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New and Improved Harvest Navigation

Today we’re excited to launch a new simple navigation. This new navigation is only one part of a larger effort to make Harvest better for tablets and touch devices, and clear up some usability issues. We’re launching this in preparation for a couple of big updates coming this Fall.

The new navigation is designed with larger click/tap areas, which make it easier to get around within Harvest. The new look is visually simpler and out of the way, allowing you to focus on the important bits below. It also introduces a new Profile Menu (click your profile photo in the upper-right of the new navigation) which offers quick access to your profile, weekly time report, and sign out. Tip: Add a profile photo if you haven’t already.

Note to Administrators: A common support question we hear is where an administrator can change their Account Settings. We’ve made now made Account Settings easier to get to by moving it from under the Manage tab to its new home: the Profile Menu.

Along with the visual updates, the code behind the navigation is much cleaner and lighter. We’re really excited to launch this upgrade. Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

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  • That is really really nice. Great update, love the simple transitions and the use of photo in the my account area.

  • I’m growing frustrated by what appears to be an unending list of “pet project” upgrades. I wish you’d focus development on core functionality. For example, being able to enter start/end times OR duration on any time entry field. You’re supposed to be a time tracking application — but you don’t have this basic functionality… and setting a company preference for duration OR timestamp was a stop-gap solution implimented 2 years ago.

  • Not a fan of the nav design update.

  • Currently on the 30 Day Trial and, as I was playing around last night, I said to myself: these menus need work—it’s hard to move around.

    Then, today, voila, a nice update! Smiley face.

    It could still be much easier to get to the MANAGE/EDIT A PROJECT screen: can we get a simple link on the project report screen?

    And it would be great to have the names of CLIENTS and PROJECTS generally clickable throughout the site.


  • New update looks awesome, love the new navigation style.

  • This is great and all, but the previous design was simple, streamlined, and also easy to use. I’ve love to see one of my many requests being implemented… and I know I’ve submitted some easy ones as well. First easy request to come to mind would be a “search” option on the Manage > Clients page (like the one on the Manage > Projects page). I know you’d told me that using the internet “find” feature works, but while I do use that as it’s better than nothing, it doesn’t work in the way a real “search” feature would (like the way the one on the Manage > Projects page works). For example, if I need to find a client name that I think has a certain sound like “ni” or something, using the internet “find” feature requires me to click through every instance of “ni” whereas the search feature that is currently on the Projects page brings up a short list of every instance of “ni” so I can at least look through a narrowed list quickly instead of having to go through each “next” found option via the internet find tool. This might seem silly, but we work with a ton of techy start ups, with the strangest names. Half of them don’t have an obvious pronunciation, and the names of the people I have added in as contacts under the Manage > Clients page aren’t any easier in the pronunciation/spelling department. A real search feature in the Manage > Clients page would be EXTREMELY USEFUL and would provide a function that doesn’t currently exist, as opposed to a re-design of a currently existing (and working) function.

  • i feel 10 years older looking at the huge navigation pads. is it not possible to optimise the app for the small screen and keep the website optimised for standard screens?

  • And how about a fully functional iPhone app instead of the stripped down, time entry only version you have now. And sorting invoices based on due date would help give a better indication of expected cash flow.

  • I noticed a nice new feature on the invoice pulldown- accommodations. However, this is not available on the Estimate pull-down. Please include this for both so that we can create an invoice that reflects an estimate and vice-versa.

  • Love it … but, wish the top level nav items were drop-down menus! Would save me plenty of clicking and page load times.

  • Think those looks great for mobile devices as noted in the article above, however it does not look as great for the desktop.

  • I would like to see more styles of invoices – I don’t like having a monetary amount on each line rather than just the hours. In addition, it would be nice if the site remembered the most recently used project and task for each user so it would default properly every day.

  • I like it, but I have to say I’m with Jon. I’d be all about some more functionality updates rather than fresh paint. I’m hoping you’re hinting at this:

    “We’re launching this in preparation for a couple of big updates coming this Fall.”

    Crossing my fingers…

  • The new nav looks nice, thanks guys! I agree with what the majority of the rest of the people here are saying though about functionality updates…

    1. We need to be able to use the time and detailed time reporting areas to change change / remove time entries instead of having to find it in the report then go to the timesheets nav, search for the day and delete an entry.

    2. We need Search for both clients and tasks

    3. Drop downs would save load time :)

    4. Sean O’Dwyer’s comment on being able to have client’s / projects clickable throughout the site was also good..

  • Love the new design, it’s easy to use and very stripped down. But still, I’m with all the people who’d rather have functionalities in stead of design. I’m not much of a complainer, don’t get me wrong, but some things really need to be worked on.

    1. I already promoted Harvest to 2 clients of mine. They jumped in the stream and are now a fellow user. I spoke to them about their feelings and they both said the same: we miss the feature of being able to make credit notes of invoices.

    2. Being able to archive estimates. In that way you have a clear overview of ONLY the estimates that are open, drafted or won. All the rest is grabbing our attention which we don’t need. Focus is everything.

    3. Put edit and view icons next to the invoices or estimates list. It gives quicker access to make adjustments, in stead of clicking your way through.

    That being said, I’m still a fan of Harvest. I wished we had a view of what is on your development list :)

  • The update on the the nav is neither here nor there for me. Can we disable/hide the new “Referrals” button? Taking up and additional cm on the top screen, would rather want to see one more project on my “Recently Active Project” above the fold.

    Yip, would also like to have an insight into what is in development.

    Thanks guys/girls.

  • I won’t pass a snap judgement overall… some of it I like, some I don’t.

    I agree, having the sub-menu appear when hovering over the top menu would be a HUGE improvment. I hate how much clicking is required to get from page to page. ie. if I hover over “Manage” I expect “Projects Clients People… ” to appear so I can get where I want quick.

    I also find the primary menu font extremely hard to read… maybe it’s better on a retina display but Helvetica Neue BOLD with a text-shadow just becomes a blurry mess.

    I love moving the account into the profile icon.

    The biggest usablity issue for me (aside from the multiple clicks in the menu) is that from detailed time reports you can’t GET to the actual hours and edit them if needed… That’s the kind of functionality I wish you’d work on.

    Overall though, looks pretty good.

  • sorry… follow up… it’s ironic but the font in the primary menu at the top of THIS page (Helvetica Neue Normal weight) is WAY easier to read than the bold inside harvest…

  • The new navigation looks a bit harder to read at first sight. We’re working in the blue theme. The blue looks lighter then before and the font is not as white as it was. Over all the contrast is gone. Probably takes a few weeks to get used to it.

    Further more I still love Harvest.

  • I have to agree with Jon above. It’s a nice looking app but I would put core feature requests above design and UI. I’ve been a customer for 3 months and have asked 4 or 5 questions. Each of those have been responded to with a “this has been requested already and you’ll be notified when available”, so there is obviously a demand for key functionality, like statements, which according to the forum has been on the request list for 3 years.

    So looks nice, but I would say priorities should like elsewhere.

  • Great UI Update! We love it.

    Keep it rolling,

  • Ian Johnson on September 6, 2012

    Yes, it’s all a bit BIG, and the mobile version on an iPad carries that to extremes
    It’s really hard to scan the current list of tasks to find the one you want because project and task are separated and unaligned
    Edit way over on the right should be where you need it next to start/stop button
    Really badly needs the ability to shift time between tasks

  • Thanks everyone, we appreciate all the feedback. The update to our new navigation is only a small part of the continuous improvement we employ here at Harvest. A small thing I’d like to mention is that this new navigation is actually shorter in height than our old navigation, which moves the important content higher on the page.

    For all the feature requests, we hear you and appreciate your concerns. Many of your requests are already on our list, and if you’d like to request a feature, please let us know by emailing

  • This is really clean. Thanks for the update!

  • Good job guys! Looks very good! Don’t let the negative feedback get to you!

  • Love the redesign of the navigation. Keep up the good work!

  • @maarten: I don’t see a lot of negative feedback… If it was negative, they/we wouldn’t be a client.

    Every ‘software’ has bugs or features that could be better implemented. If you write that software and you want to reach your clients, you’ll have to work on their feedback. It’s a constructive way to make the tool even better than it is.

    Just wanted to point that out :) no hard feelings involved ;-)

  • I like the change; I don’t like how it was rolled out. IMHO, Harvest masters are a bit arrogant in “flipping the switch” without a tip that’s it coming. Mentioned this before; makes me feel the opposite of a valued customer. Wierd…

  • I like the new changes. I too would like to see some functionality issues addressed too.

    My main one is that I’d like a general search where I can find estimates and invoices quickly, rather than hunting for them myself. I’d also love a feature which shows various stages of an estimate. Quite often my estimate is added to, and amended during a job, so I’d like to have an archive where I could see how it’s changed rather than just the latest version.

    I’d also love a full function app – a lot of my admin stuff is done after hours on a train or bus or sitting with my iPad rather than at my computer so I’d love to be able to do everything from there…

    Still LOVING Harvest though – it’s changed my working life!!

  • Hi

    Just a question from a branding point of view – I don’t see “Harvest” or the logo anywhere in the new UI? Not even underneath the dashboard.

    We use Basecamp and other webapps, and all of them have their logos designed into the UI in some form.

    Just curious as to why you decided not to do that.


  • Hi, are you planning on integrating graph analytics in the near future?

    P.S.: The new nag bar rocks although it feels out of place with the rest of the UI.


  • Kendall Morrison on September 17, 2012


    It is always great to see improvements implemented. Well done!

    One request, when creating new projects it would be ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL if it fitted onto one screen and not two.


  • Glad your enjoying the new navigation. I’ve added the feature requests to our list, and if you’d like to request a feature, please let us know by emailing

    @Casper – We are still thinking about this, but felt releasing the new navigation to our users quicker was more important than figuring out where our logo fits.

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