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Harvest for iPhone 3.0: Refined & Simplified

We’ve updated our iPhone companion app with a more modern design, and a cleaner, simpler user experience. Behind the scenes, we simplified our codebase to gear up for future updates. Tracking time and entering expenses from iPhone feels even easier than before.

Harvest for iPhone 3

Here’s a rundown of the updates:

  • A brand new look & feel for iOS7
  • Swipe an entry to access start/stop or delete shortcuts
  • Better accessibility support for visually impaired users

The latest release is available today from the App Store — enjoy!

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  • Any plans to include report data?

  • I should have also said… thanks for the update and it looks great!

  • That looks great. Is there a timeline for an Android version?

  • Feels like you made some huge improvements. Just great! On my iPhone 4S the app was very slow. Thank you for the upgrade!

  • Jacqueline on April 29, 2014

    I second the request for at least simple forms of report information – IE how many hours worked this week, invoice status, etc. The app is great for teams with multiple access levels but a little limiting for a solo user.

  • Am with you Austin! Crazy there is no Android version. Android phones are the future :)

  • Dominic and Jacqueline: Thanks for the input. I’ll add your vote for reports to our list of feedback for future versions.

    Austen and Gared: Harvest for Android is available for download from the Google Play Store.

    Mihai: Thanks! If you’d like us to investigate the performance issue, please get in touch with us at

  • Thanks you, Doug!

  • The new app is running smoother for sure. Thanks.

    One feature that is very important for us that’s missing is ability to check timesheets for other members. I’d love to be able to check staff timesheet on the road. Is this in the pipeline at all?

  • Very nice it is “3.0” but it lacks many features the website has.. So i still have to go through safari..

    Whats the point of having a mobile app if you Don’t support all the features a website has??
    Its utterly useless.

  • It is. But the Android app doesnt let you enter a start and finish time. Rather a total hours worked time.

  • Thank you so much for the update. As a blind user, I appreciate the accessibility improvements. You listened and responded. Cheers.

  • I really appreciate you getting around to giving Harvest the iOS 7 feel! However, I do miss the ability to be able to match the color of the title bar with my web browser Harvest interface. Will that ever come back?

    • Zac: Thanks for your feedback. While we have considered a timesheet review feature, that is not currently planned in any release. It is something that is on our radar, though.

      Matej: We are busy adding features for the next version of the app. If you have some suggestions for what you’d like to see, please let us know.

      Gared: Great point. We plan to add Timestamp support to Harvest for Android soon.

      Tewai: You’re welcome! Thank you for your suggestions.

      Bruce: Thanks for letting us know. The decision to remove nav bar colors was intentional. We will consider your input for future releases.

  • Tenille on May 7, 2014

    You talk about future releases in your comments. Is there a way for us to see these? Do you have a release plan with dates for us to view?

  • Harrison on May 8, 2014

    I would LOVE to be able to see my invoices from this app. Even if I cant create or send them, just being able to see when invoices are due to be paid etc…

  • I like so much Harvest, but i’d like if it was possibile to add personal notes to invoices.

    The notes will be not visible in the invoice but you can see them when you edit the invoice. That could be usefull to remember something about that invoice

    Thank you anyway for your great job

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