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Time Tracking in Asana, Powered by Harvest

Asana is a shared task list for teams to get things done. We’re excited to announce that you can now track time on tasks right from the application. This means that it’s no longer necessary to switch between two apps as you work. All of your tasks are more easily managed from one place: Asana.

Harvest time tracking for Asana

To get started:

  1. Activate Harvest under the Apps tab in Account Settings from your Asana account.
  2. Turn it on for the entire team under the Advanced tab in Team Settings.
  3. Simply click on the new Harvest stopwatch found within each task in Asana to start tracking time. Once you select a project and task, Harvest remembers them so you don’t have to hassle when you start the same timer again.

And that’s it. The name of the task from Asana is automatically pulled into the Notes field of the timer for context. In your Harvest timesheet, the time entry includes a link to the task in Asana for easy access. For more information visit Asana’s guide on the integration, and start tracking time right from your task list.

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  • Petr Pridal on August 9, 2013

    How can I see in the Harvest detailed reports the sum of all tracked time to a single Asana record?

    This is important for presenting to the customer.

  • Finally! When we first started using Harvest we stopped after the trial because it had no invoices or decent task management. Later we started using Asana for project management but it lacked decent timetracking. By now Harvest had everything we needed – except projectmanagement. And this was last week. We’re so excited for this combination – thanks!

    What would really top it off, though, is if I create tasks/projects in Asana, they get automatically synced to harvest

  • @Petr – You can view/export a detailed time report (Reports > Detailed Time) for a time period and that will show all the time tracked. Entries from Asana will be indicated as such and you can filter as needed to prepare a report for your customer.

    @Alex – Thanks for the note! We’re thinking through how we can make project creation even easier so bringing over projects from Asana can be a breeze.

  • Love the integration! My two favorite productivity apps now work happily together. If Harvest somehow syncs projects from Asana, please make it optional so that we can still use the integration without that feature. Thanks for the great work!

  • Hi guys – great integration.

    Do you plan to make info like the Asana task URL or ID available via the Harvest Timesheets API? We tried to do some work with this in the past (using the Harvest platform) and found that info about the ‘connected’ item (URL, app name, task ID etc) wasn’t exposed at all, which hugely limited what could be done with the integration.

    Since it’s Asana, and their task URLs are all pretty simple to work with, and being stored in your database anyway to provide the link back to the system, if’d be a huge help if that data has been made available now. Any chance of that happening?

  • @Jon – We’re strongly considering exposing API endpoints to make this possible, and are exploring the option right now. Thanks for the feedback!

  • @Sri – that’d be absolutely fantastic if it’s done. Doing so opens up so many options for us and allows us to work around some of the limitations of working on larger projects and needing complex project-specific stats. If pushed, it’s the single thing I personally *need* from Harvest. Hopefully others feel the same way!

    Keep up the good work, regardless.

  • How do subtasks work in time tracking? Does the parent task get all of the time or do things get double counted if we aren’t careful?

  • @James – Currently you can track time to a task, not a subtask in Harvest. What we suggest is naming each task like so for example: “Marketing: Social Media”, “Marketing: Copywriting”, etc. Each of these is tracked as its own task. If you’d like to see how much time was spent on all Marketing tasks, you can easily choose each Marketing task and create a report in Harvest.

  • @Judi We really appreciate the kind words.

    To learn more about other tools for your business, you can visit our add-ons section at:, or check out: (third-party site)

    And for project management related content, you may be interested in these third-party podcasts:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for this. It’s a great addition to Asana. We are having a few problems with our trial. First, if a user starts a timer and views another task, then returns to the original task, the timer icon is no longer green.

    Secondly, if the user clicks the icon in the original task where they started the timer, it indicates that they need to stop the time but it appears it has already stopped it automatically.

    Do you have an outline of how this is supposed to behave within Asana?

  • Just activated and am looking forward to my marketing team kicking the tires on this harvest and asana integration. Thanks for keeping Asana awesome.

  • I use Asana all the time. I’d probably do this if there was a way to make by clients (which for me are Teams) and tasks directly mapped/synced to Harvest. It would be nice, to capture time automatically, and I’d pay for it, but it needs to be fully integrated. Adding something like zapier is yet another system to incorporate…

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