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Customize Max Hours Per Day in Forecast

In July, we introduced Harvest Forecast, a whole new way to schedule your team’s time. Since then, hundreds of companies have adopted Forecast as their tool of choice for team planning. While this has been an exceptional beginning, we’ve been hard at work to make Forecast even better.

Starting today, you can customize the max hours per day for each person. Until now, every person in Forecast is scheduled against a default of eight hours per day. Many customers have asked for this to be flexible to match their needs and we listened. If your entire team schedule around something other than eight hours per day, or if certain individuals on the team have unique availability, you can now accurately reflect that in Forecast. Learn more about how to customize hours per day in our Help Center.

customize max hours per day

This is the first of more updates to come. If you find yourself struggling with unwieldy resource planning spreadsheets or programs, we welcome you to give Forecast a try.

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  • Do you have plans for customized calendars by resource or even for the whole team. There are times we have holidays or days out of the office that I don’t want to have resources scheduled.

  • Great comment about the company calendar; we need an easy way to put company wide holidays (e.g. labour day, christmas, NY … ) and not having to go one resource at a time to assign them to OFF project.

  • Gavin Caldwell on September 25, 2014

    This is a good addition. However, we have a standard day of 7.5 hours which isn’t an option.

  • Olivia Halfen on September 25, 2014

    Will you be customizing this to allow for a 6.5 hour workday?

  • Gavin Caldwell on September 25, 2014

    On a related note, my colleagues were saying that it would be good to be able to switch between hours and a percentage view when looking at the schedule. i.e. show bookings as a percentage of standard hours.

  • Great addition. Now what about the people who work 3 days per week? I’m currently having to book that as time off each week, which is a bit burdensome.

  • The ability to have custom recurring allocations would be good.
    We have employees who work on a project or at a client every thursday and for another one every monday etc.

  • Nice update.

    I agree with Stephanie. A solution for people who work 3 days a week would be great.

    More in general, our planning is based on “x days/week” instead of “x hours/day”. Would be nice if you could support that better.

  • To be further clarify my comment, my team plans hours per client per week.

  • We have recognized that different roles need different amounts of margin in their schedule so we would like to be able to set the length of the workday on a per person basis rather than company wide.

  • @Nick You can indeed set the length of the workday on a per person basis. Just click on a person from the Team view and you can customize the hours per day for them.

    @Gavin @Olivia .5 hours is not something we’ll be offering in the immediate future due to the extra complications that come with these smaller units.

    Thanks to the rest of you for the feedback and feature requests. We’re continuing to improve Forecast and your input is heard!

  • Danny – Too bad it’s technically difficult for Forecast to have 0.5 increments. I did the trial, and that’s what I missed the most because it’s how I structure my day. But I’ll keep checking back time to time to see what improvements you’ve made.

  • Nick Thiel on October 3, 2014

    @Danny Thank you.

  • Like Bill, we forecast hours/week not by day. Is there a way to do this? Without it, or being able to use fractions of an hour, I don’t think we can use Forecast and I love everything else about it.

  • Will there be any upcoming feature for people who work on flexible schedules? For example, I work part time, and may come in on Wednesday for 4 hours, but 8 hours on Thursday. Right now all I can show is that I work full time, or generic 4 hours a day across the board, and this isn’t realistic for our teams scheduling purposes.

  • Roohbir Singh on November 28, 2015

    Completely echo everyone’s comments about flexible work schedules. We have many part time and contract employees that work certain days a week and different hours on different days. Would be great to be able to set up more granular working hours for each employee – days of the week and hours in each day!

    Oh and the .5 increment would also be amazing!

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