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Say Hello to Getting Paid on the Fly

Everyone likes getting paid, and Harvest has a few features to help that happen fast—web invoices and online payments, to name a few.

Usually invoice payments through Harvest work great—if your client is on a computer. But what about your on-the-go clients who use their phone for more than Candy Crush? Ten percent of Harvest’s web invoice traffic comes from mobile—that means a lot of clients viewing a lot of invoices on their phones.

Previously that could be troublesome. Invoices didn’t look their best and, more importantly, you couldn’t pay them from your phone.

Today that’s changed. Say hello to Harvest’s mobile-friendly web invoices, featuring a brand-new, clean design.

Mobile web invoice

Even better, your clients can now pay their invoices straight from their phone. Just set up a payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal. Then your client simply taps the payment button to put money in your pocket.

Mobile web invoice payment

You and your clients are on the move—and now, so are your payments!

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  • It’s great to see Harvest offering easy online payments for mobile! You guys continue to provide a great service with lots of exciting updates every year :) Worth every penny. Thank you!

  • Fab! Is there any chance of getting a feature where the expenses reports can be automatically attached to the invoices? That’d be SUPER awesome!

  • Rob Mousley on June 26, 2014

    Sepp Blatter and the Rio Dental Clinic! Well played!

  • Nice! This is going to be great – thank you! :)

  • Calina Madden on June 26, 2014

    Lisa: That’s something we’re thinking about!

    David and Luke: Thanks for the love! I hope this makes things a bit easier for both you AND your clients.

    Rob: The office is going World Cup crazy! I guess it’s showing around the edges. :)

  • Great job!

    I have a few suggestions for the mobile estimates:
    1. Start mobile view (responsiveness) when the browser width reaches < 768px (tablet portrait and phone). Right now it snaps at 600px, which forces the user to horizontally scroll on tablet.
    2. Change "Accept Estimate" and "Decline Estimate" to "Accept" and "Decline" when < 425px in width (just to be safe). Right now they stack on top of each other with no margin/spacing between the buttons.

    Honestly, I love everything your team does, which is why I care to provide any feedback at all.

    Thank you,

  • Great news! Any chance of getting access to invoices in the mobile Harvest app? I’d love to be able to create invoices on the fly, as well as mark them as paid…

  • Danielle took the words right out of my mount. Would love to be able to create invoices or log payments for invoices from the mobile app. I’ve been wanting that feature since I signed up over 2 years ago.

  • Calina Madden on June 26, 2014

    Kris: Thanks for your suggestions! We’ll make note of them and keep them in mind.

    Danielle and Matt: That’s a feature we’re thinking about! ;)

  • I agree on invoices in the app. That would be great.

  • Looks great guys…

    BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can you support EWAY so us business owners in Australia can support our customers with on-line payments?

    EWAY is one of the largest merchant services platforms in Australia/NZ and is won a host of awards as a safe service to perform transitions. Please check them out at

    I use EWAY fotr by big commerce web store which is hosted in the US, just the same as you are… there should be no reason why you cannot add them as one of your on-line payment services for invoices!!

    I have had to just perform another manual transaction on an invoice sent out to a customer which could of paisley of been undertaken through EWAY integration

  • Seconding Lisa, Danielle & Matt’s comments/requests. I love that you guys are still evolving & innovating!

  • I would also really love to be able to create invoices from within the app. I send lots of invoices from my phone, but I need to log in through a browser, zoom in, etc.

  • This is a smaller request, but there used to be a link in the app to go to the full Harvest site (I forget how it was worded), which at least let me get to my invoices. The link has disappeared from the app, I notice, making it that much more inconvenient to (as Russ described) go login, zoom, squint, etc.

  • Invoicing from the Harvest app! We want it!!

  • I would like to be able to invoice on the go!

  • Yes I’d also love to be able to attach receipts to an invoice! Would make invoicing so much easier and truly one step!

  • I’d like to second the invoices on mobile request ––– I LOVE you guys, and am excited for the fact that you’re always upgrading with new features. That being said…invoices for the mobile app have been a LONG time coming. Please tell your team that this is a wanted feature!

  • Hi!
    I just wanted to let you guys on Harvest app, that I also think it would be great to write invoices in your app!
    Thanks for a great service otherwise!

  • Hi! Like many others we are desperate to be able to create and edit invoices from our mobile phones as well as to mark invoices as paid! I love Harvest but am very strongly considering moving to a different service provider due to the pressing need to be able to invoice on the go. Thanks

  • +1 for invoices in the mobile app. Read only would be okay, marking payments event better.

  • Nice job guys, you’re definitely getting it right. Love your API support as well!

  • Would love to be able to create invoices on mobile too….in a meeting with a client-create invoice and get it does right on the spot, out at the park and run into a business owner needing you…invoice on the spot and you just gained a new client! Hopefully this is in the works! Keep up the good work

  • Rebecca on July 7, 2014

    Any chance you’ll offer your apps for Windows phones?

  • Calina Madden on July 9, 2014

    Danielle: Thanks for the feedback about missing that link! We don’t have specific plans to add it to our phone apps, but I’ll make note of your suggestion here so we’ll have it on our radar!

    Rebecca: No plans at the moment to build a Windows phone app, but the good news is that there’s a third-party Windows app that works pretty nicely. You can find it here:

  • I would love to see iDeal included. A dutch online payment gataway. I work with the supplier Mollie.

  • I appreciate how simplified and purposeful the app is – it exists as a way to record hours and expenses, and little more.

    That said, I’d LOVE to see a link to the web version of the site in the app. Sometimes when I’m on the road I need to view invoices, etc or perform other ‘management’ functions above and beyond those of a worker logging time.

  • Calina Madden on July 16, 2014

    Gene: Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll keep iDeal in mind for our payment gateways.

    JQ: Glad you’re liking Harvest! Also, that link to the web app is something we’ve got in our notes as a feature request. We don’t have plans to add it at the moment, but thanks for letting us know it’s something you’d like to see!

  • iDEAL payment would be ideal !!!!

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