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Harvest Projects


It’s here!

In the next few days, we’re rolling out our new Projects section to all accounts. This release should be seamless, and you won’t have to do a thing. Projects will simply show up on your top navigation, next to Timesheets.

The new Projects section is a significant leap forward for Harvest, and from all the early feedback we’ve received so far, we believe you’re going to love it.

A Better Way to Manage Projects

For the next few weeks, the new Projects section will live in your account like a little something extra. This gives you a long leeway to explore the new section and fit it into your workflow.

You’ll notice some brand-new features in Projects: a better and faster search, the ability to track project costs, and two project lifespan graphs. You can check out this new section of our Help Center for a few tips about getting started.

By the end of the year, Projects will replace two sections in your Harvest account:

  1. Manage > Projects
  2. Project Budget Report

But don’t worry! You’ll still have all the same features, and we’ve taken great care to ensure that the user experience is similar to what you’ve grown used to in Harvest.

Here’s to the Future

The new Projects section is the foundation for many useful features to come, such as our integration with Forecast and better support for fixed-fee projects. These are features that many of you have been asking for, and we’re excited to finally make those ideas come true.

We’ll be on hand to help you transition to Projects, and there’ll be ample time to upgrade from your old sections to the new. If you have any questions or concerns about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

We hope you enjoy the new Projects section, and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  • Really really looking forward to the better support for fixed fee projects. I was hoping that was going to come while beta testing projects, but at least it is on your radar to implement.

    Happy to help when the time comes.

  • Seems like a nice new feature to keep in track with projects.

    I would like to have also recurring expenses that appear to customers automatically e.g. monthly. I have expenses like montly managing fees which I would like to include in same invoices with hours.

  • I’ve been trying the new project section for some time now. Absolutely productive!
    Thank you.

  • Can’t wait to try it out! Do you plan to support expense approval chains in the future? After fixed bid projects that will be the next most important feature to us.

  • Zach Devine on November 4, 2014

    Also looking forward to better support for fixed fee projects. I’m available for any user testing that might happen in 2015…thanks!

  • The upgrade looks good – congratulations. Same for me on fixed-fee projects – it’s most of my work.

  • Looks great guys! looking forward to trying it out. Harvest is a great piece of software and has helped us immensely! Keep up the good work!

  • RHernandez on November 4, 2014

    Too bad there still is not a way to create a “Project” from an Estimate. However it looks like you can create an Invoice from an Estimate? Isn’t that skipping a step by actually not officially making it an active Project?

  • +1 on RHernandez! I always felt the same, it would be great if you could create a project from estimates, that are accepted/won.

    We’ve also been using the new projects view for some weeks and really really like it! and as always, we’re also available for any user/beta testing in the future.

    Thx from Berlin/Germany!

  • Eoin McMahon on November 5, 2014

    I really like the way you are going with the projects tab and +1 for the fixed fee projects. If you could manage it we would love an easy way to move hours from one project to another in harvest. We are constantly gathering requirements and creating designs for multiple jobs that may/may not become projects for each of our clients. We created a “business development” project under each each client to capture these hours however if we successfully get the work it’s a total pain in the ass to manually move the hours that were logged against the temporary business development project to the real project.

  • Eoin McMahon on November 5, 2014

    +1 on RHernandez for the ability to create projects from estimates

  • Looking forward to new project features. Is it in relation to Asana, so that I do not need to «double open» a new project but sort will be able to import from Asana to Harvest?

  • I am testing the new section for some time now and it already made it easier to keep track of budgets. Especially the ability to see and edit budgets in one place is a long awaited one.

    +1 from me on the ability to create projects from estimates and mark project as imvoiced, when Invoice is created from estimate.

  • +1 on RHernandez for the ability to create projects from estimates

  • When are you rolling it out for non-beta users?
    The feature I’m missing the most from the current “Project Budget Report” is a “total budget”, “total spent”, “sum %” and “total left” – a sum of everything going on ;)

  • Any plans to allow for multiple cost rates based on person and project?

  • Will recurring fees be possible – did I miss that?!

    Must be coffee time!

  • I like Projects, but it seems redundant right now with Reports > Project Budget, which seems to show pretty much the same view

  • Guys:

    Great job, but I would have much preferred to have seen you address Harvest’s inability to carry an invoice balance forward. I don’t know about the rest of the folks here, but not many of my client’s pay my invoices within 30 days and to have to explain to them that their current invoice doesn’t include the previous balance due is a pain in the Eeyore.

  • This sounds awesome. I cant seem to find where to enable it though. Very keen to try it out! Can someone please let me know how to enable? Thanks!

  • RHernandez on November 7, 2014

    Sorry to be a downer, but – Why don’t all my projects fit on one page and are now on multiple pages? This includes if a particular client is at the bottom, their projects may fall on two different pages? This surely IS NOT MORE EFFICIENT!

    The old Manage > Projects page had everything on one long page, which also made it simple to print out without running any sort of additional report.

  • +1 on RHernandez (once more) about the pagination! This is truly not more efficient.

    But it is possible to start a search in the upper right. This way it’s easy to jump to a specific project. But on the other hand, we have a lot of runing projects per client, and I don’t always remember the exact project name… So it’s more of a guess game, when starting a search ;-)

  • RHernandez on November 7, 2014

    @Lukas, yes I feel like it is a guessing game – just like I have to guess that I created a new Project with the correct info from an Estimate, I will have to guess project names or guess what page they are on. For a company that is supposed to help us be more efficient with our time, it feels as if I waste more time with these bad UX decisions.

  • RHernandez on November 7, 2014

    BTW, I know a lot of you here support the implementation of creating a Project from an Estimate. Please contact support and let them know by sending them an email at: support at harvestapp dot com

    The other thing I see missing is a Notes field in Estimates. There’s one in a Project, but not Estimates? What a perfect place to reference a vendor’s quote or some other note about the estimate.

  • +1 for fixed fee projects!

  • The new Projects tab is a great upgrade!

  • Can’t wait to see this in our Harvest account, I wish there was a way to view what you have billed versus hours tracked. Often times we have an upfront deposit on a project say in a $10,000 project a client pays half up front. Would like to track that in the project to know that the first 50% of hours don’t need to be invoiced since it was already billed. but the second half will.

  • Very pleased to read that fixed fee is now on your horizon.

  • Cool – looks good…

    +1 on removing the pagination, as it is very awkward. Slows access down a lot.

    Also on my Active projects, why is there sometimes a Delete button and then sometimes a Archive button? There doesn’t seem to be a way to Archive some projects, only Delete them?

  • really, really, looking forward to the fixed fee tracking ability!! This is crucial for our business!

  • Thank you for your feedback, everyone. Sorry for my late response here! We’re still in the middle of the roll-out, and there’s been a lot of great feedback through our support channel.

    Yes – fixed-fee support is coming. The sooner we can phase out old Manage > Projects, the sooner we can support that feature. I hope we can have that done before Spring 2015.

    As for turning Projects from Estimates–that’s on our radar, but it’s frankly not as big a priority for us. Our first goal is to better support fixed-fee and monthly retainers–two of the most popular requests we’ve had.

    To clarify a few things:

    * All customers should see the new Projects section by end of this week,
    * Yes, it is redundant with today’s Project Budget report, which the new Projects section will eventually replace.
    * Yes, pagination is a problem and something we will fix.
    * As for archived vs delete–that’s a poor design decision we made, and we’ll improve it. Sorry for the confusion. The short of it is: once a project has time or expenses tracked to it, you cannot delete it.

    Thanks again for all of your wonderful feedback!

  • Am I the only Harvest user concerned with the inability to roll over unpaid amounts on to the next invoice to the non-paying client?

  • +1 RHernandez on his request to tuning estimates into projects. This just seems to make so much sense.

    Don’t projects:
    1) Start out as an ESTIMATE
    2) Then turn into a PROJECT
    3) That can then be billed with an INVOICE?

    That is how ALL of my projects work there way through our system. We look forward to this upgrade. Keep up the great work. Love the product.

  • The new project section is very nice and clean, congratulations.
    But useless for me as i still can not export or share it with my customers.
    Right now, communicating project progress to customers with Harvest is freaking bad. No pdf export, no visuals.
    Please any advice on how to do this quick, nice and transparent for my customers ?

  • +1 for John K Ladd’s point about carrying unpaid balances from previous invoices forward.

    Also +1 for turning estimates into projects.

    edit: also, +1 for your website not refusing comment on the grounds that it “looks spammy”

  • …seems your website considers things to “look spammy” if you include the word “spam” in your email address. Since all spammers include the word spam in their email addresses, I’m sure this is a very effective spam blocking system.

  • Will there be a way to export the new report off the main Projects page? We export the current Project Budget page to Excel to feed our main analytics reporting for IT, and I cannot find that same functionality in the new Projects page.

    Also, will there still be a way to archive/duplicate projects from a main page like in the Manage section? That is very handy for doing cleanup/setup work. Better yet, it would be great to be able to select multiple projects and do a mass archive or mass delete!

  • Monthly budgets are a big thing for us – we’re still duplicating and archiving projects which have monthly budgets at the end of each month. :(

  • How about working on a feature for range projects? I’d like the ability to set a range in my estimates! Tell me if I’m missing something and you can do that somehow.


  • Hi Shawn, I’m not seeing Projects yet! Thanks. Justin

  • +1 for Brontech’s monthly budgets. We are also duplicating and archiving a lot of projects.

    That is why I am concerned about the lack of an option for archiving/duplicating off the main projects page. If we cannot get monthly budgets, I need those buttons on the main page.

  • Hi Shawn, the same here, we’re not seeing the new projects… Best R

  • I was really enjoying using the new projects section, but today I no longer have access to it? What’s happened??

  • It would be great if the summary screen showed the name(s) of the Project Manager(s).

  • We also don’t see the new section. Is it coming these days?

  • Although Harvest reassures that all capabilities of retired features (e.g., Budget) will be retained in Project, I see no “Export” capability on the Project budget page. I like the “impport” capability, and the fact that costs are tracked separately (finally). If costs were included in a restored export capability, this would be terrific.

    While at it, please consider adding an export macro button that would dump all labor, expense, budget, and invoice data into 4 worksheets with one punch. This would be a real timesaver, since we need to post-process data into reporting formats unavailable in Harvest, but demanded by our clients.

  • Would really love to see an option for setting a monthly budget for projects. Many of our projects are reoccurring client campaigns,

  • +1 on Chris Lister about monthly recurring projects!!

  • Nice job as always :)

    The only thing I miss is to add a task quickly at the project page! I hope you will add that feature later on

  • Only comment is I would prefer the projects were just one long scrolling page, instead of multiple pages. It’s just easier to keep on scrolling than to have flip through pages.

  • I don’t like that when I click into any given projects under ‘Projects’, I can’t click on the hours of a specific task and get detailed time report of that task. And I have to go to a secondary screen to ‘Archive’ and ‘Duplicate’ my projects. Totally not effcient for me.

  • I’m liking the easy view of project costs (based on cost bill rate).

    Is there an easy way now that I can see the profitability of a project?

    i.e Subtracting these costs from the actual billed revenue from the project (based on the actual project bill rate – which may be set by task person or project) . I would love that!

  • Spoke too soon. I see when you drill into the project, you can see revenue & costs. Happy days :)

  • Dave – yes, there’s no easy way to share project status from Harvest, and that’s something we will improve on with the new Projects section!

    Rob – carry unpaid balances isn’t related to this feature, but we hear you on that!

    Also, Rob – we use WordPress, and I’m not too familiar with their spam detection method. If you’re interested in figuring out, here’s their site:

    Dan – export is coming soon (our team is working hard on it as I’m typing these words). As for actions on the listing, that’s something we’re thinking about–and hope to make happen soon.

    Brontech, Chris, Lukas – we want monthly budget too!

    Everyone who’s not yet seeing Projects: it’s coming, it’s coming! We’re rolling it out in phases to make sure everyone has a smooth experience with it. Everyone should have access by end of this week.

    Thanks for all your feedback, and now I’m going back to work.

  • Francois MARTIN on November 20, 2014

    Where is the “Archive” button on a project page ?
    It’s very useful to cleanup the project list page, and keep just the “Active” ones.

    Can you please put this button back ?
    Thank you.

  • It looks pretty but, now to archive a project, you have to click in to and then click archive. If you have multiple projects that you’d like to archive, it becomes very tedious. You’ve taken a step back in usability, IMHO.

    Even when the timesheetd app was updated (a while back), it wen’t from less clicking around to get the job done, to more. Strange UX choices…I personally want the least clicking to get the job done.

    Also, why not have basic sort by columns feature? i.e. if I wanted to sort by ‘cost’. This is the same for invoice page – don’t have basic sorting capabilities which would save a lot of time without having to run custom reports.

    Thanks for listening. Hope to see some of these issues resolved.

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