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Harvest for iPhone 3.1: Manage Invoices from Mobile

You and your clients are doing more business on mobile as smartphones become more sophisticated and bigger. Our iPhone app lets you track time and expenses, but invoicing is not as mobile-friendly. Starting today, you can manage invoices from anywhere with the latest release of Harvest for iPhone.

iPhone Invoice Management

Review and Update the Status of an Invoice

Simply whip out your iPhone—like at a bank, or a client’s office—to review and update the status of an invoice. You can view the status of sent invoices, and see which ones are paid and outstanding. And just as easily re-send invoices to clients who misplaced them.

Paired with our mobile-friendly web invoice, clients can view and pay invoices right from their phone.

Receive Push Notifications for Payments and More

With 3.1, push notifications notify you immediately of payment on sent invoices. As soon as your client pays an invoice via Stripe or PayPal, the invoice is marked as paid in Harvest, and account owners are notified on iPhone. For old-fashioned clients who prefer to pay by check, manually mark their invoices as paid and keep receivables up-to-date.

Businesses with timesheet approval also receive notifications sent as reminders to submit time — you’ll be less likely to forget, and you can submit easily right from the app in case you’ve already clocked out and left the office.

Send Clients a Thank You Note

After receiving payment you can send a thank you note right from the app to show your appreciation (and then splurge on some fancy coffee beans). You won’t miss a beat when surprising your clients with an immediate follow up.

This is the first step in managing invoices with Harvest for iPhone, and we plan to release more updates in the future. If you like what you see, please let us know with a review in the App Store.

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  • Invoices coming to Android soon?

  • Scott: Yep!

  • Just what I have been waiting for! Thanks

  • OH THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • Herman and Sam: You’re very welcome! We’re glad you like it.

  • Now, if we could only generate and send invoices through the app…

  • Doug: We want to continue to make this new invoices section even better, but we’re not sure what shape that will take yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

    This release does let you send invoices, though :)

  • Waited for this feature for years. Works like a charm. Thanks!

  • Christmas came earlier this year!

  • Verry nice! Maybe next time you can put some effort in “Team status”, more details about the hours of that day by any team member would be awesome!

  • Troy and arsen: We’re glad we can make your Harvest experience even better!

    Jonathan: Thanks for the suggestion on how Team Status can be better!

  • Fantastic! Question: does receiving payment on the mobile app send the received status to quickbooks online in the same way that receiving payment on the desktop would?

  • Hi – when will we be able to attach backing sheets with our invoices for issuing together?

  • I’m with Doug. I love Harvest, and I appreciate that you guys are expanding the app. My primary usage is creating and sending invoices. Being able to create an invoice in the app would make my workflow so much simpler, and I’d hardly ever need to use the desktop interface if that happened (which would be great for me as a mobile business).

  • Brad: Yes, payment recording from the mobile app will send the data to QuickBooks Online in the same ways as the web app does.

    David: We don’t have any plans for that currently, but we’re always interested in how we can make Harvest better. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Dave: Thanks for letting us know!

  • Christian Philippsen on October 8, 2014

    Hi. Cool feature with managing invoice, but it would be extremely handy for me if I could make an invoice from the app too. Next release? ;)

  • Besides OPEN and CLOSED, can it sort by DRAFT, SENT, LATE, PAID? Would be great, if possible. Thanks.

  • When an invoice is marked as paid, does the “Send” button send out a copy of the invoice (again) or does it send out the thank you message ?

    Thanks for the info !

  • Christian: We’re definitely looking to make Invoices even better on iOS, but we can’t promise any specific features. In any case, thank you for the suggestion!

    Mikal: Right now, the app can only filter by Open and Closed. Thanks for letting us know how you’d like to see it improved!

    Antoine: If an invoice is fully paid, Send will seamlessly switch to sending a Thank You email :)

  • Bill Nowling on October 9, 2014

    +1 on adding “Create Invoice” capability in the App. Whatever I can do to encourage Harvest to move its development up on the priority list I will do. I simply need the ability to generate an invoice and email it to a customer from my phone.

  • Another vote for being able to create invoices from the app. Thanks for considering this for a future update!

  • Feature totally rocks… I was out of the office and got an email from a client wanting a copy of their invoice so they could pay it right away… ta da! Got paid… before this feature it could have been a day or more before I could get back, delaying payments.

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