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Timesheet Keyboard Shortcuts

We have been making a lot of improvements to the new Harvest Timesheet. Today, I wanted to show power users the fastest way to use it.

Knowing just a few simple keyboard shortcuts, you can start a timer or enter time without ever having to use a mouse. See it in action:

  • n‘ to open up the new entry form,
  • Use tab to move between the form elements,
  • esc‘ to cancel out of the form,
  • If you are tracking time via duration, we accept a variety of formats (1.2 = 1 hour and 12 minutes) and simple time math.
  • If you are using timestamps, we understand “11.25” or “1125” (faster than typing 11:25) or “9a”, short for 9:00am.

We’re starting out with a limited and simple set of shortcuts, and we’d love to hear what shortcuts you’d like to see for the timesheet!

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  • Hey Shawn. I’ve written a Chrome extension which adds a handful of keyboard shortcuts to Harvest. The source code is available online as well.

  • Great work guys!

  • How about making it possible when using tracking via duration to type 0015 or 0100 to type 15 minutes or one hour?

    It seems it always assumes hours so 0015 is 15 hours. 4-digit stuff without punctuation mark could always be minutes if the last two digits is below 60…

  • hey guys I just switched from freckle (because they were missing some nice harvest features) and they have a super smart timestamp system… at least it seems very natural to me… check it out.. it might be a good reference :)

  • Having left and right arrow work for previous or next day would expend the keyboard navigation extremely!

  • Typically, pressing ‘?’ on forms with keyboard shortcuts brings up a reference. That would be nice. I keep referring to this blog post for the details!

  • One short-cut that would be nice is a way to bring up a comment field when in the weekly view.

  • _Extremely_ welcome addition!

    +1 on pressing ? for a cheat sheet
    +1 to use arrows for navigating between days or weeks

    in week view, suggest pressing enter while data cell is active to bring up detailed day/activity entry including notes, then close on update.

    key shortcuts also to start/stop timer (e.g., “g” and “s”)

    Save should be always automatic, data is saved immediately upon leaving field/page.

  • +1 “Save should be always automatic, data is saved immediately upon leaving field/page.”

    Should be the case especially for smart phone apps, in particular Droid. I cannot recall how many times I’ve lost my typed-out entry due to receiving an email, answering a phone call, or something else disruptive. PLEASE make all entries auto-save as they are typed, and across all platforms!

    Doing great work, keep it up!

  • Joel Meador on January 31, 2013

    ‘?’ for cheat sheet
    ‘j/k/left/right’ for moving between days
    ‘+’ for new entry (to match the button text

    Glad I found out about these!

  • Joel Meador on January 31, 2013

    ‘c/d’ – copy/duplicate previous timesheet rows
    ‘e’ – edit the first timesheet row
    ‘j/k’ – go to next row for today if the row entry dialog is open already

  • Joel Meador on January 31, 2013

    ‘s’ – start/stop timer

  • Most wanted first:

    +1 to use arrows for navigating between days or weeks
    +1 “Save should be always automatic, data is saved immediately upon leaving field/page.”
    +1 on pressing ? for a cheat sheet
    +1 start/stop timer

  • You need to add the project search capability to the Expense pulldown, the same way that it searches in the Timesheet. Presently I have to scroll through all of my projects to get to the correct one.

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