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Harvest Playback, February 24th Edition

Just like that and we’re two months into 2012 (which I’m still referring to as the new year — is it time to stop that?). This past week, we released the new password section in user profiles, and we’re just about done with a brand new, interactive projects section. It’s a little behind schedule; here’s a great analogy on Quora that might help explain why that might be (we should mention that we’ve made it past Santa Barbara and we’re just a few miles away from LA proper – but you know, the traffic can be bad on Route 1). We’re also getting ready to release two exciting projects, both are done on our end, and just waiting for some feedback from others. One is the new and amazing Harvest widget for Zendesk. The other project looks something like this:

Harvest for Mac

As usual, a round up of things Harvesters shared on Co-op and elsewhere:

That wraps up another productive and fun week at Harvest. Enjoy the weekend!

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  • Looks very nice. I’ve just signed up through 5by5 (and sent my first invoice via Harvest!) and I am already liking what I see (besides the fact that I have to five up my custom designed invoice design for now).

    I don’t quite like the App icon (looks a bit too much like the Dutch social network, but I do like the fact that an app is in the works! I hope the iOS app gets an update in the future as well, I’d really like to see my invoices/payments/etc on the go.

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