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Go Pink in October

A few weeks ago after lunch, Matt and Paul started talking about the fact that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They wondered if there was something that Harvest could do to support the cause. As others joined in the conversation, it became obvious that almost everyone in the office had been impacted by breast cancer in one way or another. We decided to make something happen.

This month Harvest is donating $10,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). We decided on BCRF because 91 cents of every dollar spent by the organization goes directly towards breast cancer research and awareness programs. This is an impressive statistic for such a large organization; one we can get behind.

But this isn’t about the money. What we really care about here is awareness. With that in mind, we’re letting our customers change their Harvest color scheme to pink during the month of October (company admins will see a message on their dashboard). We hope that seeing the pink navigation bar will encourage you to ensure that all the people in your life follow the appropriate protocol for early detection.

We hope that during this month you will take some time to think about your health and how you can detect and prevent all forms of cancer.

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  • Suzymari is proud to be a part of this search for the cure research!!!

  • Awesome idea Harvest I like it!

  • Kudos. Love it when companies and colleagues I admire leads a charge to give back. Proud to be displaying pink this month.

  • I’m all for it. Excellent idea.

  • Gustavo Gomez on October 2, 2012

    Thumbs up !! Nice to see a company support a very well deserve cause

  • Good cause! but I hate pink ;)

  • Feeling similar to Daniel! Pink is pain in my eyes…

    Nevertheless I appreciate your initiative to stand up with the connection you’ve got as a successful company for a good cause like that!

    Thank you.

  • The pink looks great. Thanks for doing this, it’s really awesome.

  • Sadly I don’t really support these issues as there are already cures and preventions for cancer.

  • In 2010 my cancer was caught by early detection. Thanks to all the people who have made the technology possible! GO PINK!

  • Like the pink, love the motive behind it. I’m digging the new time sheets, really glad I didn’t jump ship to Freshbooks.

    But now more than any of that I’m curious as to what the heck the Ben Miles comment is about.
    Kinda like not supporting speed limit signs because cars have speedometers.

  • Awesome idea! Congratulations on having the initiative in creating awareness and support a great cause.

  • Great to see you putting money to this important cause. Pink rules!!!

  • @Ben Miles I’m sorry but what are you talking about… would you like to tell Jane McGrath there is a cure for breast cancer… oh wait you can’t because she DIED from BREAST CANCER in 2008.

  • As science-positive folks it seems it would be remiss to not post the other side of the ACA “early detection” argument, recognizing that numerous clinical and patient-advocacy groups have questioned the need for early mammograms in particular.

    See, eg,

  • Great initiative, and a stylish way of showing your support. Pink rules indeed!

  • Great cause. We did this with Breakthrough Breast Cancer in the UK.

  • Great initiative! Love the pink theme and the fact that you have taken action. This is a great cause to support. As you have already discovered breast cancer impacts on so many people. You have made something happen by GOING PINK – fantastic! Thank you

  • I don’t see where I can change this?

  • Paul Simpson on October 9, 2012

    Jay – if you drop us a line at support (at) harvestapp (dot) com with your secure site and a note about switching your account to pink we’ll get you switched. Thanks for supporting the initiative!

    To everyone else – we’re glad you like the pink navigation bar, and thanks for helping us raise awareness for early detection and prevention!

  • Great idea guys!

  • I like the cause, but HATE the pink. It’s highly distracting.

  • Its november, get the pink crap gone.

  • How can I get rid of the pink, now? I’ve had it. Thanks! B.

  • @bill @balthasar should be back to normal now.

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