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Accept Online Payments in Canadian Dollars with Stripe!

While we’re a bit late for Canada Day, we’re excited to announce support for accepting online payments in Canadian Dollars with Stripe.

Setting up a Stripe account is remarkably simple, and it’s rapidly becoming one of our most popular gateways. Using Stripe with Harvest makes it that much faster for your clients to send you that hard-earned money. It was time to share some of that love with our friends to the north.

CAD Payment

Getting set up to accept Canadian Dollar payments is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up for a Stripe account and configure it to use CAD.
  2. In Harvest, go to Invoices > Configure > Online Payment and add Stripe as your payment gateway.
  3. Profit!

Don’t have a Harvest account? Sign up for a free trial and start collecting payments online!

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  • WOOOOOHOOOOO! I can finally ditch PayPal!

  • Excellent! These are the kind of updates to Harvest I love! Good-bye PayPal!

  • Yay! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. Goodbye PayPal. Stay rad Harvest!

  • indeed good riddance paypal!

  • Would love love love to have an integrated gateway for Beanstream and Beanstream Resellers. Beanstream is a fantastic gateway, especially for Canadian companies.

  • Thanks Harvest Team!

    Thanks for including this feature and helping us go 100% stripe. So much easier for us and our clients. As an FYI to whoever had stripe already enabled for USD transactions, you’ll have to delete the current one and re-add your API key.

  • Why you dislike Paypal?

  • Stripe is still too expensive. How about accepting on-line payments in Canadian dollars with Dwolla ( That would be a fantastic feature.

    In any event, thanks for thinking of us Canadians!

  • My clients are both Canadian and American, so I’ve had Stripe plugged in for some time now. When this feature went live, my existing setup was still showing the “cannot accept Canadian payment with Stripe” (paraphrasing here) warning until I removed Stripe and then added it back. Working great now! Thanks!

  • I second Colan’s suggestion. Dwolla is a disruptor in the payment industry which has essentially remained unchanged for 60+ years. Dwolla offers flat rate (25c/transaction if I am not mistaken) rather than the usual 2.5-3% of transaction value. Most of our invoices are in the thousands so 3% is simply not affordable.

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