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Connect Harvest with QuickBooks Online

Our newest integration with QuickBooks Online (QBO) makes invoicing a lot easier on your accountant or bookkeeper. With Harvest for QBO, invoices and recorded payments in Harvest are copied right to QBO. No longer does the person handling your books have to manually re-enter each line item or payment into QBO.

Harvest for QuickBooks Online

That means less time spent manually re-entering data into your QBO account, and fewer interruptions for your team. Simply create an invoice as you normally would in Harvest — detailed invoice information like billable hours and amounts are included as usual. Invoices will be copied from Harvest to QBO when you send them to your client, so you don’t have to remember to sync.

Here are step-by-step instructions to get started:

  1. Go to Accounts Settings > Integrations > Connect to QuickBooks.
  2. Select a Deposit Account, then Save.
  3. Create an invoice in Harvest as you normally would.
  4. Send the invoice to your client, and it will automatically copy to QBO.
  5. You may also copy the invoice to QBO from the More Actions menu of the invoice.

After the invoice copies to QBO, you can find it under Customers in your QBO account. When it’s time to get paid, payments recorded in Harvest are synced automatically to QBO.

For more information visit our Help Center article. We hope this integration puts a smile on the faces of bookkeepers and accountants everywhere!

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  • Innovative product >> Thanks for your innovations.Your initiative for newest intergration with Quick Books Online is embraced with enthutiasm. Hoping to get maxive crowd for participation. Thanks for your coperation.

  • No integration makes my life easier than this one. The amount of time it will save me in a year is astounding. THANK YOU HARVEST (and QBO!)

  • Sounds promising. So if I’m on a Mac and want to intergrate Harvest with Quickbooks, this is my best/only option? I cant sync my Harvest account with the Mac version of Quickbooks?

  • Hi Matt,

    For a long time we tried to integrate Harvest with Quickbooks on Mac. We never got it to work / probably never will since Harvest only supports the Windows version. Now that Harvest offers an integration with Quickbooks Online, we migrated all our accounts over.

    There’s one good thing: Quickbooks Online supports multiple currencies. Quickbooks on Mac never did… I wonder why.


  • When copying an invoice from Harvest to QBO it does not allow you to have more then one tax. Do you plan on allowing this in the future?

    Also, if you have multiple projects with the same name in Harvest it will rename invoices in QBO to the last copied invoice. Is seems like “projects” in Harvest are mapped to “sub-customers” in QBO. QBO seems to get confused if the names are the same. Is this a bug?



  • Does that include integration of invoices and expenses? Expenses seems to be missed off previous integrations and thats where the actual time is typically spent by bookkeepers.



  • Evan Walsh on April 28, 2014

    Matt: Yep! This new integration is your best option, going forward.

    Jon: Right now, only supporting one tax is due to a limitation in QuickBooks Online for US accounts, but we are considering bringing it to international accounts.

    Thanks for letting us know about that bug! We’ll be fixing that one very soon.

    Will: The integration currently copies over invoices along with their associated client and project data.

    We don’t currently have any plans to integrate Harvest expenses with QuickBooks Online, but thanks for letting us know you’d like it!

  • Thanks Evan. As youre aware, most companies have many, MANY more expenses than invoices so this is where the pain is.


  • I agree that expense integration is a must have. That is the most painful part of the process for us currently.

  • Stephen on May 8, 2014

    Another vote for Expense integration!

    I’m looking to making a move over to QuickBooks or similar, just to help keep track of expenses, contractors and pass-thru costs. That would be a KEY feature before I would get much benefit out of this.


  • Can’t connect to QuickBooks — Helps! :) It keeps funneling me to a “Try QB for Free” page. I’m already a subscriber, and despite my attempts to login, it won’t pass Go. Seeing the QB integration, as well as Google Business Apps, sold it for me. Would appreciate some assistance, if possible. Thanks!

  • Really need the EXPENSE integration with QB online- too time consuming without it. Any idea when you can integrate?

  • This is great to hear about the QB integration. Expenses included in this would be the real time saver. Its great being able to beam receipts and miles on the go with the smartphone but there is still a bunch of data entry that has to happen after that which is the pain. Would so love if this could be integrated fully. Thank you.

  • I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. In fact, ever since that hugely overpriced Syncr went away, I’ve been waiting on this… thank you!

    It still feels a bit rough though —

    A few suggestions:
    – Batch transfer of Invoices to QBO
    – Visible confirmation of successful transfer of Invoice to QBO
    – Visual cue that a given invoice has been previously transferred to QBO

    Thank you,

  • Hello,

    Glad to hear the QBO integration is out in the wild! That’s a major reason we selected Harvest for our startup back in January.

    In trying to get it to work, I’m having the same problem as Jennifer Wiggins in the comments above. Upon clicking the QBO Integration link, and after supplying my credentials for our existing QBO account, I keep getting funneled into a “try it now” type of screen with no way around it. Any help or ideas on this?

    Also, I’m really disappointed that there are currently no plans for expense integrations. That’s much more important to me than invoices and payments. We have exponentially more expenses than we do invoices. Is there a 3rd party app that takes care of this perhaps?

    I do love your system. I just feel a little mislead with the “integration” claims as we were reviewing solutions.

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thanks, Dan

  • Jennifer and Dan: I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Could you contact our support so we can get things sorted out for you?

    Will, Scott, JC, Ian, and RC: Thanks for letting us know what you’d like to see in Harvest!

  • Evan — thanks for the quick response. Much appreciated.

    I did use the support form this morning and am eagerly awaiting their response.

    I’ll post back here with any solutions.

    Thanks, Dan

  • Same problem as Jennifer Wiggins

    Can’t connect to QuickBooks — Helps! :) It keeps funneling me to a “Try QB for Free” page. I’m already a subscriber, and despite my attempts to login, it won’t pass Go.

  • What are the plans to upgrade the time tracking to a recent spec of Quickbooks software (ie not the online version)?

    And how about being able to export invoice and payments to quickbooks?

  • I did suggest this via the Support email address, but we would love if we had an option to set certain expense categories to automatically copy over as invoice categories on the invoices. This way, when we copy our invoices to QBO, things are categorized correctly. Right now we are dealing with manually changing the categories line-by-line when we create invoices in order to have things match our QB accounts correctly. Thanks for all the great work you guys do!

  • One thousand please-please-pleases to update Harvest so it can sync expenses tracked in Harvest directly into Quickbooks online. Harvest is fantastic– I am an architect who uses it to track my hours, billable and non-billable expenses. The ease of capturing expenses right on my iPhone is terrific, but by non-billable expenses to my business must be exported as a CSV file periodically to Quickbooks, I forget to do so, accountant is in the dark… etc. Would really ice the cake for Harvest to send those non-billable expenses I capture through Harvest’s apps RIGHT into Quickbooks. I strongly encourage your team to add this functionality!!

    • Katie Rose on August 17, 2015

      @Peter Thanks for passing along this feedback! Unfortunately, we don’t have plans to add an expense integration with QBO in the near future. It is something we may consider down the road, but no guarantees. Sorry I don’t have better news for you! Thanks for the clarification with regards to non-billable expenses.

  • Scott Forester on February 29, 2016

    It’s been a while since anyone asked about plans to integrate expenses from Harvest to QBO. Any update to what was written above from August 2015 that there were no plans to do so in the near future?

    • Hi @Scott. Unfortunately, we still don’t have near term plans for an expense integration with QBO. Sorry about that!

  • I’m wondering if you’ve been able to correct the ability to integrate Harvest with Quickbooks online for Mac since this original post?

    • Katie Rose on March 16, 2016

      @Jill We only support an integration with QuickBooks Online. We don’t have plans to add support for any desktop versions of QuickBooks. Sorry about that!

  • What’s happened with the QuickBooks Online integration?

    Up until recently it has been working well, but now I cannot link to it – all I get is “This app is not set up to allow connections from your country”.

    I have spoken with Inuit and they say Harvest must have changed something.

    • Katie Rose on April 27, 2016

      Hi @Anthony, the Harvest integration was officially added to QuickBooks Online’s a few months ago. Our integration is only supported in the U.S. and Canada so those are the only regions we are listed on in Those have been the only regions we ever supported for the integration.

      However, in the past, you were still able to connect your Harvest and QBO accounts even if you weren’t in those regions. But now that we’re officially listed, you cannot connect your accounts if you’re not in the U.S. or Canada. Sorry about that!

  • Good Information.. Thank you..I also read quickbooks Information there:

  • Faith Mutchnik on June 16, 2016

    has the expense integration upload been added yet?

    • Calina Madden on June 16, 2016

      We don’t have current plans to support an expense integration with QBO. Thank you, though, for checking in about it! It’s something we might consider later, but right now it’s not planned.

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