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Preview: New User Profile

Our user profile was initially designed to be short, simple, and very fitting to our needs. As Harvest grew, it took on a more robust role, storing additional information and new settings for the application. We’ve realized that the profile had the potential to become a more powerful tool for customers to streamline their workflow, so we’ve taken the time to give it an overhaul.

In the coming weeks, we will be releasing a brand-new, smarter, and sharper profile. In our first release, we’ll be updating the overall design and organization:


Looking ahead, we’ll also be bringing new functionality to the user profile. As PMs or administrators, you will easily be able to add people to projects from the projects tab — an invaluable tool that’s been highly requested by you, our customers.

We’ll update you with a complete breakdown of the new features as they’re released. Stay tuned!

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  • Josh Fisher on February 7, 2012

    Cool! Looking forward to it. I’m a big fan of Harvest so far, eager to see how it grows. One thing I’d love to see added someday is a robust task/GTD list…then I’d truly have it all in one place!

  • All right! Bring it on!

  • great job guys i know you guys work hard but when are we going to see a search?


    See all accepted estimates/invoices issued last 12 months instead this year?


  • Wow, looks great!

  • Great to see new functionality!

    Will you be able to add individual pay rates at the project level? We often have folks that charge different rates for the tasks they’re performing. For example, they may charge one rate for design and another for development or creative direction, etc.


  • This looks nice. Look forward to seeing the roll out. I love how you’re always pushing to make this better for all of us! Thanks.

  • This is great, and in a direction I love. If soon we can see the ability to pay those users based on the work they performed, Harvest will be one step closer to the ultimate billing tool!

  • Is there any momentum associated with this new profile to start storing “Our rate” and “Client’s rate” for people in Harvest? I know this has been discussed before – but what we’re really looking for is a way to determine project profitability based on who’s worked on it. For example, we’d be able to look at our labor costs associated with a project, compared to revenue, and determine profitability and margin.

    Great work, as always!

  • Great, looking forward.

    Please also implement so that our profiles look a bit nicer without the need to add images for each employee specifically.

  • Abby Larsen on February 7, 2012

    Neat! I look forward to these new updates. :)

    Your example avatar pic, though, isn’t that Jon Klassen’s bear from “I Want My Hat Back”? I wouldn’t my favorite time-tracking system to be accuse of copyright infringement. :/

  • Wicked! Looking fantastic guys, can’t wait for launch.

  • Sweet! I was hoping this was going to happen sooner or later. I agree with the comment above that incorporating would be very handy.

  • NICE! Looks great – looking forward to the other updates :)

  • Would love to see more focus on what Harvest customers are asking for instead of internal needs. I am all about dog-fooding but not at the sake of adding what could be considered frivolous features in place of what is your core competencies.

  • Can’t wait to see it. I’m currently on a Harvest trail plan and loving it. So far the software has blown me away!

  • Monty Jeans on February 7, 2012

    Honestly, although this looks a little better than the current profiles, I can’t believe this is what you’re spending time on. There are so many other necessary things you could be building into the tools… like SEARCH.

    This doesn’t really add any value at all to my experience as a user.

  • Hey Monty I understand your thinking, but just because this is what’s launching next doesn’t mean other features aren’t being developed simultaneously. As someone who frequently manages a large number of people with my Harvest account I’m really glad to have an improved interface.

    Just my 2% of our primary unit of currency. :)

  • I agree with Monty Jeans, this seems rather unimportant.

    I use Basecamp for project management and find it painful to have to update the projects in Harvest manually everytime I add a basecamp project. It would be ideal I could tick a box for Harvest to automatically scan for new basecamp projects every morning and fill out my harvest. This way my team would always be able to complete their timesheets in the correct project.

  • How about a field and integration for their twitter account?

  • I’d really like to see a user profile feature that allowed hourly rates per client. I have to manage a pretty big team working with multiple rate cards. Manually overriding that when I create a project is a pain, and also lets errors creep in.

  • I must agree a bit with Monty. It’s nice to see some improvement on this profile page but it would not be on my top priority list. So move on to the next improvement.

  • Looks good – but i question the nessecity of this. What I belive is really urgent is the ability to make a project out of an estimate. Im quite amazed this feature isnt already avaliable. Another thing which would make a great improvement is an intuitive tool for planning time ahead amongst the employees. Ie. in an interface of a calendar, which should be linked with the project budget.

    • Thanks @all for your feedback!

      Josh, Amber, Adal, Paul, and Jason – Glad you guys are excited about the new feature!

      Thijs and Forrest – I’ve added your idea to pull in pictures from Gravatar to our feature request list. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Monty, Merlijn, and @dhb – Sorry to hear you guys are not as excited. Monty, I’ll add your name to the list of people who’d like us to improve Search in Harvest. @dhb, I”ll add you to the list of people who’ve asked for the ability to turn an estimate into a project.

  • +1 to the Gravatar suggestion. Would save a lot of time and also bandwidth for you guys.

  • Great feature! What I’m thinking is: Most corporate users already have multiple identities. How about providing the option to use single sign-on, or sync profile metadata between the different repositories? This is what most cloud-based services provide (or try to) in one way or other.

  • @abby I just Googled that, it’s a similar style for sure! That one was drawn by our very own @kimku — she did a series of illustrations in that style when we were looking at error messages in Harvest. These two critters were our finalists:

    Thanks for the feedback on Gravatar folks.

    As Kim mentioned in her post, this is an often-requested feature in Harvest, particularly on our large accounts with lots of projects and lots of people. Consider an account with a couple hundred projects, and your company brings on a new designer. Currently, in Harvest, you can add that new designer to all existing projects, or manually click through (50, 75, 100?) projects and add them to each — this should really ease that pain!

  • Please, please add the ability to set default billing rate in different currencies, so you don’t have to change the number in each project that has different currencies. This seems a natural thing to add as you build out the profile.

  • Harvest never ceases to amaze me!

  • This is a great feature however, wouldn’t the features that people have been asking for me much more of a sensible option, such as being able to format the template for the emails that are sent out to the clients or being able to change the look of the invoices?

    There quite a few and they are all over the forums,

    Just my 2p.


  • I’ve got to second the task list idea. Doesn’t need to be much but a completed check box and a way to reorder the list are musts. Being able to PM/assign task list items to a user would also be great. Extra perks would be tracking when the task is checked off and logging it for reference but that is an extra UI layer. We’ve been using CO-OP to do this as best it can but it doesn’t let you add or remove tasks from other users and begin a part of multiple groups and therefore projects task lists is spreading things too thin and people are now missing tasks.


  • More sophisticated system allow tracking of three rates (if you want them):
    – Base pay rate
    – Base pay loaded with employee benefits
    – “Retail” billing rates (with multiple rate tables saved for different clients or projects)

    More sophisticated systems allow for breaking down project phases and tasks.

    My employees like Harvest because it is easy for them to use, but it lacks the “slicing and dicing” capability of more powerful systems.

  • Karen Schoellkopf on February 15, 2012

    Thanks @Erik, we’re happy to amaze!

    @Chris G and @Tom M Thanks for the feedback on billing rates for the profile – noted!

    @Gabi Thanks for your 2p, and you can read all about how seriously we take feature requests right here on the blog:

    and you can also read about how we adjusted our Forum to better understand and process feature requests (and why we did it):

    Hope that’s helpful!

  • Karen,

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    Without a doubt, we all know that you guys take things seriously and we really like your product, but if things such as being able to change the template of the invoices has been asked since 2009 (documented) by your clients and it still hasn’t been delivered, it should be in your priority list.

    The last update by Harvester on the forum was in October 2011, Christopher kindly informed us it’s something you are looking at doing soon, but this could be the same soon as in 2009.?!

    We like your company, we like your product, we like you guys. We need certain basic features that will stop us moving to your competitors, which they have provided for years, but more importantly, those features with everything else you have will help you gain many new clients and help fund development/new employees/bonuses and even might make your boses so happy, that they give you even more bonuses !!! :)

    Please take this on-board as a positive statement, we don’t want to change but don’t want to be forced into it.

    Let us know,

    Many thanks,


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