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Pay More Attention to Unsubscribe

Yesterday, Danny and I had a philosophical conversation about unsubscribe links. Specifically, we were discussing the fact that unsubscribe links are a legal requirement, which has made them an afterthought for most people. However in each email you send, every word should have meaning, even those required by law.

Clicking unsubscribe is a critical way that your customers use to communicate with you. When a customer clicks unsubscribe, she is telling you in no uncertain terms that you are wasting her time.

At Harvest our goal is to never waste people’s time (just to track it). That means we look to only send email that will be valuable to our customers. Two of our core principles are to Be Useful and to Keep Improving. The conversation served as a reminder for me not to take anyone’s time for granted. That’s why we decided to give our unsubscribe message some attention.

We are replacing:

This message was sent because you have a registered Harvest Account. Unsubscribe

With this:

We promise to only send helpful emails. If we’re not living up to that promise, simply unsubscribe.

We intend to live by this promise. I hope that sharing this conversation inspires you to be mindful of the things you do in your communications as well.

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  • I love the sentiment behind this–it’s an oft-neglected place to show that you really care about the details. In that spirit, I should point out a tiny grammatical error. “We promise to only send helpful emails” should be “We promise to send only helpful emails.” When “only” modifies “send” and not “helpful emails,” it implies that sending is the only thing you’ll be doing with those helpful emails, as opposed to maybe throwing or eating them. Though of course customers will appreciate your refraining from that as well :)

    But truly, this post prompted me to revisit how my organization words our unsubscribe link, so thanks!

  • Naama Bloom on February 23, 2012

    Steve – Thanks for your comment and feedback. I’m really happy that my post made you think about your own email practices.

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