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Get Paid Faster with Harvest and Stripe

Today, we’re happy to announce our newest payment gateway integration, Stripe. Adding Stripe as a supported gateways was a highly requested feature and we’re excited and proud to have made it possible.

Stripe Logo

Harvest Web Invoices have always made it easy and fast to get paid, allowing clients to view the invoice and submit online payment from the same page. Now, integrating with Stripe makes it even faster. You clients only need to complete four fields to send a payment: name, credit card number, security code, and expiration date. View the live invoice below and see for yourself:

Stripe Invoice

Configuration is as simple as linking your Stripe account in Invoices > Configure > Online Payments > Payment Gateways. Once your account is linked, you’re ready to begin accepting payments online. For more information about payment gateway configuration, check out our Help Docs.

And don’t forget — you can pair Stripe with Harvest’s fast invoice creation process and automatic recurring invoice reminders to help ensure you get paid for all your hard work.

Thanks to everyone who reached out and expressed interest in this feature. If you weren’t accepting online payments before – now is a great time to start.

Don’t have a Harvest account? Sign up for a free trial and start collecting payments online!

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  • With PayPal being rated one of the worst in Customer Support, and their most recent Privacy Policy update that takes away it’s users rights to take on a class action suit against the company, this is the time we as users need to leave PayPal and switch to the best Payment solution I find currently available, Stripe.

    The one thing preventing that was that Stripe was not available on Harvest but now it is. This is fantastic and I’m so proud of the hard work of the Harvesters for making this happen.

  • I second that comment! Thanks for making it happen, Harvesters.

  • Fridthjof-G Eriksen on October 25, 2012

    Unfortunately, Stripe does not work for us EU customers it seems :(

  • Thanks everyone!

    @Fridthjof I think it’s just a matter of time. Stripe has launched in Canada now, and they’ve repeated said that they’re committed to offering it in more countries. Head over to so that they’ll get in touch with you when they launch in your country!

  • Thank you! Awesome news!

  • Keith Harper on October 25, 2012

    This is awesome news. Ditching Paypal for Stripe payments right now.

  • @JonathanLane I’m based in Canada, and super excited about Stripe! Harvest does not allow people to use Stripe (despite its release in Canada) and most payment gateways with CAD currency. This sucks! Is there a reason why this is? Please make this available so that we Canadians can use Stripe and Harvest.

  • @noah Me too (I’m just off the coast of Vancouver).

    We’re working on it with Stripe. You can use it in Canada, the only catch is that you can only accept payments in USD currently (that’s the way I’ve got it configured). We’ll be adding in CAD support too. I already have my bribes lined up to get our developers working on it ;-)

  • Hilarious! We here at ZenCash just noted that Harvest surprisingly didn’t support stripe for accepting payments last night… and now, *poof* it’s done.

    Awesome to see you guys integrating with the best solutions for your customers at every turn. It’s inspiring.

  • Yay for no more Paypal!

  • I’d love to start using Stripe, but the option does not appear in my Harvest account (I followed the instructions explicitly). :-(

    • Jonathan Lane on October 25, 2012

      Hi Wendell,

      I’ll get in touch with you directly about your account and we’ll see what’s going on!

  • @JonathanLane Okay! Well i hope it doesn’t take to long… this is such a tease haha.

  • HUGE thank you goes out to Jon Lane with the Harvest support team for pointing out that I needed to deactivate PayPal Payments Pro FIRST before I could add Stripe. He responded very quickly and I appreciate that. <3 Harvest!

  • Canada! Please and thank you :)

  • I second it need Canadian Currency to be an option, pretty please!

  • This is awesome. Is there any way to integrate subscription plans with Stripe with recurring invoices or retainers?

  • I’d like to see a New Zealand & Australia option please.

  • This is wonderful! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  • This is great, but there seems to be a small glitch. I deactivated PayPal and activated Stripe, but when I view a Web Invoice, the payment button still says “Pay Invoice via PayPal” alongside the credit card images. If you click on the button, you get the correct credit card fields, but I’m sure this would be confusing to a client. How do I get the button to change to “Pay Invoice”?

  • Thanks for all the kind words, everybody!

    @Adam & @Lukus: we’re working on extending the Stripe love to Canadian Currency – stay tuned!

    @Jon: Thanks! Unfortunately, you can’t currently use subscription plans with recurring invoices. I’ll add this to our list of potential future developments!

    @Newton: Stripe is currently only available in the US and Canada. If they open up to more markets, we’ll certainly look at adding them to our system.

    @Brian: Thanks! You can change the text on that button (and most of the rest of the invoice!) by visiting Invoices > Configure > Translations. For the button, change the value in the “Pay Invoice” field. If you experience any other issues, let us know.

  • Thanks for the prompt response, Paul! I forgot that this was a translatable option. I changed the configuration, and it looks great!

  • Awesome – been waiting for this one with anticipation! You guys rock.

  • Wonderful! Feature creep: I’d love to be able to automatically add a configurable surcharge for when clients pay this way, since it does cost me a reasonably significant percentage to do this.

    Regardless, wonderful!

  • Hi @Lee,

    That practice is actually against the terms of service of Stripe: because most card companies forbid you applying a “checkout fee”:

  • Yipes! Fair enough, then. I’ll keep using PayPal Business Payments for their $0.50-flat-per-transaction fee until I have a client who wants to use a credit card.


  • It’s not showing up for me either, Jonathan

  • The most common cause of it “not showing up” is that you’ve already got another gateway configured (like PayPal Website Payments Pro, or If that’s the case, deactivate your current gateway and then click on the second option on Invoices > Configure > Online Payment. You should see Stripe listed amongst the options there.

  • So glad to hear this!!!! I was one of the many requesting it!

  • Just curious, what’s your ETA on supporting Canadian customers?

    I’ve integrated Stripe and Harvest by rolling my own mini-application, using CAD without any issues. It was a great experiment – I would love to sunset it once Harvest offers native support :D

  • Why can’t we have the option to have both Paypal and Stripe as a payment option?

  • +1 for Stripe Canadian support!

  • Mark Windrim on October 29, 2012

    +1 for Canada too!

  • I love the Stripe integration and I switched over from PayPal, but I do agree with the suggestion that it would be great to have the ability to offer both. Some clients just prefer PayPal.

  • +1 for Canadian Dollar.

  • You can’t have both Stripe and PayPal? On my invoice it shows both.

  • It would be great if there will come a html textarea box for online payment, where I can add a trmplate for price and invoice number, so you can add many other payment gateways. I would love to include iDeal. A dutch online payment gataway. I work with the supplier Mollie. Love it.

  • +1 CAD support for Stripe/Harvest!

  • Thanks for making this possible! Yay for Stripe! :)

  • Any ETA yet for when stripe and harvest will be compatible with CAD?

  • I to would like an ETA on CAD Stripe.

  • Can someone clarify the prospect of being able to offer BOTH Stripe and Paypal? Some are saying here it’s possible, others that it’s not. Could the difference be between “paypal standard” and “paypal website payments pro”?

    Then again, I notice that the invoices>configure>online payments page (in Harvest) seems to offer only radio button choices, first between paypal standard and gateways, then within gateways only a radio button choice for the options (like stripe, paypal website payments pro, and others), so it does seem that only one can ever be configured.

    Having the choice would be nice, for those preferring or disdaining one. Is it (allowing multiple providers) just something that harvest does not want to support, perhaps? Thanks for any thoughts.

  • Hi

    I look forward to stripe or some simular option being available in Australia. In relation to “fees” in Australia is is common practice to add the merchant fee to the cost of the transactions.

  • Ryan Bright on November 15, 2012

    Hi @Charlie,

    It’s possible to use Stripe in conjunction with PayPal Standard or PayPal Business Payments. With these types of online payment, your customers will complete transactions on the PayPal website instead of within Harvest itself.

    With PayPal Payments Pro, customers will complete transactions directly within Harvest – just like with Stripe. Currently, Harvest only allows one payment gateway to be selected per account.

  • Thanks, Ryan. But as I noted, there is only a radio button to select between Paypal Standard and one of the gateways. So when you say, “It’s possible to use Stripe in conjunction with PayPal Standard”, do you mean there’s some way to select both at once? If that was a checkbox (and then a radio button to select among gateways), I’d understand.

    Also, the answer to above is somehow yes, then in case it matters to someone else, is the more complete answer that one can use (in Harvest) both Paypal Standard (or Bus Pmts, which is new to me) and then any one of the other gateways? thanks.

  • Ryan Bright on November 15, 2012


    If you navigate to Invoices > Configure > Online Payment, you can select PayPal and select either PayPal Standard or PayPal Business Payments. Both of these solutions will lead to customers entering details on PayPal’s website instead of Harvest.

    If you select Payment Gateways from Invoices > Configure > Online Payment, you’ll see both Stripe and PayPal Website Payments Pro. You can select any gateway from this list and still allow customers to pay with PayPal Standard or PayPal Business Payments. However, you cannot select both Stripe and PayPal Website Payments Pro.

  • @Ryan, I appreciate that you’re trying to help, but we seem to be miscommunicating. Could you please reread my last two notes, especially my first one, yesterday? I asked specifically (as some others here have, Nick and Brian) about using BOTH Paypal Standard and Stripe.

    Indeed, in your previous reply to me today you said, “It’s possible to use Stripe in conjunction with PayPal Standard or PayPal Business Payments.”

    Now you’re saying you cannot. Maybe you meant different things each time. So it seems we have some miscommunication going on. Perhaps you had read my first comments to mean something else, so I am asking now if you would please re-read my comments to understand completely what I’m asking. (I tried to be explicit, to avoid confusion. Sometimes, in using more words, meaning still can be lost.)

    I do understand that it seems it’s an either/or choice in the interface. It’s just that some above have said they could use both (Tristen, above). That’s what prompted my seeking clarification from Harvest. Again, maybe you both mean “yes” to something other than what I am (some are) asking here. :-)

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Ryan Bright on November 15, 2012

    Hey @Charlie,

    Yes, it is possible to use Stripe and PayPal Standard. The only flavor of PayPal that *cannot* be used with Stripe with PayPal Website Payments Pro.

  • Again, then, how would one do that (use Paypal Standard and Stripe)? :-) The Online Payments page only lets you select either Paypal standard or a gateway option (including Stripe). Somehow we continue to misunderstand each other over several notes, and I’m sorry if the mistake is mine.

    Anyone else want to chime in here with another perspective on the discussion? I’m sorry that it seems I’m hijacking the comments. I’m certainly prepared to admit I’m mistaken if I’m missing something. Mine is a sincere question, which others have asked.

    To make sure, Ryan, that you really are confirming what I ask: are you saying that (however you would propose enabling it) that somehow after configuring things, a user looking at one of our invoices could see a choice of paying EITHER by Paypal Standard or Stripe?

    That’s the real goal here (as asked by others, for our customers who may have a preference), however it might be done, if it might be possible. Thanks for your collective patience, folks.

  • Hey Charlie,

    Good questions. Our design there clearly failed and we are not making this clear enough. We’re going to take some time to improve it.

    To answer your questions now:

    1. Yes, you can set up both, like this: (you can set up both)
    2. On an invoice, you customer will see both options. They will see a common credit card payment form (which uses Stripe), and at the bottom of that form they get the option to use PayPal:

  • OH! :-) Wonderful! :-)

    OK, so yes, the interface was what was confusing me (and also the comments from some above, saying they thought it couldn’t be done). So yes, the options (as you show in the screenshot) seem like a classic radio button, which implies you can select only one. If it was a checkbox, it would have been more clear. (Then, too, since we have to proceed to activate a gateway to actually see both chosen on the first page, if we tried, that’s another reason one may not have expected it to work that way.)

    I appreciate that going with a checkbox may seem too old-school for the more modern look you otherwise have on the site. Then again, the invoices>configure>appearance and some other pages do use them. :-) I’ll leave you folks to resolve that. Hopefully others interested in the idea of using Paypal AND Stripe at once will find this discussion, in the meantime.

    So that’s wonderful to hear that we can do both, and that customers will see the options so easily. I do think perhaps some of the confusion from others above (saying it couldn’t be done) may have been meaning Stripe and Paypal Pro. I was trying to propose that may have been the confusion. Sorry if in trying to foresee/address that I may have confused matters for any readers.

    Again, thanks for your patience in answering this, and I do sincerely hope it may help others. And now I’ll go give serious consideration to using Stripe in addition to Paypal! :-)

  • Can you confirm when these will be available for international users?

  • @Ryan Stripe is available in both Canada and the US — not sure when it will be available in additional countries, Stripe says they’re working on support.

    The only current hitch on Canada is that it will only work with invoices in USD, CAD invoice payment isn’t (yet) supported by Harvest.

  • Hey there Harvest. Appreciate NY has had a few set backs of late but Christmas is coming and I was wondering if the @JonathanLane has bee able to amass sufficient bribes to get Stripe firing in CAD dollars? Would be a great holiday gift to your neighbors up North. If we won’t see this gift under the tree, could you provide your best wild ass guess on delivery – Q1 or Q2 2013?

    ” I already have my bribes lined up to get our developers working on it ;-)”

  • @adam There’s some behind the scenes things that have to change with our invoicing setup to make this work, so it isn’t a simple flip of a switch.

    We don’t release timelines on features we’re working on, but if you drop us a message at, we’ll put your name on the list of requesters and drop you a line when we’re close.

  • @JonathanLane. Thanks for the condescending rely. You don’t just flip a switch???? Really? Remember Wunderlist? They never discussed timelines either….take a look at how that played out. As a developer, I’ve never understood why companies have sooooo much trouble saying: This IS or ISN’T a priority. I’m not asking for anything top secret here. You’ve integrated with Stripe. The world knows it. You indicate CAD support is coming. Should we expect this in weeks, months or years isn’t exactly tipping your hand. It’s invoice software for $%&# sake….you’re not DARPA. Clearly as a business you make decisions. Do you customers a favor and treat them like adults.

  • @Adam We’re not holding out on you. We don’t have a timeline for for adding CAD support. We actually don’t have CAD support in this way for any of our payment gateways at this time, unfortunately. We’re definitely tracking the requests for this feature, and we appreciate you letting us know what you need. The reason we’re pushing you to write into support is that we keep track of who requests specific features, so that we can get in touch with you if/when we make moves on it. Thanks for your patience.

  • Ugh! This is annoying — don’t mean to be as forward as some of the commenters. However i’m sending out a bunch of invoices which i’d really love to use stripe to settle the payments. Though there is still no support for CAD, and no real plans to implement it. I’ve already emailed in to support and understand that it is not a matter of “flipping a switch”. It just sucks because it’s a huge tease for us Canadians. So close, so close! I know someone will probably reply saying its on the roadmap however, is it really? When Harvest first announced this integration, i was one of the first to comment letting you know that you guys forgot to add CAD support. In fact, Jonathan made it seem that it would be implemented really soon!

    So Karen or Jon, can you honestly tell us when you guys plan on adding CAD support.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!


    This is one of the most frustrating thing about Harvest. I switched from Freshbooks to harvest because the sales person I talked to really convinced me that Canadians were completely supported. But so far that has never been the case. Starting with the fact that PayPal payments pro for canada has never worked despite the promises of the sales guy.

    Now with the opportunity to use Stripe, Harvest rolls out support and leaves Canada out… I highly doubt that they will implement anything as they have already promised PayPal Payments Pro for Canada for more than a year and nothing has happened yet.

    Every time I decide to spend a few minutes to check with their support team, all they say is “its not that easy” yet every other company out there have support for these features.

    I’m quite fed up with Harvest and continue to check off the list of why I will eventually switch back to Freshbooks or some other option.

  • @Eric and @Noah

    When we rolled out support for Stripe, the plan was to offer it for USD payments, followed by CAD payments shortly afterwards. Once we started digging into the code on invoices and payment integrations, it became apparent that it wasn’t as simple a job as we originally thought.

    We are still planning to do it, and it’s officially in the queue to be developed, but I can’t provide a timeline for this right now. Thanks for letting us know, we definitely hear you (and your frustration), and we appreciate your patience.

  • Still waiting for CAD support :(

  • Maybe ask Adam D (@releod) what kind of mini application he wrote to make it work for himself perhaps it’s time to think outside the box a bit if it’s too complicated the other way…

  • Also still waiting for CAD support. I exchanged emails with both Harvest & Stripe support late last year.

    Stripe’s response: “Really sorry about this — unfortunately Stripe does not have any control over the Stripe features a company decides to include or leave out of their integration with us.” – thus confirming the ball is entirely in Harvest’s court.

    The lack of $CAD Stripe support from Harvest is the *only* thing preventing me from cutting all ties with PayPal at this point, and I imagine the same is true for many other users requesting this too.

    Harvest – it’s been nearly 4 months. Stripe is currently available in a total of 2 countries. You’re half way there..

  • We would love to sign on with Harvest but no CAD support for Stripe is a showstopper. Paypal isn’t a viable option for our customer base. The sooner you flip the switch ; ) the better.

  • +1 for CAD support

  • Can’t wait for CAD support! :D

  • Need CAD support, patiently waiting as well…

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