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Jump to Harvest’s Project Analysis from your Forecast Schedule

Today in Forecast we are adding a quick link for you to jump from your schedule to Harvest’s Project Analysis page.

The Edit button on expanded project rows will now be replaced with the project’s Actions menu. For all Harvest-connected projects, a new action to “View in Harvest” will be present.


Now you can easily stay on top of your project’s progress as you’re scheduling. We think you’ll find this link helpful as you use our upcoming Harvest + Forecast integration!

Bonus: Update your project notes in Forecast often? Now you can click the notes icon on a project row to edit them immediately!

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  • i don’t see that option to view time tracking?

  • Yes I found it – delete previous – Thank you!

  • I don’t see the forecast warning at the project detail page in Harvest ‘this project is linked to Forecast, based on the current schedule, it will go over budget by…. hours’. I connected the projects in Harvest with Harvest Forecast. What am i doing wrong? Great feature by the way!

  • Frederike – The gif in the post shows a sneak peak of our upcoming Harvest+Forecast integration! So while you’re not seeing that feature just yet, stay tuned as we are launching it very soon.

  • Thank you Matt, looking forward!

  • Very nice folks. Great to see it become easier to move back and forth between these two fine products!

  • Love this new feature, but all our studios work a 7.5 hour day, so the results are skewed (as we can only schedule for a 7 or 8 hour day).

    Would it be possible to specify a working day in hours, i.e. 7.5?

  • Dean – Thanks for the letting us know! We don’t have any plans in the works at this time to support incremental max hrs/day, but we’ll keep that in mind as we continue to make improvements.

  • +1 for Dean, but for assignments. Sometimes I just need to assign 15 minutes to a person and not a full hour (i.e. to make some small adjustments before a project goes to print). This makes that days look overbooked, while there is plenty of time. 1 Hour rounding is just to broad.

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