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Harvest for Android 2.0: Invoice Management & Push Notifications

Today we’re delighted to announce Harvest for Android 2.0, the most exciting version of Harvest for Android to date!

If you’re a long-time Harvest for Android user, you may have noticed some nice improvements over the past nine months. Time and expenses sync more quickly, navigation is snappier, a persistent notification lets you view and stop timers from outside the app, and stability is greatly improved.

We decided to call this version 2.0 because we feel Harvest for Android has turned a corner. Slowly but surely, the app has transformed into a better, faster (stronger!) tool, and it’s on a path to keep improving.



Invoice Management Away from Your Desk

Let’s talk about the new features first. The Android app always supported Timesheets and Expenses, but Invoices were another story. They just weren’t available on the Android app.

With Android 2.0, those days are past! After you upgrade, you’ll notice a new Invoices section in your navigation drawer. Simply tap into it, and behold your full list of open and closed invoices!

We call this feature Invoice Management, and we think it’ll be an especially useful upgrade for our on-the-go users.

Ever left the office and wondered if you forgot to send your draft invoice? Harvest for Android 2.0 has you covered. Just tap and send!

And what about payments? Now you can get a push notification whenever a client makes an online payment. Tap that notification, view the invoice, and send a thank-you all from your phone!

Notifications for Payment and Submitting Your Time

In addition to invoice payment notifications, you’ll also receive reminders to submit your time. We’re looking forward to expanding our use of push notifications in ways that make tracking your time easier, simpler, and more accurate.

Of course, as we add more notifications, you are fully in control of which ones you receive. You can select the type of notifications you want to receive at any time in the app’s Settings.

The Road to 2.0: Nine Months of Harvest for Android Updates

Up until now, we’ve been pretty quiet about the many improvements that we’ve rolled out over the past nine months. To help give you a better idea of why we view this as a major milestone for the Android app, I’d like to take a moment to recap all that’s been done:

  • In version 1.6, we brought you better timesheet navigation and awareness of locked time/expenses.
  • In version 1.7, we updated our time and expense entry forms, made project/task lists filterable, added the ability to view attached receipts, and gave you a way to create clients, projects, and tasks from within the app.
  • In version 1.8, we introduced support for timestamp mode for tracking time. We also added the ability to start, stop, and restart timers directly from the timesheet view, billable expenses, and the persistent notification for your currently running timer. 1.8 was also the first release that allowed you to submit your timesheets for approval.
  • In version 1.9, we optimized the app for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) before it was available from most providers. We also improved the signup process.
  • Today, in version 2.0, we’re bringing you invoice management and push notifications.

And we’re nowhere near done. Thanks to the solid foundation that’s been established in these past five releases, we have a lot of great stuff planned for the rest of 2015.

If you’ve been using Harvest for Android recently, we’d like to thank you for your support. If you tried it before and haven’t been back in a while, we encourage you to give this new version ago! And as always, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Just share your feedback in the comments, or get in touch with us at

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  • Excellent improvements, keep up the good work!

  • Darlene Motley on April 30, 2015

    Will these updates be coming to ios?

  • @ARB1 Thanks!

    @Darlene Most of these updates, like Invoice Management and Push Notifications, have been in iOS since October. Please see this post for more info on the equivalent iOS features:

  • Any future plans for an Apple Watch app?

  • @Bryan all I can say at the moment is: possibly, yes!

  • Hi Harvest team, excellent update (once again!). I’m using Harvest now for over 2 years here in my ‘one man show’, changed (partially) from IOS to Android last year, and all keeps running smooth and well ! Harvest is really a great tool and just eliminates so much hassle of the day-to-day work. Love it & keep up the good work!

  • @Peter: I’m very glad to hear you’re finding the Android experience just as satisfying as Harvest for iPhone was. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Thanks, folks.

    And while I realize it smacks a bit of “looking a gift horse in the mouth”, I must lament that but for all the nice advances in the mobile app, I’m bummed to see that we still don’t have a simple tracking of the total hours over the week–like we have had forever in the web app.

    I’m running the 2.0 app and it’s still not there. I’ve asked a couple of time over the past year or two. I guess it still does not raise to the level of general interest to warrant it being added as a “new feature”, but really, how hard would it be and how much UI concern would it be to add such simple info which is already tracked like the time entries themselves? :-(

  • @charlie thanks for the feedback. We were just discussing this issue of weekly totals this morning. One of our primary goals in the next round of work on Android is to make weekly information more accessible. Please just hang in there for one more release cycle!

  • @Doug, very nice. Thanks for the update and encouraging news! :-)

  • How can I create new invoices with the android app, I cant see how to do this.

  • @david This update allows you to manage existing invoices only. You still must create the invoices in the Harvest webapp. Once you’ve created them, you can send or re-send them from the Android app, record payments, send thank you messages, and mark invoices as paid.

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