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Meet the New Harvest for Google Apps

Google Apps is ingrained in our workflow here at Harvest, and many of our customers share the same story — checking e-mails in Gmail, collaborating on docs in Drive, and more.

Harvest fro Google Apps

The latest release of Harvest for Google Apps takes advantage of these tools already familiar and frequented by teams everywhere. It introduces the ability to pull users from Google Apps right into Harvest without re-entering any information. There’s also a tighter integration with Gmail. The team can take action on submitting timesheets and more right from Gmail’s inbox. Read on for the complete rundown of features.

Single Sign On

Sign in to Harvest with your Google Apps account and have one less password to remember. If you’re already signed in to another Google property like Gmail, you won’t have to re-enter your password to get into Harvest.

Import Users from Google Apps

With employees already in Google Apps, you can quickly add them to Harvest. From Manage > People in Harvest, click Import from Google. Then check off the Google Apps users you’d like to invite to Harvest. They’ll receive an e-mail with information to setup their account.

Gmail Actions

While viewing your inbox, a button now appears near the subject line of certain e-mails received from Harvest. These Gmail Actions provide one-click access to timesheets — either your own, or another employee’s timesheet for approval.

Export to Drive

Create the perfect time report and export it to Google Drive. Simply click Export > Google Drive from the report to export it to Google Drive. From there, manipulate the data in the resulting Google Spreadsheet, share it with colleagues or clients, and more.

Add the integration via the Google Apps Marketplace, and leave us a review if you like what you see! If you have any feedback, or if you’re having trouble please get in touch with our support team.

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  • Lyza Sandgren on May 8, 2014

    I’m happy for the Google users but in legal work, MS is king. Please don’t stray so far into Google that we cannot use Harvest or it becomes feature poor for us. Thanks.

  • Completely agree. This is an excellent functionality but would be great and definitely more useful to have it with MS Outlook. Many thanks anyway for developing so ergonomic apps.

  • I’m always happy to see further Google Apps integration. The more my various tools play well with one another, the better it is for me!

  • We are completely setup with the Google Business Apps suite at our company and love the integration and continued integration, thanks!

  • Chantell on May 8, 2014

    I guess I’m missing the value here. We too are completely a Google Business Apps company. How does this help my employees other than the password efficiency?

  • @Chantell — The Gmail actions are a really cool (and time saving feature). Right from their inbox, they can click on one of those actions and get in to Harvest (to submit a timesheet). Saves having to open a message, and click the link.

    Exporting directly to Google Drive is pretty neat too. I’ve done that a lot with reports in Harvest, where you click the export button, and then you can open the spreadsheet immediately and start working with the data.

  • JBMILAN on May 8, 2014

    We have had Harvest Google Apps integration for years that makes access to Harvest easy already inside of Gmail. I don’t see the value here. Is there a video somewhere so I can see what the new features are before I change the current stable and reliable platform we have now ? (we are a very happy customer and one of my most favorite SaaS apps as business owner)

  • Brendon on May 8, 2014

    When trying to Integrate with Google, I keep getting a Admin Permission pop up, but I am an admin and I can’t find any settings to change.

    Need Admin Permission!
    You do not have privilege to install this application.
    Please contact your domain admin or directly sign-up on
    application provider website.

  • @Brendon — are you an admin on your Harvest account, on your Google Apps account, or on both? If both, drop us a line at support [at], and we’ll help you work through the setup.

  • @Lyza Sandgren and @JML,

    Google Drive files can be saved as MS files. I’ve converted documents both ways a few times. There are usually a few goofy things with MS -> Drive, but I don’t recall ever having a problem with Drive -> MS.

  • @Curtis
    Thanks, but I use Office 365 and have no use for Google Drive or Apps.

    If Harvest is moving away from supporting those of us using and preferring MS software and hardware, please let me know. Thanks.

    • Definitely not Lyza. Harvest always has been and will continue to be platform neutral. This latest update is just an enhancement of our Google integration — there’s no deeper significance than that.

  • @Lyza,

    I was just saying if you *wanted* to take advantage of any integrations with Drive, you can. Integrations with Drive are by extension compatible with MS.

  • Hi! Is it also possible he writes your registrered hours in a calendar?

  • Excellent. Thanks, Jonathan.

  • It seems all the links for the new google apps integration lead to new signup, and none directly to the extension in the chrome store.

    Is this the extension referred to in the blog post?

  • @Philip – That isn’t a part of what we just rolled out, but thanks for the idea!

  • Is it possible to use this without Google Apps but with standard Gmail account?

  • Kristin on May 12, 2014

    I think I’m requesting the same thing as Philip above. I keep track of my hours in Google Calendar (as do most of my colleagues) because it’s easy to block out time in advance, schedule meetings, share with co-workers, etc. Then at the end of the month, I have to export the Google Calendar events to .csv, then reformat, then upload into Harvest to log my hours. That works fine, but there are a few extra steps in there. Tighter integration between GCal and Harvest time would be awesome.

  • Harvest for a long time now has done time tracking very well, but for the last 2 years, the releases have been small potatoes. Like this one and the new iPhone release… When is Harvest going to truly expand?

  • Steve Gosling on May 14, 2014

    As per Jon’s comment – we are not Google Apps users and would like to see Harvest taken to the next level.

  • @Felix – No, it’s a Google apps integration. Google doesn’t provide a way for us to “hook into” standard Gmail accounts

    @Jon & @Steve – if you have specific things you’d like to see, please drop our support team a line:

  • Steve Gosling on May 14, 2014

    Thanks Jonathan – I have mailed quite a few times to ask whether fixed fee billing (which accounts for 95% of our monthly invoices and many others in our industry section) can be incorporated. This addition would be very welcome and any update would be appreciated.

  • How can I get existing team members accounts linked to Google Apps? It’s prompting me to import them but it appears they would be duplicated.

  • Still missing, late fees.

    Late fees.

    Late fees.

    Late fees.


  • This is a powerful integration, to be sure, but wouldn’t it be neat if you didn’t have to manually go tell it which reports to export and when? If this integration could be used in such a way as to have a spreadsheet in Drive automatically pulls the relevant data from a given report, or a way to set this up, that would be fantastic. Manually generating the same report with many clicks, over and over — even if I can then export it easily — is not ideal.

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