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Introducing Project Start and End Dates

Ever since our new Projects section took flight, we’ve been steadily improving it, and we have a neat little feature to show you today.

Go to Projects, edit any project, and you’ll find two new fields:


Now you can specify the start and end dates for every project. Once you put in those numbers, the project graphs will update automatically.


Voilà! Start and end dates will also be included when you export your Projects. This export isn’t live yet, but will be in about a week.


We hope you enjoy this little update from our Projects team!

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  • Hello,

    If time is booked to a project after the end date, what is the result?



  • Calina Madden on April 1, 2015

    @Teri: Don’t worry, the end date has no effect on tracked time. Time tracked after the end date acts just the same as any other time.

  • Josh Waller on April 2, 2015

    Love the update, this makes the graph/chart make a lot more sense when I reference archived projects. It would be nice to have the addition of the dates to be clickable, so I can jump directly to the timesheet for a more detailed view. Love the site, thanks for the new updates!

  • Calina Madden on April 2, 2015

    @Josh: Thanks, glad you like it! :) And good idea about being able to click on numbers to see reports. That’s actually something we’ve been thinking on recently. We’ve got plans to make accessing more detailed reports much more easy!

  • Marcelo Morem on April 2, 2015

    It would be great if we could do the same with tasks inside the projects.

  • Will these fields also be available via the API?

  • Calina Madden on April 3, 2015

    @Marcelo: No plans for task start and end dates at the moment, but duly noted! We’ll keep your ideas in mind.

    @Jeremy: Yep, the start and end dates are already available via the API, but we need to update our docs. We’re working on that, and you should see some updates soon.

  • Chad Crowell on April 3, 2015

    Project tracking is great, but we feel it could be strengthened by having the ability to apply cost of tracked time against the used and remaining budget on a non-billable project.

    We have a mix of billable projects and fixed price projects, and for the fixed price projects, they are marked as non-billable. However, the time we track against the project isn’t reflected in the Costs or Remaining budget. We can see it if we click the i in the Costs area, but its pretty useless there. We’d like to see another Costs line item for Non-Billable Expenses with that amount, and that the Remaining Budget is reduced by that amount.

    We feel that adding a single checkbox or switch in the Project Edit screen could allow this to be specified on a project by project basis. “Apply non-billable costs to project budget?”

    I’ve sent this in twice as a feature request, been told both times its not on the radar, but until it is implemented, or something like it, Projects are useless to us on half our projects. I’d bet there are many agencies out there using Harvest who could benefit.

  • Tony Parmenter on April 6, 2015

    Will there be the addition of options for reporting and notifications based on the End Date. For example, if I set up a project with an End Date of 7/30/2015, can I set up some form of notification that tell me 30 days before that end?

    Or can I run a report that shows those Projects that are past their End Dates?

  • Chad – thanks for your feedback. We’re working on a new feature to better support fixed-fee projects, so you won’t have to track those projects as non-billable. Stay tuned.

    Tony – good ideas! We’ll be adding additional features that should make it easier to keep track of late or close-to-ending projects.

  • Saadiya Bhamjee on April 8, 2015

    I am also in preference of Tony Parmenter’s suggestion. :-)

  • Christian on April 13, 2015

    This info doesn’t get imported to forecast.
    Are you planning to merge or include forecast into harvest, there are som key features missing (or left out) when working with both your products.

  • Calina Madden on April 13, 2015

    @Saadiya: Gotcha! Thanks for chiming in. :)

    @Christian: Good question. We do plan on more tightly integrating Forecast and Harvest. We’re not sure yet how the start/end dates tie in, but that’s definitely on our radar. If you’d like more info about our upcoming improvements to the integration, or even want to beta test it, just email us at

  • John Pawlenko on April 27, 2015

    Great… but what if one starts and end a project on the same day? I’m getting an error message telling me that the end date must be after the start date.

  • Calina Madden on April 27, 2015

    John: What you’re seeing is expected: a project’s end date must be at least one day after its start date. I see your point, though, that a project might not last a full day. I’ll pass this along to our team to consider!

  • I still can track time on projects that are ended or even have started, also with the iOS App. So people can track time on any project, as long as they are part of it, no matter if the project has ended or even has started.

    I would really like to see that start and end dates also reflect on tracking time to these projects.

  • Calina Madden on May 1, 2015

    Aart-Jan: Thanks for the feedback! For now, we didn’t set up the start/end dates to affect your ability to track time, but I’ve made note of your suggestion for it. I can see how it could be useful!

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