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Harvest for iPhone Version 2.0!

We are very excited to announce version 2.0 of Harvest for iPhone today! This version is almost a complete re-write of the application with an eye towards speed, reliablity, and a better user experience.

The user interface is based on the beautiful design of our Mobile Timesheets page, which includes some powerful usability enhancements like slide-in navigation and the ability to stop a timer directly from the Timesheets view.

The new application internals have borrowed heavily from the lessons learned from our successful Harvest for Mac app. We believe you’ll notice this as a faster, more reliable experience in version 2.0. In addition, this new architecture lays the groundwork for future updates, meaning we’ll be able to incorporate new features and fixes that much faster.

We’ve got a long list of updates in this release, but here are a few highlights:

  • We’ve added support for logging in via Google Apps, for those of you who have linked your Harvest account to your Google Apps account.
  • The new Team Status view is a great screen for admins who want to know what their team is working on.
  • You can now create projects, clients, and tasks while offline.

Harvest iPhone App 2.0

(The full list of improvements in this version is included at the bottom of this post.)

Before You Update

Since this app handles your data differently than past versions, you should make sure your data from the old version is fully synced before updating. To do that, open the old Harvest app, go to the Pending tab, and tap the Sync button. (Did you upgrade before syncing? Email us and we can help.)

Full List of 2.0 Updates

  • A completely new design, featuring slide-in navigation, support for Harvest color schemes, and improved retina support.
  • A Team Status view for admins to see what your teammates are up to.
  • Google Apps Sign In for users who have Google Apps integrated with their Harvest account.
  • Better offline mode support.
  • View PDF receipts from inside the app (previously only viewable in the web application).
  • Ability to stop a timer directly on the timesheets view.
  • Support for creating projects, clients, and tasks while offline.
  • Support for using different start day of the week for the expenses view.
  • Expense amounts now adhere to the Harvest account’s configured number format (1,234.56, 1.234,56, etc).
  • Timers adhere to the Harvest account’s configured time format (HH:MM or decimal format).
  • Better support for locked expenses and entries.
  • Pull-to-refresh on Timesheets and Expenses views for refreshing on demand.
  • Ability to email support directly from the app.
  • User avatars.
  • Delete or restart a timer directly from the Edit view.
  • Simpler date navigation.
  • Fixed a bug where inactive accounts would cause the app to freeze.
  • Fixed a bug where changing between timezones resulted in negative time entries.

You can grab the app today in the App Store!  We welcome your feedback, and if you have any problems,  just conveniently email us right from within the app.

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  • These new features sound nice but… will there also be a 2.0 release coming soon for Android?

  • And what about a version for Windows Phone 7-7.5 and 8 users?

  • Need to the one touch start for timers with automatic stop of running timer as you switch. Having to go into a second page to select start timer is pants. Also option to have just the project reference showing with the time is usefull. On a 3GS can only see three timers at a glance would be usefult o go back to old timer situation where you could see 6-7 at a time.

  • Beau Javernick on November 9, 2012

    How I cannot submit my time for approval from the app? Also, are you working on an iPad app?


  • Looking forward to an android update also.

  • @Josiah @Darrin: Thanks for your interest in an Android app update. We will be looking at how to bring the improvements from our iPhone app to Android, but we don’t have a timeline for this.

    @JP: We have no plans of developing an app for Windows Phone at this time.

    @Beau: Timesheet submittal is not yet available from within the iPhone app. You’ll need to visit your Harvest account in a browser to submit your timesheet. Also, we have no plans to develop an iPad-specific app.

    @N White: Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add these to our list of possible UI updates for the next round of work we do on the app.

  • Hi,
    Will your app for the Iphone track/bill for phone time AUTOMATICALLY? I make many call that are billable. I use Momentem for my Blackberry. Basically looking for same program for IPhone before Blackberry closes their doors.

  • Mark: Apple’s sandboxing doesn’t allow us to access your iPhone’s call history from Harvest for iPhone, so we’d be unable to add a feature like that. Sorry!

  • Will you be adding the ability to enter start/stop times via the app as well as the mobile web app?

  • @Robert It’s on our requested features list, but not in active development as of yet. Drop us a line at and we’ll put your name on the list of requesters so that we can drop you a line when/if we make moves. Thanks!

  • I like the responsiveness of the updated app, but I can’t always tell when a timer is running. At different angles it’s hard to see the light blue background that shows a timer is running. Could the moving clock hands icon come back or be displayed in the background image view so I can know from 3ft away if the timer is behaving properly?

  • @Stacie Thanks for the feedback, I’ve passed it on to the team.

  • We would really love the ability to create invoices on the mobile app!

  • biebel228 on January 6, 2013

    I would like to request a week view for the desktop and mobile client. I have found them hard to use, without.


  • Cool… but would really have liked the ability at least REVIEW invoices.

    Ideally of course I’d like to:
    Create, modify, send reminders and record payements… but let’s start with the ability to review the status of existing invoices.

  • I tried to intall the Harvest iPhone app because as a paralegal I could really use a timesheet app, but my iPhone with OS 4.2.1 gave me an error message that no OS lower than 5 was supported. If I reinstall my OS with 5 and re-jailbreak it, will Harvest install even if its on a model 3 iPhone?

  • How do I set up Harvest on a blackberry? Does the android app work? Any help would be hugely appreciated :)

  • @Megan – We do not have an application for Blackberry. The best thing to try is to access Harvest from your mobile browser.

  • Thanks Danny! I spoke with Scott about this yesterday too! As it looks like Blackberry is here to stay now, maybe you would consider creating an app! They don’t currently have a timesheet product as simple/user friendly, easy to integrate as Harvest and I will personally spread the word! Promise :)

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