure I always understand what “current timer” ends up being, but that aside, all great!

  • I love this idea, going to download now… and I love how harvest is always evolving… but there is one thing that continues to be a pain in the ass that keeps getting overlooked… and has been for years now.

    Recurring Expenses. I can’t tell you how many monthly bills that I have to manually submit every single month into my expenses. It takes so much time… We’ve been requesting this feature for close to 2 years now… are there any plans to develop this? As a developer, I don’t see why you can’t modify the code for the recurring invoices and get this out quickly.

  • Though minor, might I suggest that when one opts for having the app appear only in the menu bar that an app window not appear when opened (i.e. when added to the list of apps to open on boot, etc.). It’d be a small, but worthwhile, little benefit :D.

  • Nice! But why not in the Mac Appstore: convenient installing and updating for your users and since this is a free app there is no downside?

  • @Øyvind – Noted on the feedback.

    @Thijs – Our non-App Store build uses Sparkle for easy updating (in fact, we’ve already pushed one minor update out to our users since launch). As for an App Store release, that is coming soon. We just wanted to get this out to all our users sooner than later, hence we opted for a non App Store initial release.

  • Are there any plans to add a week view?

  • I have to second @Zach’s comments – I’m surprised that the Mac app forces you into HH:MM format, even if it is permissive of decimal data-entry – IMHO, the Mac app ought to respect the “Time Display” preference from the actual Harvest app. Since I set that option to “Decimal” a few months ago, it took some adjusting but I’m now finally used to decimalization – all my reports are in decimal and my brain is now in decimal … but (alas) the Mac app is not. Would be really nice to see the Mac app updated to support this option!

    My initial impression of the app so far is that it is otherwise awesome. Thanks Harvest team!

  • Awesome new feature – does this mean that I can now track my time locally when I am offline (eg in an airplane or otherwise without WiFi) and then sync up to the Cloud when I get back online? I love Harvest but that’s been the one headache for me. Thanks!

  • Love this – especially the idle monitor. Needed that the first day I installed the app. Thanks for all you do!

  • Thanks for the mac addition.
    I want to ask for two things:

    * Need the app showing the start (and end)time already registered (or ongoing) in the harvest-system when double-clicking the entry in the app. The fields are blank now.

    I always adjust the start and end time manually when ending a timesession. That is not possible in the mac-app, as of now I have have to go to the harvestapp-site to check the time stamp.

    Anyway the app it self looks really nice.

    * support for 24 hour format even in the viewing (not only as a input format)

  • I’m curious to know what everyone thinks about this new timer vs. the Dashboard timer. Any opinions/thoughts out there? We’ve been using the Dashboard for years now, and changing our habits is a bit of a scary notion at this point :)

  • I just found the Harvest yesterday. So far it looks like it will be very good for us. Very easy to use. We do 4000+ jobs/tasks annually but manually so will help immensely and we all Apple Mac.

  • I use the iPhone app a lot and this is a nice second option. The idle time feature looks nice. My only request would be that you make it so that you can see a harvest icon in the top menu bar without having to launch the application itself. Something similar to the way Crashplan, Transmit or Evernote work.

    Is there any chance this is on the roadmap?

    Thanks for the great stuff, either way, it’s definitely a time saver!

  • @Aaron – you can set some options in the Preferences pane of to achieve what you’re looking for. You can have the app always launch on start-up, but hide it from your dock. When you hide, it stays hidden except for the menubar icon at the top. See this screenshot of preferences to see how you can set it:

  • The app is not detecting idle time, this is the feature that attracted me most to the desktop app. Is there any news on when this might be fixed?

    Lion 10.7.2

  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 16, 2012

    @Tim Please email our support team at support AT harvestapp DOT com with details so that we can troubleshoot with you what your issue is – thanks!

  • Stacey Langford on May 29, 2012

    This is awesome. Saving me a ton of time manually entering my hours. Working at home with a wee one – the idle time is saving me a ton of headaches for every time I have to guess at my hours when the squirt wakes up early!

    I second Geoff’s point about recurring expenses. This would save me even more time with my admin.


  • One feature that would be really awesome, is the ability to track time for multiple accounts.

    Right now you can only track time for one account and there isn’t a way to add another account without manually switching the account over. So if you belong to multiple harvest accounts – the app doesn’t support that.

  • @Stacey noted about recurring expenses, and @James noted about multiple accounts — let us know about feature requests by emailing us at support AT harvestapp DOT com, so we can ask questions about your use cases — thanks!

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