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Scheduled Maintenance, Sunday March 3rd, 11am – 4pm EST (Completed)

UPDATE: This software update was successfully deployed with less than a minute or two of service interruption. Thanks for your patience as we rolled out this significant upgrade.

Original Post:

We deploy new software to production multiple times in the average work day, but some software releases contain so much new code that we need to be a little extra careful when we deploy them.  Over the past few weeks the Harvest team has been upgrading much of the Harvest code base and the time has come to deploy this to production. This upgrade will allow us to make better software by leveraging new features of our software libraries and will make future software upgrades easier.

Harvest will be in scheduled maintenance mode on Sunday March 3rd between 11am – 4pm EST. What time is that for you?  We are not planning to take Harvest offline during this maintenance window, but there could be temporary performance or availability issues during this window as we roll out this large software upgrade.

As always, we appreciate your support! We will update the progress of this upgrade via @harvest and

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  • Thank you for your proactive communication and constant upgrading of your software. We are new users and we really love your product!

  • Hi Mitch. Welcome to Harvest, we are really pleased to have you aboard!

  • Abby Farber on February 28, 2013

    Sounds exciting – any new features coming up? Your product is terrific – it has vastly improved my accuracy in tracking my time, and invoicing my clients is a snap. Thank you for making such a useful product.

    • @Abby really pleased you enjoy using Harvest! We always have new things under development. Keep an eye on the blog for announcements.

  • Thanks for the heads. Love your product and keep up the great work.

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