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The New Harvest Mobile Timesheet

The new Harvest Mobile Timesheet is now ready for everyone! Here’s a short and sweet video to show you the highlights:

New Features: Team Status & Recent Tasks

There are many tweaks and improvements to the interface. The two most significant features are:

  • Team Status. This feature is built for project managers who are constantly asking, “what’s the team working on?” This page automatically refreshes itself with the latest information, a little touch that busy project managers would surely appreciate. Note: for this first version, you’ll need to be an admin to see Team Status.
  • Recent Tasks. Instead of choosing from a list of projects and tasks, you can now quickly select from a list of five most recent tasks. Once you start using it, you’ll be amazed at how much faster it is to start a timer in Harvest.

And a tip: you can use the new mobile timesheet from your computer or iPad by going to

New Technology

This project is the first step of our ambitious endeavor to completely overhaul the Harvest Timesheet. The most impressive feat is a leaner and meaner engine built on Backbone.js. For those who are technically inclined, here’s an extensive article on the Harvest technology blog, Tech Time.

The new mobile timesheet looks and feels similar to a native iPhone App. The animations work well on iPhones, Android, and other mobile browsers. Making all of this happen was not a trivial task, and we spent a lot of time wrestling with the different browsers. The good news: all that hard work will be released as an open source library we’re calling Sidetap. Look for that on Tech Time next week. [Update: the Tech Time Post]

What’s Next?

We are experimenting with the design and technology on the new Harvest Mobile Timesheet, and will bring what we’ve learned to the desktop later this year. We’d like to thank the three hundred beta testers for their invaluable feedback!

For customers who are anxious for improvements to other parts of Harvest: we are actively tweaking and enhancing Harvest daily, and there are a couple of new features that we cannot wait to share with you soon.

Enjoy the new Harvest Mobile Timesheet, and as always, let us know what you think!

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  • Shane Sewell on May 30, 2012

    Great work, guys! Nice to see the ongoing progress, and great contributions to the open source community: first Chosen, now Sidetap!

  • Nice work. Will the iOS app be getting an update anytime soon?

  • Doesn’t work on my Nokia Lumia 900…the new page starts to load then it redirects to the welcome page

  • Pointless feature for me. Where are the big ticket items like Xero integration?

  • Looks nice but I found it not enough. where is the part I can see my clients their addresses. i Need that. I have 2 different company where to switch companies, where is the add the time hourly base like 3:00pm to 5:00pm instead of choosing 2 hours so it is accurate for our system. where is the the updating app. i found the updates very little. Including more in website. I want more features and if somebody else don’t want new feature leave a disable button so they can turn it off.

  • @Koray – You do realise this is a “Mobile Timesheet” app? It’s not “Mobile Harvest”, it’s a way you can track your time. So chill out a little and realise that that’s not what Harvest were trying to achieve with this project.

    I was lucky enough to be a part of the Beta test, so I’ve been using this religiously for the last few weeks. It’s great to have my iPad in its stand and be able to use quickly in reach, without navigating to the Harvest website (I am on a PC, so I don’t have the fancy Mac App).

    Kudos, Harvest! This is a great app :)

  • Kevin Gentry on May 30, 2012

    I do have the iphone and ipad app, as well as use Harvest daily. I wanted to leave some feedback, though I know there is a feedback area. First, it took me a minute or two to figure out how to pull this up on my iphone browser. Now it just seems obvious, but just sharing my experience that it was not immediately obvious. Second, when I checked my “team” it shows that no one on my staff had ANY activity today. Zero. Which is not true because my desktop version shows that everyone did input time today. So this is not synchronized…..and that leads me to say “what is the point?”

  • Happy Client on May 31, 2012

    Great job Harvest.

    Love the new Team Status feature especially!

    Maybe a similar feature will be coming to the non-mobile site soon?

    Also, hopefully soon you will address the long standing issue of the start and stop times being slightly inaccurate (we find once every 10 entries or so that it shows either a minute earlier, sometimes later, than it is, as well as when we go back to the timesheet and look, sometimes a start or stop time is a minute off/different from what it showed when it was created/stopped).

  • Looks great on the desktop! However, it doesn’t work on my Windows Phone 7 device, an HTC Trophy. Any plans for support?

  • This looks nice, but I’m not sure why it’s necessary. If I’m on my iPhone, wouldn’t it be simpler just to use the iOS app? It does all this (except the teams thing, I guess) and more.

  • It would be nice if you could support the top three mobile OS’s!

  • Thanks for all the feedback, guys.

    @chris – native app update later this summer, but it won’t be a drastic one.

    @scott and @andrew – hang tight, we’re trying to make this work for Windows Phone.

    @martin – this new web app works for the top two mobile OS – iOS and Android. We’re not sure what the 3rd is. Which one are you thinking of?

    The latest web app isn’t to replace the current native app for iOS or Android. It is a web application that will work for any mobile, tablet or desktop browser. So: for people who don’t want to install an application, or tablet users, or people using computer and want a small, thin timer.

    @kevin – we’ll get in touch to figure out what you’re seeing…

    @will – Xero integration is happening.

  • Interesting to hear that this isn’t a replacement for the mobile app. The mobile app is pretty buggy, especially w/ sketchy connectivity. I like the idea of the web app, but this current one could use some improvements… not being able to start a timer from the timesheet? seems weird. Two taps to start a timer. Plus the start button has the ambiguous “Restart Timer” label… does that reset it to 0? or just continue it? what does it mean? I know what it means now because I tried it but I was sure to remember how many hours I currently had before I clicked it just in case.

    Any way, glad you guys are contributing to oss, and I love to see more and more mobile web apps for things that don’t need native features. I look forward to seeing updates to this one… maybe it’ll replace the native app at some point for me (i don’t need much…)

  • I’m sorry guys, but the new mobile web app is awful. The previous one was clunky, but it was much better than this new one.

    When I first loaded it up today (on my Droid X), it gave me the normal full site, which would be fine except that it’s non-functional on a mobile browser because the edit button doesn’t show because you can’t hover the mouse over anything on a touch screen interface (speaking of that, could the full site just show the edit and delete buttons all the time instead of using hover? It would be so much nicer and more functional).

    So I switched to the mobile site…it looks fine, similar to the old one. But with the old one you touched/clicked the main entry to stop and start the timer and pressed the little arrow on the left to edit the entry. Now, both do an edit…where’s the option to start and/or stop the timer? All I see is “Restart Timer”, which resets it back to zero (why would you do this?) and “Delete”.

    Also, try editing the time. No, seriously, try it now, on a phone touch screen. It’s like playing Angry Birds, only not fun at all.

    My perspective on this comes from a user of the time entry portion of the app only, I don’t do any admin with it (other than submitting my time), which I suspect describes most of your users. I get the feeling, with each new version of this app, that’s everything is focused on the administration and reporting, and little attention is given to the most used and essential part of this app, entering time efficiently. This is backed up by this blog entry and others in the past, talking about the management features with little space given to what most people do with this app.


  • Sorry about the couple of typos…the little arrow is on the right.

    Also I wanted to mention before anybody asked, that I tried the Android Harvest app a while back, and it duplicated all my carry-forward entries (which I do because it’s the only way to copy anything…which is still true…sigh), and it was a total pain to clean that up in the browser app afterward. So, I will never trust the Android app ever again. I can report that however clunky the mobile web app is, it has never done anything like that to me.


  • Awesome! When, oh when, lovely Harvest people, will you add Invoice tracking to the iPhone app? OR even build a simple web view so we can track payments on the fly? It’d be so much nicer to go to the bank, pull up the app, and mark as deposited when we’re there..

  • Still NO Google Apps Sign-In ?

  • I downloaded the app but it requires me to identify “my secure site” which is in front of – could anyone tell me what that means?

  • are you going to continue updating the iPhone / Android app’s in the old format?
    I don’t have any use for these new features, but like the app the way it is. Can we turn these features off? What happens now when we update the app, will we automatically get this new one, of which we are stuck with.
    I like the current app, other than would love a landscaped keyboard


  • When will we be able to send and create invoices mobile?

  • Darrin Perry on June 2, 2012


    I like the general idea of the new timesheet… sorry to say it, but it is definitely no more efficient than the original.

    The whole thing would be much more efficient if you guys could work out a better way to select projects. The whole client/project hierarchy thingy in the drop-down just doesn’t work nicely, especially for a phone. It’s too difficult to manage a large list of active projects for multiple clients, I always find myself scrolling and scrolling before I can select.

    It would be great if you could come up with something like…

    – tap add new entry
    — select client
    — select from list of projects filtered by client
    — add notes
    — add start / stop time or start timer
    — save

  • For me on my HTC One X (Android 4 / ICS) the page just shows a blue line at the top and endlessly reload itself never showing any other content.



  • Lesley Humphreys on June 3, 2012

    The mobile timesheet doesn’t recognize my email address. I get the message, “Sorry, we cannot find that email address.”

  • for me it’s the same, “Sorry, we cannot find that email address.”

  • I get the same message when trying to login: “Sorry, we cannot find that email address.”

  • Great Job guys, so glad that your never satisfied as that keeps things moving forward. I have had a request the other day asking me to give my clients on a budget where they were currently on their time for the month, not wanting to exceed the block time purchased to pay a higher rate. Would have been nice to just go to my Iphone and pull up a report of time thus far for the month. I know you cant get every function that the website has but this could be useful to those that sell block time an need to know where the budget is as opposed to where it was set. Again thanks to all the techs that strive for excellence, you are noticed…

  • I get the same message when trying to login: “Sorry, we cannot find that email address.”

  • Is there a way to track mileage with this app?

  • @Tracey — Go to Harvest on your desktop/laptop and log into Harvest. Look at the name in front of — it should be your business name or personal name — however you signed up for Harvest.

  • I do not have a clue what this is or the point.

    I can access Harvest from my browser and get to a timesheet.
    I have a widget on my PC desktop for time recording.
    I have a widget on my Mac for time recording.
    I have the iPhone app for time recording.

    Where does thsi fit?
    How do I get it?
    How do I install it (some above refer to a downloads)?
    Why should I use it given the above facilities I already have?
    What does it add of value?

  • A new mobile option is nice, but I would strongly prefer the existing IOS app track time more accurately and then see it build out features to allow on the fly invoicing and a feature to do a quick add of a new client/project so that T&E could be logged against it.

    As you guys are updating the old up IOS app, a bug I consistently run into is that when I add time to an existing entry (either adding xhours or xmins or by restarting the timer) the time increments by 1 hour * the number of times have edited the entry. For example: if I have 20 mins on the clock and start the timer, when it goes back to the timesheet screen, the number of hours is +1 resulting in 1h 20m. If I go back to the entry to subtract the hour and go back to the timesheet screen, the number of hours is +2 resulting in 2h 20m. To get around this, I have to log more than 1 daily entry for the same task and same client which has to be reconciled on the desktop version before we send out detailed billing.

    The only explanation I can figure is that perhaps differing timezones might have a factor. I work in EST and CST but when I am in EST I almost always used the desktop version but in CST, I always use the app. Since my account is in EST, perhaps the timer start time jumps back an hour when it syncs with the sever because the timer “Started at” time is off by the variable hours as well.

    Either way, it is quite annoying and would be a great issue to address in the updated IOS app.

  • The new Harvest mobile timesheet is not to replace the current iPhone app (which we will improve in the near future). The new mobile view is something that can accessed via the web browser on the phone, independent of what phone platform you’re on.

    @jimmy – when you sign in, you should be redirected to the new mobile view. If not, it’s a bug (but it should work properly). How it editing time giving you fits? We’d love to know. Please email us at support (at) harvestapp (dot) com. Thanks.

    @andrew & @brandon – in due time…

    @justin – you can sign in via Google Apps via the new mobile view.

    @darrin – thanks for the suggestions. We were hoping that the new “Recent Tasks” feature would make things easier for most users. We will make regular project selection faster as well… soon!

    @tim, @lesley, @misha, @wesley and @terry – can you write in to our support team so we can troubleshoot for you?

    @dianna – sorry, no way of tracking mileage yet.

  • Hi Emily, We will definitely improve the native iPhone app soon. Sorry for the trouble.

  • Hi, will the new Mobile Timesheet be updated to record expenses,


  • Hi guys!
    Good work on the new framework. My design agency is working on a mobile service right now and we’re really excited to see Sidetap. I quote:
    “The good news: all that hard work will be released as an open source library we’re calling Sidetap. Look for that on Tech Time next week.”

    I’ve been constantly refreshing Tech Time since then, but haven’t seen it yet. What’s the latest on Sidetap?

    Thanks :)

  • @Øyvind We announced Sidetap, the framework that powers Harvest mobile yesterday. Take a look – we’d love your feedback:

  • @Patrick Awesome stuff Patrick! We just trashed the code we wrote so far this week and we’re now switching to Sidetap [Add to dictionary] :) Where should I send feedback and suggestions? Comment on the blog post you referred to?

    Thanks for the good work so far!

    And by the way:
    We are loving the hell out of Harvest every minute every hour here at Red Rabbits (design agency) ;) It lets us harvests all those 2-10 minute interruptions into the right project, increasing billable hours by about half an hour every day for each employee. Every interruption like a phone call rings the Harvest bell, and our clients are getting used to hearing “just a second, I have to switch task in Harvest”, not only making them aware that the call is going to cost them, but also raising the bar for them to interrupt us at all if it’s not important :) That’s cash for you (no actually us…) right there! :)

  • @Øyvind thanks for such awesome Harvest feedback. I’d definitely be interested in your feedback and suggestions on using Sidetap. You can email our support team ( and they’ll forward it on to me. If you find a bug or something, you can also open an issue on the Sidetap Github page.


  • Colin Holden on September 4, 2012

    Like the mobile timesheet but would like it to be part of the iphone app which is easier to load (especially when there is no wifi/3G) … some nice features wo put into the app one day ?
    When do you think the next app update will happen ?

    (meanwhile just started new business self-employed and blown away by the simplicity and efficiency of Harvest in general)

    Colin H

  • @Colin Thanks for the feedback, and glad that, overall, you’re liking Harvest for your business. We’ve got no timeline to offer on any iPhone updates, but rest assured, it’s on our radar.

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