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Use Trello? Track time with the Harvest Chrome Extension

The good folks at Fog Creek have received over 1900 votes to build time tracking into Trello, their project management application. With that much enthusiasm, it only made sense for us to bring time tracking into Trello, Harvest-style. Today, we’re very excited to announce that you can now use the Harvest Chrome Extension to track time right from your Trello account.

Track Time in Trello

Harvest is already the fastest and easiest way to track time, and our integration with Trello goes one step further in making it accessible anywhere and everywhere. Curious? Watch the Harvest Chrome Extension in action.

Here are some great reasons to use the extension:

  • Track time without leaving Trello – You can track time right from your Trello cards, so you can focus on the task at hand.
  • See the time spent on each card – Each Trello card shows how much time  has been spent on it, so you know exactly where your time is going.
  • Get all the benefits of Harvest – In Harvest, you can easily turn the time tracked from Trello into reports and invoices. We’ve got all your needs covered.

Setting Up the Harvest Chrome Extension

The Harvest Chrome Extension is just as easy to set up as it is to use. To get started:

  1. Download the Harvest Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store (if you need to, download Chrome for free).
  2. Sign into Trello, and click into a board you want to connect to Harvest.
  3. Open a card in the board you want to connect. Click the Track time… button to connect the board to a Harvest project.

After a board is connected to Harvest, we’ll remember the project you’ve linked, and you can track time! We hope you find the experience seamless and convenient, and please send us your feedback. Enjoy!

New to Harvest? Sign up for a FREE 30 day trial to get all the benefits of Harvest time tracking, reporting, and invoicing.

Developers: Like what you see and want to add Harvest time tracking to your own web application? Implement The Harvest Platform and add time tracking to your app in 15 minutes.

Current Harvest Chrome Extension users: once your browser detects the new version of the extension, you’ll need to grant it permission to access your information. Go to your Chrome Preferences, select Extensions, and click the Enabled box next to Harvest Time Tracker.

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  • This is fantastic! Thanks a lot guys. Been waiting for this.

  • Mh, after the log in to Harvest on the trello card i want to track, i can see only an iframe on Harvest homepage. :(
    Am i doing something wrong?

  • I have the same problem as @as: After clicking ‘Track time’ for the first time and entering my Harvest account details I get the homepage in an iframe.

    Awesome feature, can’t wait to use Harvest this way!

  • I use Trello a bit for smaller projects, but several of my clients use Pivotal Tracker a lot. Any chance of getting Pivotal integration on the roadmap?

  • Solved!
    You need to authorize third-party cookies and site data in Google Chrome: it works now. :)
    Many thanks to Ryan for the support: perfect!

  • Hi!

    Really love Harvest and the Time Tracker, fantastic features.

    Just a question:
    If I have previously connected a project in BaseCamp with a project in Harvest. How do I change? Is it possible?

  • I linked a harvest project to one of my cards. Then I moved that card to another board, and since then, I can’t track time on that card, and I can’t link the same project, to this or to another card. If I move back the card, to that board where I linked the card to a harvest project, I can track time again, but only on that board. On other board I got the message: All existing projects have been linked MY_PROJECT_NAME_IN_HARVEST

    I think, it would be much better, if the project linking would work on every board, even if the card is moved to another board, not just on the “parent” board, where the time tracking started.
    Or is it possible, to unlink a project from a card, to link this project on other boards?

  • Hi-in theory this looks great. Not being able to link different cards to different projects (without having to manually unlink each time) is a deal breaker for me I’m afraid.

    It’s so close to being amazing.

  • I agree with Peter, It would be great if each card would have the ability to be tracked to different projects, rather than just default the the board it’s a part of. I use different boards for different clients, and would like the ability to be able to have multiple harvest projects labels on each board based on the individual card. It would also be great if there was the ability to create a new client and project right from inside trello, or even from the harvest app, rather than go onto the website and create a new project or client.

  • Close – but not quite there. If you use trello just to track your jobs for lots of different clients – you can’t change the project that Harvest uses. So you have one project for everything on that board…. Trello users are likely to have multiple projects on the same board.

    Dealbreaker for me – oh well hopefully someone else will make one…

  • I do agree with the last few comments in that it’s a great shame you cannot link individual cards to different harvest projects. I’ve been able to work around it to some extent but we do lose a lot of reporting detail in harvest by having to bung everything into one project. It only works for us because we don’t actually need to generate a client invoice from harvest on this project.

    It would be useful to know if there are any plans to add this functionality?

    On a positive note we’ve been using the trello/harvest integration now extensively for about 2 months and the operation really is seamless – it’s made time tracking part of our normal workflow which means it actually gets done!

  • I agree with the “So close to perfect” comments. Being able to attach a project to a card is very important to us since we have around 150-200 small projects a year.

    Even with this, we decided to stay with Harvest over other services…fits our needs almost perfectly!

    On a side note it would be great if we could add a description of our work in the weekly time sheet view…

  • Just signed up to Harvest today, thinking that I would be able to track time against multiple projects from our Trello board. Now I’m feeling silly that I didn’t read everyone’s comments here before I took the leap. Don’t know if I’ll ditch my Harvest subscription yet – I’d like to think they’ll add it soon.

  • Followed your steps. There is not “Track time…” button as shown in the screen grab. The end.

  • Is there any chance you can put this extension on Github? I have a couple of pull requests for Jira integration I would like merged :)

  • Much agreed, tracking per card instead of per board would make Harvest and Trello a fantastic combo. Our team is working on one big project that currently has over 30 separate cards, and each needs to be tracked individually.

    I noticed in Harvest that the timesheet notes which card it is attached, but that is currently done via a comment. If there was an option in reports to categorize by those card names and compile the time entries, that could also work.

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