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Harvest for iPhone 2.2: Do More From Mobile

We’re excited to release Harvest for iPhone 2.2 as mobile continues to evolve as a powerful companion to get projects done. Now you can do more from the road without reaching for the old fashioned workstation.

While there are a slew of updates, the highlights are in time tracking:

  • Timesheet Approval — Submit timesheets for approval right from the app. Perfect for the days when you forget to submit a timesheet on your way home from the office.
  • Timestamps — View and edit timestamps. It’s easier to record and understand exactly how long you spent on a task.


Behind the scenes, we’ve re-architected the app to make it possible for even more powerful updates in the future. You’ll be able to do more from mobile as it becomes an important part of your workflow. Grab the app in the App Store and show us some love with a review!

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  • Chris Beckwith on October 16, 2013

    God I love Harvest. After MediaTemple getting bought by GoDaddy I’m terrified that as Harvest continues to be best in class they will get bought out by Intuit or one of the old giants. Thanks for this update as I’ve never really used the iPhone app since it always felt so limited.

  • Thanks @chris! We’re happy that we’re making you happy.

    And don’t worry about us getting bought out — negotiating an acquisition would take way too much time away from working on Harvest. We have way too much to do to throw that kind of time away ;-)

  • Chris Beckwith on October 16, 2013

    Thanks! I always think back to when Dropbox CEO turned down Steve Jobs acquisition which gives me hope. =)

  • The one thing that would be amazing would be the ability to create/send/otherwise manage invoices directly from the app.. !

  • Chris Luke on October 16, 2013

    I could be using another free service, but Harvest is so solid that I subscribed! This is a great update for Mobile and I can’t wait to see what is next!

  • @adrian Not saying “never” on in-app invoices, but there’s currently a third-party app that works wonderfully for invoicing from iOS: — you know, just in case you need something today!

    @chrisluke Thank you! That’s very kind of you to say, and we certainly appreciate having you as a customer!

  • Big fan of Harvest, easy, easy to use. I would love, and this may be a bit much for a mobile app, but I would love to be able to just see a running total for the week or month of hours worked/money ‘earned’ for the current month. Just a single snapshot report. Getting to it, away from a computer, is such a pain.

  • Any chance you guys will be adding in reports or outstanding/paid tracking into the app? FreshBooks has that and its one of two features I really miss from switching (the other being invoice management in app). Better financial reporting and mobile invoice management would make this the killer app all around in my book.

    Just curious.


  • ++ ESTIMATES ++

    Ability to see when a client has viewed an estimate, same as with the invoices.

    Just sent out another one today to a potentially great client; it would be great to know when’s best to follow up with the client.

  • I know that I’m in the minority, but I’d love to see a Windows Phone 8 version of this app that I can access on my Nokia Lumia.

    Even better, given that the iOS app likely doesn’t use any of the more advanced features of iOS, why not build a similar HTML version of this app that those customers of yours without an iPhone could use?

  • Mick Whelan on October 18, 2013

    As an Android user I can’t help but feel like you’re giving us the big middle finger. The Android app was already behind where the old version of the iPhone app was. Any plans to even things up? Or do the Android users need to go spend our money w/ a different company that values the largest user base on the planet?

  • Wow y’all. Thanks for all of the great comments and feedback! It’s great to hear that we’re taking steps in the right direction.

    Generally speaking, the iOS app is intended to be a companion app to the web app — we’re trying to keep things and simple and directed as possible on mobile, and then let you handle all of the big management function on the web.

    That said, we do appreciate these kinds of suggestions to see what areas are really important to you folks! So keep it up!

    @Geof – We do have a mobile web version of Harvest. You should see a mobile-friendly version of the timesheet when you open it up in a mobile browser. If you’ve having trouble seeing that please drop us a line at support [at]

    @Mick – We feel your pain, and I’m happy to report that we’re doing just that. We’ve managed to land a really talented Android dev to join the Harvest family, and he’s rolling out updates to bring the Android app in like with the iOS app. Keep an eye out on the Google Play store over the next little while — you should start to see some updates rolling out.

  • Johnathan, thanks, but I wish the mobile web version wasn’t just time sheets. Windows Phone is more than capable of rendering some highly complex HTML5 web apps and so I’d expect to have the same experience on mobile, with many of Harvest’s core features, just like iOS and Android users receive.

    All in due time, right? :)

  • Please remove the time “spinner dials”!!!!

    In the old version of the iPhone app, you provided a numeric keyboard to enter time. That is SOOOOOOO much more efficient than enter time using those silly time spinner dials. Every time I enter time and have to spin the dial to :00, I get so angry.

  • Hi, de app doesn’t sync anymore since the (silent) update. I only noticed this after a few weeks. Is there a way to force syncing? Can I log out and in on the app without losing a few weeks of booked hours?

  • I “synced” them manually. After logging out, I’m not able to log in again.

  • Last addition :-)

    To be able to have a working app again: remove the app from the device, reinstall and log-in again. If you still have Unsynced data, you will have to copy it manually on a desktop. Deleting the app also deletes unsynced data.

  • Can you submit time with this new version of the app? On the previous versions, I could track but not submit my time.

  • I second @Patrick O’Malley, +1 for the ability to see when a client has viewed an estimate, same as with the invoices. That would be a great added value! ;)

  • @austin Yes! That’s one of the great new additions we made!

  • My only request would be the ability to add the hourly rate when creating tasks via the iOS app.

    My main client is an agency that sends me to hundreds of different offices, which I haven’t all used in Harvest yet, so I create a task with that office name as I’m walking in. Unfortunately, it defaults the hourly rate to blank — and I have to go into the web app & correct it.

    I’ve invoiced my time for those jobs as zero more than once, I’d be wonderful if the rate field was in the task create window.

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