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Bring Harvest Time Tracking Into Basecamp

Basecamp is a popular web-based project management application by 37signals which we’ve been using since 2006. Earlier this year, 37signals launched an all new version that is fast, simple and powerful. For some users of the new Basecamp, there was only one thing missing: the ability to track time.

While Harvest has long supported the previous version of Basecamp (aka Basecamp Classic) with an integration that synced projects and people, we heard from many customers that they needed just a little more — they needed to track time on specific to-dos. With that in mind, we decided to rethink our approach to the integration.

Today, we’re very excited to announce a seamless way to track time in Basecamp. Unlike most integrations which can feel disjointed, we really mean it when we say seamless. With the help of the official Harvest Chrome Extension, you can now track time for your to-dos right inside Basecamp. To see what we mean, take a look at the video below.

With Harvest for Basecamp, you can do your project management and collaboration in Basecamp, and your time tracking, reporting and invoicing in Harvest.

To get started with Harvest for Basecamp, simply do the following:

That’s it! We hope you enjoy this new integration and thanks for using Harvest.

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  • Wow! Really helpful feature!!

  • Can we expect a Safari extension soon?

  • Nicely done. Are you planning to offer a similar integration for Jira? That would solve 50% of our time tracking troubles….

  • Didn’t watch the video but I”m assuming this works with all paid versions of Harvest? You may have just landed someone that was on the fence. Thanks.

  • This is awesome! please make one for asana. I can help!

  • @Andy You bet! The integration works with all Harvest plans.

  • I second the request for a safari extension.


  • Great.
    Might as well pile on…
    Any chance you can do a similar integration with what many think is a better version of Basecamp, TeamworkPM?

    (nope, I don’t work for TeamworkPM)

  • We just implemented this at our 15 person agency and love it! The only bummer is that it doesn’t appear to work for us on the ‘Me’ tab. Any plans for integrating that feature?

  • Josh Strange on September 27, 2012

    Any chance you can add this in for bugzilla? Or post the source on github so others can alter it for their bug tracker of choice?

  • I think if you make this for GitHub Issues your will get a lot of customers. Just Google how many people are seeking time tracking for GitHub. We would love it indeed!

  • +1 for GitHub integration

  • Forget about all those other browsers and integrations…this is awesome and you guys deserve a week off.

  • I really like this and am going to be using Chrome for Basecamp and Harvest. However, I’d like to add my voice to a couple more integrations. Namely, Firefox and

  • Superb effort yet again from the Harvest team. You guys rock!

    • @dsheetz, @lance, @Josh, @Petr, @Andy, and @Ani – noted on your requests for extensions/integrations with other apps and browsers. We’re going to see how things go in Chrome before we think about next steps.

      @Andy glad you like it! Things are working for us on our “Me” tabs. We’ll be in touch to figure out the problem.

      @Ryan and @Mark thanks for the kind words! Glad you guys like it.

  • This sounds good. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  • What. The. F. This is AWESOME! You guys are the best! I know there’s a long list of features that you’re working on, but this is a nice one! Keep up the great work, gang!

  • My vote for a Firefox extension. Don’t want to use Chrome.

    This is great for project management to associate time effort with specific todos, tasks.

  • How about Basecamp Classic? We don’t use the new version of basecamp because it’s missing essential tools we do have in Classic.

  • Harvest, you rock my world.

    • @Erik @Marc @Tammy – glad you guys are excited! We love the enthusiasm.

      @Patrick we’re going to see how things work in Chrome before we branch out, but thanks for your feedback!

      @Zeylstra, we’re not planning on bringing this to Classic. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • You guys are truly the best! Much love from across the pond <3

  • Nice work Harvest team… but are you going to set up the ‘classic’ integration with the New Basecamp as well (projects & people)?

  • Awesome!

    +1 for Basecamp Classic, since it will take us many months to port over to the new Basecamp. Firefox would be nice too, but not as critical.

  • That feature is going to help me so much once it works with my setup.

    The problem I have got is the “Choose your project” from is showing only 1 project out of 15 we’ve got already in Harvestapp. What’s happenning?

  • Does this mean we’ll be able to see the budget form Basecamp as well, or do we still have to log into Harvest to view project budget status?

  • I’d also like to pile on the request for Basecamp Classic. I get why you won’t do it, but that doesn’t mean I have to be thrilled about it. New basecamp sucks.

  • A little more feedback. I’ve used this for a few days now and love it. The only real compliant that I have is that if you start and stop time tracking from Basecamp on the same day, a new entry is created every time you do even if you are using cumulative time and not start and stop times. I’ve gotten around this by restarting the entry that I want in Harvest and then stopping it when I want in Basecamp.

  • Can we please get be able to add Start and Stop times. Most of your addons/apps (iPhone app, etc) only ever allow the start of a timer. We use harvest to account for every hour of our day and projects and must specify start and stop times.

  • @wolnik please send us a support ticket so we can take a closer look at your account.

    @jessi budget information will still be in Harvest. consider creating a bookmark to your project budget page?

    @ani noted on that feedback.

    @rian we are working on supporting start and stop times for this integration and will have that available soon.

  • Ok. Will do. Thanks.

  • Fantastic! Just what we needed :-)!

  • Very cool solution! I’m honestly glad new Basecamp doesn’t have time tracking because it leads to solutions like this for people who want them.

  • this headline was so exciting! but i run basecamp and harvest as fluid apps (webkit), not in any major browser. i guess this puts me in the same boat as many of the commenters above who use ff or safari. i’m curious why you all went with a specific browser plugin. is there no way of coordinating between the actual services? not to diminish your work to date, but that approach seems like it would be way more helpful to a lot of people.

  • I request a Safari extension as well.

  • this doesn’t seem to work?
    i’ve got chrome and downladed the harvest-app, but when i launch my basecamp to-do’s there is no harvest
    what did i do wrong?

  • @ronald – can you confirm you downloaded our official extension?

  • Thanks for your reply, Danny. When i follow your link, it says ‘added to Chrome’

  • @ronald – can you send a screenshot of your Chrome browser on a Basecamp page with todos to support at We can help you further with that information. Thanks.

  • Hi! This is great but what about if I want to change the project linked? I clicked the wrong project name and now I’m stuck with it.

    • Hi Marcella,

      I’m so sorry about the confusion. To unlink a project from Basecamp:

      1. Sign into Harvest, and go to Manage > Projects.
      2. Click into the project you want to unlink.
      3. At the bottom of the Edit Project page, you’ll see a section called Linked Apps. Click the X next to Basecamp.
      4. Confirm and save, and your Basecamp project will no longer be linked to Harvest.

      From there, you can link that project to another project in Harvest.

      Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • Aaron Cimolini on November 15, 2012

    Hey There I’m considering switching from Freshbooks to Harvest and I really like what I see so far. I’m also considering signing up for Basecamp and really like their new design as well.

    The one thing that I think is missing to make me want to jump in with both feet is project and task synchronization between Harvest and Basecamp. I like how the to-do text is entered in automatically as the timer description. Adding the to-do list name from Basecamp as a task in Harvest would be awesome!

    Thanks in advance for your reply and keep up the great work!

  • @Aaron – thanks for the note. In our integration, we intentionally don’t want to create a Harvest task for every Basecamp todo item. The reporting simply isn’t as helpful vs putting them into “buckets” of time. Think of Harvest tasks as something a level higher. However, note that every todo item is tracked individually, so when you click on a timer for a todo item, you see how much time has been tracked to that specific todo. Hope that helps!

  • Aaron Cimolini on November 17, 2012

    @Danny – Sorry, I don’t think I was clear. I was thinking of having the name of the to do LIST as the task in Harvest. And then have the text of the individual to do’s automatically show up in the timer description. That way all of the todos in a list would be grouped under the same task in Harvest. That way I could use tasks as project phases or milestones to match up to lines in an estimate. Does that make sense?

  • @Aaron That does make more sense, even if it was offered as an option!

    I’ll put in a feature request for you on this.

  • We are signed up for a Harvest Trial and I am trying to find out how I will be able to transfer our existing timekeeping records (from Replicon) into Harvest and integrate with the new Basecamp. Is this possible with the trial? Some of the features we will need are project lifecycle analysis, report time spent on two or more different projects but with like tasks.

    Also, what kind of cloud based project management applications does Harvest integrate with – we’re expanding our business needs from simple basecamp collaboration & task management to project lifecycle & resource management/allocation requirements.


  • @Amanda The trial is fully functional, and all integrations work as they do with paid accounts. Email us at so that we can best answer and advise you on all of your questions on getting things set up – thanks!

  • Our entire office is having font issues with Harvest. We are all mac based using Suitcase font manager. Using Chrome we have Helvetica Neue conflicts which causes “Last Resort” to display instead. Making the Basecamp/Harvest integration almost worthless. To manage Harvest we have to have Firefox open as well as Chrome. Any chance you will have a Firefox integration anytime soon? Safari does the same thing btw, just not as often. This is a Apples fault for having too many freaking system fonts, but I don’t see them changing that any time soon.

  • Michael Beckwith on February 18, 2013

    Yes please please on Firefox integration as well. Right now this is going to be the only reason I open chrome

  • Firefox or even, gasp, IE integration would really make your app easier to adopt at my office!

  • For all Apple users who are selecting Basecamp please can you do Firefox or Safari as these are the commonly used browsers for Mac. We don’t use Chrome so this might not work for us. Sad.

  • hey guys, loving this new feature! Ran into one roadblock tho. Sometimes we keep a basecamp project open for ongoing tasks for website client, but also use separate budgets in Harvest to track monthly budgets.

    Once I close out last month’s budget/project in Harvest, I can’t link the project in basecamp to a new/different project in Harvest? It won’t let me track time because the previously associated Harvest project is now closed.

  • @Eric – Noted.. we’re thinking through some ways to support your workflow. Thanks for sharing.

  • hey Danny

    Thanks for the latest tweak that re-opens previously closed harvest projects in basecamp!

    I have another wish list item for you :) It would be great if you could show the accumulated hours in place of the stopwatch icon for closed projects.

    Right now, after you close a project, the stopwatch goes away.. so I need to reopen/close a project to see that value. Not a huge problem, but it makes tasks re-appear on the basecamp summaries, making people wonder why the task was reopened etc.


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