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RightSignature: Browser-based Customer Signatures

RightSignature is a service that allows your clients to physically sign off on documents they receive by email.  Using RightSignature in combination with Harvest, your customers will be able to sign off on and approve invoices directly through their web browser, signing their signature with their mouse or finger (on an iPhone or iPad).  Here’s how it works:

“We’re thrilled to announce the RightSignature-Harvest integration,” says Daryl Bernstein, RightSignature CEO, “This is a perfect example of the power of cloud software. Now businesses everywhere can use these two elegant web applications together to track time, create invoices, and send documents for signature … all online with a few clicks.”

The new RightSignature-Harvest integration enables you to send contracts, forms, and estimates to your Harvest contacts for legally-binding signature online. While preparing a document or reusable template for sending, you begin typing a party’s name, and RightSignature automatically displays possible contact matches from your Harvest account.

Additionally, you can send Harvest invoices for signature from inside RightSignature. Simply click the Harvest button on the Send screen to access a listing of your Harvest invoices.  Head over to RightSignature and sign up for an account to test out this new integration today!

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  • Waldo alfaro on April 23, 2012

    The havest app is great but I think it’s lacking in one thing… you can’t invoice your clients from the app. I’m always on the move or on the road sometimes I don’t get a chance to bring my laptop out. It would be nice if I can just reach in my pocket and send an invoice, get that income on its way to my other pocket

  • Karen Schoellkopf on April 23, 2012

    @waldo Thanks for the feedback, and noted. For now, you can access your full Harvest account through your mobile browser, including reports and invoices.
    The best way to make feature requests is by emailing us at

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