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Xero and Harvest: No More Copy & Paste

Update: We’ve been awarded Xero’s Add-on Partner of the Year for 2013. Thank you for your support!

Great news! We are excited to announce a new integration with Xero, a popular online accounting platform. You can now have invoices automatically copied from Harvest into Xero for your accounting records. You can also manually copy any unsent or updated invoices by using a simple drop down menu right from an invoice.

With both Harvest and Xero at your disposal, it’s now possible to streamline your business processes from start to finish. Track project time and budgets as usual in Harvest. Then invoice off the tracked time with one-click in Harvest. The invoice is copied over to Xero via the integration.

In Xero, financial transactions are pulled from your bank accounts so you can run reconciliation, payroll, and keep an accurate picture of cashflow.

To set up the integration, just go to Account Settings in Harvest and select Connect to Xero. You’ll then be sent to Xero to confirm the integration. That’s all there is to it. From Xero, you can easily jump back to Harvest to see your original invoices.

For more information, watch the video below or check out our Help Center.

Special thanks to all of our beta testers and the team at Xero for making this integration go so smoothly.

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  • Shut the front door! First a Mac App, then Basecamp Integration, Stripe Integration, Redesigned Time Input, and now Xero integration. I’ve always used the best current apps, Harvest, Xero, Basecamp, Stripe, etc, and thought it would only be a dream to have them all work in harmony but Harvest has truly done that. And right in the nick of time for doing taxes. Other than getting the whole site to be retina compatible, I don’t know what more I could want in Harvest as a time keeper. Hopefully some day more of a Xero replacement though I’m also happy with it just being the best Time Tracking and Invoice software available.

  • This is so fantastic!! Thank you!

  • My invoices are dancing, my office is smiling. Good morning Harvest! Fantastic work. Thank you.

  • Yes! I was yearning for this just last week.

  • Can’t thank you enough for this! Harvest continues to raise the bar.

  • AWESOME! Thank you so much! Looking forward to using this.

  • Super! Something I have wanted for a LONG time. I started by printing out estimates and entering them as invoices in Xero manually before sending them. Then moved to running invoices from estimates and manually entering them and sending the invoice from Xero. And recently I’ve been sending the invoices from Harvest and then manually entering them in Xero.

    All a PITA! They need to be in Xero for statements and general accounting, so Harvest was the culprit in my eyes. No longer. You’ve made me happy! Thanks.

  • Brian Campbell on January 3, 2013

    Another tick in the Harvest Pro’s column. Appears to be working beautifully.

  • We currently integrate Harvest with Xero using OneSaas… what will happen in our Xero account if we turn this feature on? Is OneSaas no longer required?

  • Brian Campbell on January 3, 2013

    I was doing the same until today. OneSaas is no longer required.

  • Thanks Brian, did you have to terminate OneSaas first to avoid duplicate invoices or any other issues?

  • Brian Campbell on January 3, 2013

    I deleted the connection then closed the company file as it was all I used OneSaaS for.

  • Awesome! Just in the process of deciding which time tracking / invoicing setup to use, and the only hold up I had with Harvest was it not connecting with Xero. That just made my decision easy!

  • Great news Harvest – when we decided to sign-up two months ago it was the only ‘gray mark’ against our shift, since then we have been working recurring invoices from Xero – no longer!. We applaud the fact you listen to your users and take action!

  • Top of my wish list for 2013 – Thanks guys! Now I can rely on each of Harvest and Xero to do what they do best!

  • Another good reason to leave my current [abysmal] accounting software!

  • Best time-tracking app yet! Responsive service and a neat, clean interface.

  • Awesome stuff! Just saved me $20/month using OneSaas

    Is there also syncing when changes are made to an invoice in Harvest, or an invoice is deleted in Harvest??

  • Tim, you will have to manually copy the invoice again to Xero if you make changes to an already-copied-invoice.

  • Lot of bookies will be pleased with this

  • I’m confused and the only reason is simply due to lack of knowledge.

    We currently use Harvest extensively, we use it for our time sheets (project based) for our recurring invoicing & retainers as well as sending out estimates (not that many)

    Everything sits in quite nicely for our small business, so effectively using Harvest as a timesheet tool, which we use for invoicing which is effectively our accounting software.

    Xero from what I understand provides the same functionality apart from the added extras for instance multi currencies/payroll (which we don’t use)

    So why should we use Xero too, when it overlaps the invoicing elements? Do you guys/girls who are using both invoice from Xero too?

    I am quite confused, if you would not mind, could you summarise it in basic speech?

    Thank you very much in advanced,

    Happy new year, regards,


  • Hi G
    Xero mops up the financial transactions and enables Social Media and Invoice advertising

    Invoicing – ability to include social media links/advertise specials/discs on .docx

    Live bank feeds – incls bank & merchant fees

    Reporting – instant GST/VAT returns/ bank reporting (P&L/Bal Sheets/Budgets)

    Single Ledger whether a cash book level or retail level – Xero cuts tax return time no question

    Hope that helps

  • Gayle,

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    Not too bothered about the social media however, the live bank feeds would certainly be useful, specially to make the reconciliation a lot easier. The reporting we do already, but that is manual, if Xero or alternative can provide that as well as timesheets, then I don’t see any need to use Harvest if these tools are providing these additional functionality.

    Rather confused now as to what tool we should be using. Not sure if we should drop Harvest and move onto something else.


  • G,
    Have a friend who is a HUGE fan of Harvest due to the business they are in – now there is a ton of stuff out there to use people are getting way too confused.
    I walk all my customers through the following first:

    1. Who is your market?
    2. What do they need?
    3. How do you currently deliver that?

    Then walk them through what SAAS currently delivers that the fastest (I won’t compromise using Xero for the back end – nothing beats it)

  • Gayle,

    First and foremost, thank you for your time, really appreciate it.

    Our market is the SMB area, we build websites and provide IT support as well as resell equipment.

    Invoices are generated from the following;

    1) Hourly rates
    2) Monthly retainers
    3) Annual retainers
    4) Fixed fee jobs

    We are in the UK, so VAT is applicable to all invoices, 90% of our business is UK, 10% outside EU, so no VAT but charged in sterling.

    Currently using Harvest 100%, meets our requirements, but doing VAT returns manually, expenses are a pain as no VAT can be added and thus, need to mess around with spreadsheets for the accountant.

    I’ve also been looking at Freshbooks/Kashflow and Xero as you have mentioned.

    We would like to invoice from iPhone/iPad (we really do need this feature)

    Reports are important.

    We are also looking to do reconciliation, something that Harvest does not offer at this time.

    Being able to customise our invoices is important.

    What are your thoughts on the above (quite simple requirements)



  • no worries
    Harvest gives you the vital element – time tracking (a data gathering MUST) for profitability

    Harvest clicks through to Xero so no double handling with invoicing

    Xero can automate invoicing (annuals/monthlys etc) – so do it once and leave it (will also email automatically or manually for on-line payment, PDF attachment from ipad/Mac or PC – no worries) Xero Touch – heaps of awards last year for the mobile app

    reconciling never easier – here are 50x 1min videos …

    have a good one … better get back to my Sunday – cheers

  • G — I use Xero for general bookkeeping; however, I’ve stayed with Harvest for time tracking & invoicing, partially because I like the UI better for those things, and partially because the granularity with time tracking (tasks, projects, different hourly rates for tasks / people) is something I need in my business. But for general bookkeeping / accounts management, Xero is fantastic. Big fan of both.

    Harvest peeps — Have really been loving the integration — thanks! Are there any plans to allow for more detailed mapping in the future? At the moment, all Harvest line items map to my Services revenue account in Xero, which means that, whenever I include expenses on an invoice, I have to go in and manually update that account to the reimbursed expenses account I have in Xero. Would be over the moon if we could map specific categories in Harvest to specific accounts in Xero.

  • Awesome stuff thanks Harvest (and Xero). A great move getting these two great systems talking with each other directly. Thanks!

  • Great News! Love Harvest even more now !

  • So… I need one more thing. I have a staff member who uses Harvest to track her hours for me. I need this to integrate with Xero as a timesheet so she doesn’t need to enter it twice! Pretty please?

  • Hi Rosanne

    You can integrate Harvest with Xero. Suggest you have a look at the videos on how to link Xero and Harvest and best still sit in on the videos

    I had a webinar a couple of days ago and awesome information via webinar.
    Can set up your employee/contractor to log her hours

    Good luck

  • Gillian,

    I *did* watch the video many weeks ago and I have integrated my Xero account with my Harvest account. I don’t think you read what I wrote properly.

    This integration is for INVOICES only. I want it to transfer Harvest TIMESHEETS into Xero TIMESHEETS.

    It’s a very different integration.



  • This is a great and very welcome first step. One of the big headaches between Xero and Harvest though for our book keeper is the manual addition of expenses for our consultants on site which still are manually copied between platforms.

    Xero’s handling of expenses is pitiful and thinks that everyone in the company will enter expenses as per Harvest, when in reality only a book keeper/accountant and owner will use Xero I would expect for most firms (as with ours).

    We would love it if we could extend the current invoice integration to cover invoices receivable,payed and importantly to cover expenses which at the moment is still a very laborious process between Xero and Harvest.

    Many thanks,


  • OMFG, Hell yes!!!! Have been waiting for this for over 12 months! So happy right now!!

  • Well done Guys…

    Can you please now integrate as you have for to, the other great online accounting system with good traction…. You’ll have the market nicely covered with both.

  • I’ve been looking at finance software and checked out Xero because of this integration, but I frankly am more impressed with Wave Accounting ( As a small business owner, I used Quicken Home & Business for years before I jumped to a Mac. Wave allows tracking of personal and business, which would be nice for me. Plus its totally free. Any plans to add integration with additional accounting services (like Wave)?

  • Hi Carolyn, glad you have found something you love.
    Just a wee word of caution.
    FREE means no guarantee of service or data retention.
    Xero can combine personal and business, guarantee service and data storage
    However, if you are a small business and no need to be concerned with tax audits can understand Xero wouldn’t suit.

  • Would love it if we could get something similar for Clearbooks in the future –

  • Agree with Will. Harvest has excellent expenses management which feeds in to creating Harvest invoices. However, Xero integration does not yet include Harvest expenses, so need to manually enter receipts etc. into both softwares. When can we expect further integration?

    Otherwise great.

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