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Harvest for QuickBooks Online: Updates!

Sometimes an integration between two apps makes people nervous. Did my invoice copy over? Is all of the data correct? I want to be able to customize how the data copies! That’s normal! Who trusts technology anyway? That’s why we’ve released a few tweaks in our Harvest for QuickBooks Online (QBO) integration that’ll ease any anxiety when you copy an invoice to QBO.

Recurring invoices now copy from Harvest to QBO. As long as you have recurring invoices set to automatically send to your clients (rather than saving as drafts), we’ll copy them over to QuickBooks Online when they’re sent.

Harvest projects no longer have to attach as sub-customers to invoices in QBO. When your Harvest invoice includes time or expenses from just one project, we map that project to a QBO sub-customer. In the past, you couldn’t change this. (We know, how rude!) Now, you can! In Harvest, head to Account Settings > Integrations to edit this setting.

QBO Sub-customer setting

QBO events will show up in the Invoice History section. When was this invoice copied to QBO? Who copied it? You’ll never ask those questions again.

 QBO Invoice History events

Go ahead, throw out that handkerchief on your desk. You won’t be sweating anymore when your Harvest invoices copy to QBO.

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  • Very nice! I moved to Xero from QBO a little while ago, maybe it’s time to look back into it…

  • I’ve been pretty happy with the Harvest -> QBO integration overall, having first used a middleware app that was extremely expensive and did not work very well. I’m very happy to see these enhancements, particularly the sub-project setting.

  • PS It would be great if Harvest could handle subcontractors and send the payable to QBO. I had this feature in my old system and miss it.

  • @Sam Maybe! With these updates, our QBO integration now works pretty much the same way our Xero integration works.

    @Lee Thanks for the kind words! We don’t have plans to integrate on the subcontractors and payables front, but I’ve made note that this is something you’d like to see. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Can expenses be imported from Harvest into QBO?

    • @Jennie Thanks for writing in! Unfortunately, expenses are not part of the Harvest for QBO integration. You can export Harvest expenses to a CSV and then upload them to QBO, but there isn’t an automatic push like there is with invoices. This is something we may consider down the road. Why would you like Harvest expenses to import into QBO and what should they import in as? Appreciate your thoughts, thanks!

  • @Katie, we use the Project Code field of Projects within Harvest to map directly to our QB categories so we can track budget adherence, tied back to spend line item by person by timeframe.

    Would be nice to have Client / Project Name / Project Code / Project Category / Date / Billable flag / Resource able to map between the two.

  • I got this message:

    Harvest cannot copy this invoice to QuickBooks Online.
    Looks like you have two taxes on it, and QuickBooks Online accepte only one tax.

    How can I do to use Harvest and QBO with fédéral and provincial taxes ?

    • Katie Rose on January 26, 2016

      @Mari Sorry, but unfortunately our integration with QuickBooks Online only supports one tax. In Harvest, you are able to assign multiple taxes to a single line item on an invoice. QBO doesn’t support such a model where you can apply multiple tax rates to one line item. As a result, we limit you to applying one tax rate to an invoice in Harvest when using the integration since if we allowed more than one, you could apply multiple taxes to a line item and we wouldn’t know how to handle this when we copy the invoice to QBO.

      Sorry I don’t have better news for you! If you have any other questions please drop us a line at Thanks!

  • Tommy Joyner on March 16, 2016

    We are thinking of moving to QB Online, from QB Enterprise.

    Can I do time entry in Harvest and import all timesheet entries into QB Online, where I will do all invoicing?

    Can I do timeentry in Harvest and invoice in Harvest. AND import all items in QB Online for some reporting needs?

    • Katie Rose on March 16, 2016

      @Tommy The Harvest integration with QuickBooks Online only copies invoices from Harvest to QBO. Unfortunately, timesheet entries will not be automatically copied over to QBO. You can export your timesheets from Harvest and upload them into QBO, but this would be manual. We don’t have any near term plans to add this to the integration. Sorry I don’t have better news for you!

      There’s more on how the integration works here:

  • Amazing Information. I am Using Quickbooks Last 2 Year. Its very good Account Software.. Thank for the share you knowledge…

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