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Harvest Playback, March 2nd Edition

Another week has come and gone here at Harvest. You thought time tracking couldn’t get any easier? On Tuesday, we took things to a whole new level by kicking off our Harvest Everywhere endeavors with the launch of Harvest for Mac. In addition, we’re also excited about two new integrations: ScrumDo and ZenCash.

Twitter was abuzz this week with a lot of excitement about Harvest for Mac. Here are just a few of the notably excited customers:

@awelfle – @harvest Especially with the new Mac App — I’ve been super accurate with being able to use hotkeys!

@peaker – The new @harvest desktop time tracker for Mac is super handy. Forgetting to stop the timer is so yesterday.

@chrismackintosh – Man I love the new Harvest timer on Mac: *LOVE

@jensimmons – I’m loving the new @harvest app for the Mac. No more keeping a tab in my browser for timers. Toolbar reminds me I’m billing. It is faster.

@sahadeva Finally time tracking software that I will actually use: (nav bar widget is awesome).

Otherwise, things went normally. We designed, we developed. And of course, we shared some valuable things with each other through Co-op and elsewhere:

Until next time!

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