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New Feature! Assign Projects from the User Profile

Recently, we introduced a new look to the user profile. Since its release, we’ve been working around the clock on the final touches of a feature that’s been highly requested by our customers – the ability to assign projects to people straight from their profiles.

This feature is especially useful for larger companies looking to increase their efficiency when adding multiple users and assigning a multitude of projects. We’ve streamlined the process so that, going forward, it will be much faster to get users set up to track time.

Assign Projects Faster

Imagine this: After a grueling recruiting process, you hire a few wonderful employees. You add them to Harvest via our quick and simple form, and we drop you right into the Projects section of their profile. With our new feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Assign them to multiple projects at once using our home-grown Chosen search.
  • Assign them to all existing and future projects. It’s like cruise control, but on Harvest.

Make a mistake? If you accidentally assign the wrong project, you can easily remove it from the list.

This new upgrade is sure to speed up your experience. Don’t just take our word for it — this video shows you exactly how the new profile works:

As we improve Harvest, not only do we want to make time tracking better, but we also want to help you save time. We know this feature will make things speedier and easier, and as always, please send us your feedback!

P.S. Many thanks to Patrick, T.J. and Samara for working so hard on this project.

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  • I was just commenting earlier today on how using a 3rd party ‘lists’ app is more of a hinderance than advantage when c+p’ing to and fro and was hoping for something better.

    Harvest… Shortly after you imagine it, they roll it out!

  • Harvest is getting better and better! Really love what you’re doing here!


  • Samara, the video is *exactly* right; just long enough to cover the gist. Keep it up!

  • I really love your product. It makes my professional live as Project Director so much easier. Keep up the spirit!

  • Finally! This makes it so much easier to handle projects when you’ve got a lot of them. Thanks.

  • This is great! Thanks for the consistent updates and new features — love it!

  • Great Work! Thanks for staying true to „the Harvest way“.

    Be useful. Make it simpler. Make it faster. … Keep improving.

    All the best,

  • Jim Kring on April 12, 2012

    I just used this for the first time, today, and I have to say that it’s very nice! Great work!

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