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Smarter Project Scheduling with Harvest and Forecast

Today, we’re proud to unveil the first step of the highly anticipated integration between our two products, Harvest and Forecast. The project budgets in Harvest will now be reference-able from Forecast in real time. You can now compare the hours you have left in a project budget with the hours you have scheduled from today through the end of a project. With this first point of integration, using Harvest with Forecast lets you make smarter scheduling decisions. Here’s how it looks in Forecast:

Remaining Budgeted Hours Demo

Scheduling With Insight

As a project manager, you are constantly striking the balance between deadlines, your team’s availability, and the project budgets. Forecast provides a realistic view of your team’s schedule, availability, and commitments. By referencing future scheduled hours, you can quickly see how many hours are committed across your projects and team members. For projects linked to Harvest, you can easily compare these hours against the actual budget left. This handy feature informs your scheduling and ultimately keep your projects running smoothly.

For example, if your project is scheduled to take another 300 hours (in Forecast), but you only have 280 hours left in the budget (according to Harvest), you can take action before it’s a bigger problem. Maybe you need to talk to your client to revisit the scope, or talk to the finance team to see if there’s room to increase the budget. By having quick access to these key numbers, you will be better equipped to keep projects predictable and clients happy.

More To Come

This is just the first step of the Harvest and Forecast integration. We’re excited to bring together the information from these products in a way that will not only save you time, but provide a new level of insight to help you manage projects.

In the near future, we’ll bring Forecast data into our new Projects section. Our goal is to help customers not only see where they are in their project budgets, but to also see it alongside the expected efforts needed to complete the projects. We’ll share more details about this in a future post.

We hope you enjoy this new feature and if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out the team at

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  • Wow harvest has come a long way. Just checked in on it since, well, last year. I’m shooting you guys an email. Thanks

  • I’m eager to see what’s to come, because this is a pretty minimal start.

  • I don’t see this in Forecast, it just says coming soon.

  • Started seeing the functionality today and then came to this post :) … great start, small steps but excited that some integrated features are coming along (wasn’t sure when it’s going to happen). Thanks.

  • Joseph Sircar on December 19, 2014

    If we use Total Project Fees to build our budgets in Harvest, is there a way to still leverage this feature?

  • @Seth – sorry about that, we were making this available on a rolling basis and as of right now *all* accounts have access to this feature.

    @Joseph – we’re starting with a focus on hours (budgeted, tracked and planned), but we are thinking through how this would work for customers who budget by total project fees. Drop us a note in and we can explore some ideas with you.

  • Joseph Sircar on December 19, 2014

    Will do – thanks!

  • Guys – Two questions –

    1) have you addressed the limitations on the limitations on an 8 hour day – we often have to include 12 hour shifts in our forecasts to follow production schedules and
    2) can we include weekends in the forecast?

    We have teams working in China and both are necessary


  • What Andrew said.

  • Joseph Sircar on December 20, 2014

    As far as features, being able to forecast by total hours over a period of time or percentage allocation would be big for us too.

  • Guys, question…

    Our team also works on weekends
    Is it possible to shedule for saturdays and sundays?

    Currently not possible right?

  • What Andrew said.

  • It is totally worth it for me, if I can schedule project work on weekends and you guys keep adding more features.

  • Still looking forward to being able to budget projects by month as well!

  • @Andrew – You can indeed customize the number of hours per day. Please see this post for more information:

    We don’t support weekends at the moment, unfortunately, but it’s on our radar.

    @Jason – Budgeting projects by month is something that’s on our roadmap, tho we don’t have a timeline on it just yet.

  • Great new feature at Forecast!
    I’d like to know if you’re going to integrate Forecast to Harvest at a TASKS level in the near future… I mean, would I be able to schedule in Forecast time to a team member for a specific task which is the same he/she will use to track the time spent later on Harvest? (to compare scheduled time with real time afterwards)

  • This is a great new feature! Looking forward to having the numbers from Forcast integrated in the Projects view in Harvest!

    As Sebastién we would loved to be able to schedule on task level, and track the actual time spent for that task in Harvest.

    When scheduling time it would be great to be able to click and mark the days I want to schedule for a specific person. This because we don’t always schedule for five days at a time. Also it would be great when scheduling that the system remembers how many hours you scheduled from the previous action. When scheduling f.ex. one or two days a week for a long period, it’s annoying that I have to change the dates and hours for each action.

  • Definitely putting in a vote for weekends! It would be most helpful if you could toggle them on and off, almost like the reference to available hours in Harvest… or as a setting where we define what days a week includes.

  • Not being able to schedule projects during weekends is the only thing stopping me from signing up to forecast and using it on a regular basis. Please add this feature as soon as you can as I think its well sought after.

  • Hi Danny, we too require weekend scheduling, can you plse explain why it is not a simple addition? Harvest caters for weekend hour allocation so was expecting this to integrate smoothly.

  • It’s such a shame that Forecast doesn’t support weekends – we use Harvest but have had to look elsewhere for scheduling as result!

  • Weekends… bummer.

  • I just checked the dates on these … it’s been more than a year that people have asked for weekends … has development stopped on this add-on?

    You have a really great platform here… why have it ruined by not listening to user feedback. Anyone?

  • Thanks for the continued feedback, everyone.

    For those asking for weekends: unfortunately, we do not have any near-terms plans to support weekends. While it may seem like an easy and worthwhile change, it’s a complex change that can even negatively impact the current experience. We designed Forecast to be a high-level team planning tool and we are continuing to focus on making it the best high-level team planning tool available.

    The best place to get in touch with us regarding feature requests, ideas, and feedback, is directly via this form:

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